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This is Sylvie’s Tiny Bubble — a gorgeous tiny house on wheels designed and built by La Tiny House in France. The home is similar to a teardrop camper, but with so much more space.

Her home was designed to be retirement-friendly. While it does feature a loft guest room, everything else Sylvie needs is on the first floor: A ground-floor bed, a wide-open floor plan, and a wet bath with plenty of space. Off the front door is a partially-enclosed porch that protects her from winds but still lets the light in!

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Sylvie’s Tiny House with Protected Porch

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This is the Tiny House Mogote built by the French company, Baluchon. As with all Baluchon’s creations, this home is absolutely stunning.

Inside the 20-foot-long tiny house on wheels, you’ll find a kitchen, living room with sleeper sofa, and a spacious bathroom with a wardrobe. The bedroom is up in the loft, accessible via a ladder that pulls out when necessary.

Enjoy the photo tour of this lovely home, which now belongs to their customer, Marion. It’s parked not far from the Baluchon workshop.

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Modern French Tiny House on Wheels by Baluchon

Tiny House Mogote by Baluchon in France

Images via Baluchon

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This is the Bold Tiny House (Tiny house Téméraire, in French) built by French builder Baluchon.

The exterior is a mixture of red cedar clapboards and stunning blue teal aluminium siding. Inside they painted the same beautiful blue color on two accent walls — one in the living room and another in the compact kitchen.

Under the storage stairs that go to the main loft, there’s even a little dog cubbie with a bed for your furry friend! If you live in France you can get in touch about getting your own Bold Tiny House here.

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Baluchon’s Bold Tiny House (Pet-Friendly Design)

Bold Tiny House with Dog Nook by Baluchon

Images via Baluchon

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This is a modern and rustic tiny house in France surrounded by farmlands and mature trees near Bergerac.

It features one double bed sleeping loft and one double sofa bed, a private bathroom with a shower and composting toilet, and a complete kitchen. How do you like it? I always enjoy seeing foreign tiny homes for some reason. Do you?

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Beautiful And Zen Tiny House in France

Charming Tiny House in France near Bergerac

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is the story of James Roeves’ ancient stone cottage renovation.

Please enjoy a tour of the cottage, construction photos, and our exclusive interview with the owner! Enjoy.

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Ancient Stone Cottage in France – From Bread Oven Cottage to Luxurious Tiny House Vacation in France…😍

Ancient Bread Cottage In France 001

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This is Le Quai Des Possibles Tiny House by Ty Rodou, a famous French tiny home builder. Interestingly enough, this tiny house is used as a space for meetings. It was a built for a coworking space in France called Le Quai Des Possibles.

The tiny home on wheels is used for meetings and can accommodate up to 15 people. It’s always fun to see tiny homes being used in creative ways like this, even though I would all like to see more tiny house communities, right?

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Tiny House on Wheels Built for a Coworking Space in France

Coworking Space Uses a Tiny House for Extra Meeting Space

Images © Ty Rodou

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This is Francelia’s Tiny House on Wheels built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes.

It’s a custom 24ft tiny home on a trailer with a bump out built over the tongue of the trailer in the living room.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Francelia’s 24ft Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes

Francelia Tiny House by MitchCraft 001

Images © MitchCraft Tiny Homes

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This Tiny House Tour in France is a guest post by Chris Wenban of Tiny Footprint

On my last tiny tour (https://tinyhousetalk.com/tiny-house-tour-in-france/) I was disappointed to have missed out on a couple of tiny stops, luckily I had the chance to make another visit back to Paris so here we have Tiny House Tour France Part Deux!

Barrel Tiny House, La Brosse

I set off in my tiny red Fiat 500 to find the Roulotte (Caravan) in La Brosse, a tiny hamlet near the ancient village of Janvry, south-east of Paris. There are 3 ‘Barrel’ houses in the grounds of the Domaine de Marguerite and this idyllic place is certainly an alternative to the hustle and bustle of central Paris if you want something a little different. I had seen this tiny house in tinyhousetalk.com previously so thanks to Alex for the tip!

Barrel Tiny House in La Brosse

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This Tiny House Tour in France is a guest post by Chris Wenban of Tiny Footprint

While spending time with family in Europe I was fortunate to find myself with a week to spare. I have a good friend in Paris and decided to be multi-functional (as all good tiny obsessives are) and arrange a tiny house tour in France, culminating in a tiny themed weekend in Paris.

Via the wonders of google I managed to find 2 tiny houses to stay in relatively close to each other to the west of Paris near Nantes, this also happens to be the home region of Baluchon who have been one of the key ground-breakers and tiny house builders in the movement in France. With a tiny hire car, a Renault Twizy, I left Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and headed west toward Bretagne (Brittany) and the Loire Valley, not to find castles, but to find tiny houses.

Chris Wenban of Tiny Footprint Takes Us on a Tiny House Tour of France!

Tiny House Ossatur 001

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