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Paul and Elaine wanted to spend more time as a family and work on their debt-free journey, which is why they sold their home and moved into their 5th wheel RV which they had owned for vacations.

Elaine homeschools their kids, and while they’re currently fairly stationary, they have plans to do some travelling as Paul’s job allows. You can follow them on Instagram here.

For them, the hardest part of tiny living is rainy days, but the benefits far outweigh the tough stuff. Enjoy their Q&A after the photos and walk-through below.

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They Sold Their Home & Moved Into Their RV

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Joy and Austin decided to downsize from their 850 sq. ft. apartment into a Sprinter 5th wheel so they could start saving money to eventually purchase a home of their own. This “tiny for awhile” mindset has really gained popularity lately, and it can be such a wise way to get started.

Paint goes a long way, and in the 7 months they’ve lived tiny they have really made their once-outdated camper into a stylish home sweet home. The RV has a master bedroom for Joy and Austin, and then a separate room for their baby.

We got to interview Joy about their tiny life, so be sure to check out that Q&A at the end of the post! You can follow the family to see more here.

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Family of 3 and Their Stationary RV Life

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We’ve been seeing more and more couples and families choose RV conversions for great temporary housing to allow them to travel and save money for a future home. This “temporary tiny” is a great way to learn to live with less and to help people reach their financial goals. Caroline and husband, Daniel, did an amazing job on their 5th wheel conversion!

They were able to buy their RV from the original owners, and then spend about 5 weeks of full-time renovations. While they were previously working seasonally and travelling, they’re now looking for more permanent work and Caroline is growing her photography business.

We got to do a Q&A with the awesome couple, which you can read at the end of the post after a photo tour of their conversion. Follow them on Instagram here.

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They Gave This 5th Wheel an Awesome Facelift

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Mike is a travel nurse and Katie is a stay-at-home-mom doing online college (she already has a Bachelors’) from their amazing fifth wheel renovation! They went with an older camper to save money, and then spent 6 months gutting it and making it a true home for their family of four. All in all, they spent about $5,000 on the renovation portion.

They have two kids, ages 3 and 2, who share an epic bunkroom over the fifth wheel portion of the RV. While the family first set out thinking they’d move every 3 months, they later decided to spent a year in Florida closer to family in order to have more support. Still, they can take their home anywhere jobs or life take them!

The RV life has allowed them to get close to paying down debt, and they hope to start saving for a homestead. Being on the road allows them to get a feel for just where they might want to settle down. We got to interview Katie about their tiny adventure, so be sure to read that after the photo tour!

Follow the family on Instagram here.

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Homestead-Hunting in their Fifth Wheel Conversion

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This brand new tiny house is at auction online. The owners built it for themselves but had a change of plans, so the asking price is only $12,000 to start. At the moment of publication, the first two bids are at $11,000.

The home is located in Sparta, Tennessee, and the online bidding for the 384 sq. ft. home is taking place at Comas Montgomery.

This could be your chance to get an awesome deal on a fully-loaded tiny house, with two lofts, fully-stocked kitchen, and bathroom with a washer/dryer unit. Place your bid now!

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Sparta, TN Tiny House Auction (Sold For 35k)

Tiny House Auction

Images via Comas Montgomery

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Meet April & Jason and their twin girls, Adalyn & Brooklyn, who live in California with their dog Jackson in an absolutely stunning renovated 5th wheel RV!

The couple DIY-ed the entire renovation and took the camper from drab and dreary to light and airy, resulting in a place anyone would like to call home. We interviewed April (@twinning_in_our_5thwheel on Instagram) about their tiny life, so after scrolling through all the pictures be sure to read the Q&A about life in an RV with kiddos!

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Couple With Twin Girls Living In Renovated Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer

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Meet Brooke and Wilhelm, two freelancers who decided to go tiny after changing their careers in 2017.

They hired Tiny House Chattanooga to build their dream tiny house, a 39ft off-grid solar-powered tiny home. This luxury THOW has all the bells and whistles.

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39ft Off-Grid Luxury Tiny House on Wheels with Solar Power

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This is the Robin’s Nest 30′ Tiny House on Wheels for sale on Tiny House Finder in West Columbia, Texas.

The home, built in 2014 by Brevard Tiny House Company, is super cute and includes unique touches like industrial and reclaimed accents from Etsy. The current owner is switching over to a fifth wheel in order to accommodate travel. It has a loft bedroom, quaint kitchen and living and bathroom area. You can get all the details, including who to contact to purchase or ask more questions, over at Tiny House Finder.

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Robin’s Nest 30′ Tiny House on Wheels

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This weekend we shared our favorite tiny houses on wheels featured on Tiny House Talk in 2016. But what were your favorites?

I sifted through our website stats and found what THOWs had the most page views to create our “Most Popular THOWs of 2016” list. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean these are the homes you liked the most, but I’d love to know — which one of these is your favorite?

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Top 10 Most Popular Tiny Houses on Wheels of 2016

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