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Is the sequel even better than the original? I suppose it depends on who you ask, but this second version of the “Viking” model by Voyager houses has a lot going for it. In this iteration, they have a larger wall of separation between the dining and sleeping area, and there’s the addition of a cozy wood stove!

This one has a shelving unit in place of the original washer/dryer combo, which works great if you have access to another laundry source. It looks like this home is nestled on a farm with a greenhouse and a “big house,” and is likely used as an Airbnb or guest accommodations. What do you think of the Viking series?

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The Viking 2 Modern Tiny House

Viking 2 Voyager Houses 9

Images via Voyager Houses

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If you’re going to have a loft bedroom, having standing room and a staircase to reach it is the way to go! The Leola model by Liberation Tiny Homes makes that happen in this 30ft x 10ft house. I’m always amazed at how much more spacious a tiny home feels with that extra two feet in length.

Besides the loft bedroom, there’s a storage loft over a cozy living room space that has plenty of room for a real loveseat, T.V., and some guest seating. The kitchen features a dining peninsula and a coffee cubby, and there’s room for a washer/dryer unit in the bathroom alongside a small shower stall. What do you think of this home?

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You’ll Love the Standing Room in the Loft!

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This is the East Side Beehive tiny house in Austin, Texas.

It’s a quirky backyard cottage with an open floor plan in Central East Austin. What do you think?

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East Side Beehive Tiny House in Austin

East Side Beehive Tiny House in Austin Texas 001

Images via Kerthy/Airbnb

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Emily was inspired by what she read in magazines about living off-grid on her own raw land and reducing her carbon footprint. She ended up buying a shipping container before she even purchased land in Maine to put it on. Thankfully it all worked out and she found her perfect spot.

For the past decade, it’s been her mission to transform that container (and the 3 additional ones she has purchased since) into a fully off-grid and sustainable home for herself. The last couple of years have enabled her to take what was a weekend project and turn it into her full-time focus, and now she has such a tremendous spot. Be sure to read her interview with us after the photo tour!

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Look What She Did With These 4 Shipping Containers!

Her Off-Grid Container Condo in Maine 6

Images by Emily/Instagram

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Nelson’s son, Coley, suffered a stroke four years ago. It took three years of constant care for Coley to become medically stable, and in that time Nelson left his full-time job to be Coley’s full-time caretaker. The two started going up and down the coast for shorter trips that soon became longer ones.

Eventually Nelson found his 40 Ft. Blue Bird bus and spent 5 weeks converting it into a home for the two of them. Nelson has loved the community that comes along with bus life, and taking his son to see what the world has to offer!

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40 Ft. Bus Conversion for Single Dad & Son

His Son Had a Stroke & They Went Tiny Together

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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When ADUs became legal in a small Central Kentucky town, Janet and her son/daughter-in-law saw a great opportunity! The son and daughter-in-law own the land and larger home, and Janet lives nearby with her grandkids in a backyard cottage. It’s 320 sq. ft. with no wheels and was built by a local traditional builder.

Minus the deck her son built later, the cost for the home came in at $60,000. She furnished it with compact IKEA furniture with hidden storage and has a garden shed as well.

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Janet’s ADU in Her Son’s Backyard

320 sq ft. Conventional Foundation Tiny Home 3

Images via Janet

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Named the “Gunyah” in honor of the aboriginal word for “house/shelter,” this tiny house is simpler and more streamlined than Hauslein‘s previous builds. They offer this model in two layouts — one with a couch, and another with a ground-floor bed.

There’s so much high-quality workmanship going on inside! All the custom wood elements bring lots of character and contrast nicely with the cream walls. There’s an afixed ladder than goes up to the loft bedroom (with skylight) and an awesome breakfast bar with a flip-out window for enjoying nature.

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Two Layout Options in This New 16-Foot THOW


Images by Hauslein

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While we have seen pull-out beds before, they are remarkably under-utilized in most tiny homes. It’s a great way to get a ground-floor sleeping space in shorter THOWs that usually rely on lofts.

This brand new build from an Atlanta tiny house builder is up for sale on Facebook, and it actually separates the kitchen and bathroom on opposite sides of the house which I know some people really like. Let us know what you think!

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16-Foot Brand New THOW for $60,000

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Going tiny doesn’t mean giving up your pets, and this tiny house design shows that perfectly. Indigo River Tiny Homes customized their Homesteader Deluxe model to create “Avery,” a two-loft THOW with a secret dog kennel and doggie door.

Besides the pup-friendly features, it also has a stand-up loft with double wardrobes, a secondary loft for storage or office space and a beautiful L-shaped kitchen with open shelving.

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Stand-up Loft w/ Wardrobes and Secret Dog Kennel

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