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A dedicated reader just sent me photos and information on his 1982 Chevy Step Van to RV Conversion that he was using for stealth van dwelling and traveling which is now up for sale. (SOLD)

It’s a 3/4 ton single axle Chevy P20 Step Van with a 350 engine. It’s been converted into a fully featured camper that can also be used as a mobile studio or office.

Inside you’ll find a fold down ‘Murphy’ style bed that fits a twin or full sized futon mattress. He’s including an inflatable air bed with a full price offer on the sale.

Man Converts Chevy Step Van into Stealth Van Dweller


Images © B. Justice

And now it’s for sale. Learn more below:

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Whether van dwelling and bus conversions are your thing or not I think you’ll still enjoy looking at Ryan Lovelace’s DIY 1948 Chevy bus to tiny home conversion.

He took this old funky bus and made it into a mobile micro home and you can see all of his personal touches inside.

With a tiny kitchen, a sleeping loft/pod and a small wood burning fireplace this is totally ready for full time simple living.

There are so many windows that bring in the natural sunlight and it looks like he even added an indoor gutter to hold various plants inside. Very creative.

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

DIY Chevy Bus to Tiny Home Conversion


Images: The Cosmic Collider

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I love getting to show you space saving small space furniture like this multi-functional table that converts into a bookshelf. Pretty neat, right? On top of the multi-functional nature of this piece it’s also made from reclaimed wood so every each unit is different.

It’s definitely a high priced but also seems like a high quality and unique piece that’s made to last. But really I just had to show it to you and ask you what you think about it?

Would you use this or something like it in your current or future small space? It’s different, isn’t it?

Multi-functional Table That Converts into Bookshelf


Images © dotandbo

See more and- how it works- below:

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If you’ve been looking for a tiny home you can take with you, travel with, and go on adventures with. Then you might want to consider a micro-cabin like this one.

It still has that cabin look and feel. But since it’s smaller it’s just so much easier to tow and get around with than with a larger tiny house. Not only that, but it’s also a lot cheaper to tow too.

But what Michael, the owner/builder, did here is very creative. He took his older pop up camper and turned it into this amazing DIY micro cabin on wheels. See for yourself in the photos below.

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Adventurous DIY Micro Cabin on Wheels


Images © NorthToTheFuture

The cabin weighs about 1450 pounds and is about 6′ x 10′. Inside at the peak it’s about 6’6″ tall so you can stand up in it.

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This Cargo Trailer Converted to Homey, Cozy, Off-Grid RV is a guest post by Elizabeth Kelch

One trend in the tiny living movement is converted cargo trailers. The advantages to this are;

  • they’re lighter weight,
  • more easily mobile,
  • and can often be used for free by ‘stealth camping’.

I recently got the guts to take the leap and I bought a 7×12 insulated cargo trailer and converted it to an off-grid micro RV. My tiny RV is designed for one person, maybe a couple, because I wanted to keep it very simple and lightweight but there’s no reason I couldn’t apply the same principles to an 8×20 trailer.

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Woman Converts Cargo Trailer into Off-Grid RV for $7k

Woman Converts Cargo Trailer into Off-Grid RV for $7k

© Sustainabletarian

I encourage you to read the rest of my story (including how much this cost me) and tour the rest of my DIY cargo trailer micro camper below:
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I had to share this story of a man who converted an old tool shed into a beautiful micro cabin for he and his fiance so they can live mortgage-free.

He took an 8′ x 12′ tool shed and added insulation, windows, sheet rock and electricity.

Since he and his fiance work a lot they really just use a 96 sq. ft. minimalist cabin to rest and sleep at night.

Man Converts Tool Shed into Debt-free Micro Home

Learn why and how he did it in the video/interview and tour below:

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This is the story of a man named Larry who built a self-sustained and off-the-grid home out of two shipping containers. He wanted all of the comforts of a home and to be able to live in it comfortably up to a year or more if need be.

To do this he ordered two sea containers and welded them together to make one awesome cabin. Water is heated using solar power or by woodstove if necessary. Access to water is by well. The two containers combined add up to a 40′ x 16′ floor plan so about 640 square feet of space inside.

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He Built The Ultimate Self Contained Shipping Container Cottage


Sea Container Cabin

Please learn more about this custom off-grid shipping container cabin (and check out the floor plan, cost, etc., too) below:

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Hank is an architect student who bought a bus for his final project.

He was tired of doing projects that weren’t real. They were just on paper.

Hank’s grandfather owns an 80-acre parcel of land in Wisconsin where they wanted to build a tiny cabin on the land.

But because of building codes and zoning regulations in the area they were only allowed to build a cabin so small.

So for the last few years, they’ve been discussing the idea of buying a bus and turning it into a cabin to use while on the property.

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Arch Student Turns Old School Bus To Modern Mobile Home

I encourage you to learn more about this awesome bus conversion to mobile cabin project below (there’s even a video tour and interview with Hank below): [continue reading…]


The architect Sergio Sanchez has rented a walk-in closet and converted it into his studio.

He created a loft to sleep up top while using the freed-up space underneath as a home office.

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