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Earlier we shared Jasper’s awesome box truck conversion that he lived in on and off for about four years. At the start of 2022, he made a major life shift and purchased a fifth wheel (brand new!) which he is living in with his girlfriend, two dogs, and soon-to-be baby!

Even though their fifth wheel is obviously mobile, the couple is putting down roots on Vancouver Island and staying put for now. He is a super cool content creator and I think you’ll enjoy checking out his new digs.

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Family’s New 40-ft. Fifth Wheel RV

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Hillary raised her three children on her own since they were 6, 4 and 2, and while her job in law enforcement provided for them, it was never enough for Hillary to save for retirement. Once her kids were grown and out of the house, she chose tiny living so she could retire comfortably!

She was able to pay cash for her THOW and has no mortgage — only the monthly land rental fee she pays to her landlords. Her two older animals — a dog and cat — live with her and enjoy her fenced-in yard. And she calls it “cheating,” but Hillary also has a shed on the property for her seasonal clothes, a deep-freezer and extra pantry goods.

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Her Desert Tiny Home with Huge Deck & Shed

Single Mom’s Solution to Retirement Tiny Living! 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Remember the Silver Pearl houseboat on Airbnb that Alex showed off last week? Genevieve and her husband own that boat, but also live off-grid in their very own floating home called the “Island Gypsy.”

Before they invested in a vacation property, they moved into the Island Gypsy — she felt like were “cheating” being hooked up to shore power, so they figured out how to create an off-grid home and have been living that way for a few years!

She sent us a beautiful description of their life on the water, which you can read after the photo tour of their houseboat. Enjoy!

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Couple Living Off-Grid on the Water w/ 360* Views!

Island Gypsy Houseboat: Off-Grid Floating Home!

Images via Genevieve

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Chris and Jolene have three preteen boys, and the family used to do the typical suburban rat race of tons of sports and activities, work 9 to 5, and a zombie-like existence trying to afford a 3,000 square foot cookie-cutter home.

Then, about two years ago, Chris sold his company and the family searched for the perfect boat to begin their life on the water. Now they enjoy travelling to islands in the Caribbean, “boatschooling,” and experiencing all the chaos and wonders of boat life!

Jolene shared some wonderful reflections on why they went tiny in our Q&A with her, so be sure to read more below and take the video tour of their houseboat. You can follow the family on Instagram here.

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Family W/ 3 Preteen Boys Travel Caribbean in Trawler

From 3,000 Sq. Ft. in Texas Suburbia to Trawler Boat Life: Family of 5 9

Images via Wandering Knapps

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This family wanted to save up to build their forever home on some lake-front property in Michigan, so they decided to go tiny in order to afford it! All six of them are living in a 37″ Grand Design Imagine 3250BH on family property with no mortgage payment while they build.

Their four kids have an awesome bunkroom on one end of the house, while mom and dad have their master suite on the other side. In the middle is the living and kitchen area, complete with a dinette, couch, faux fireplace and fully-functional kitchen.

We got to talk to mom, Sarah, about what led them to go tiny and how it’s going now, two months into the journey. Read the interview after the photo tour (and follow them on Instagram @ourlifeonlaketime).

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This Family Is Living Tiny in Their RV

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Leah and Brennan live in Florida on Brennan’s family farm. The unique part? They’re living in their second RV conversion!

Back in 2018, the couple traded their house for a self-renovated 1989 RV, lovingly named The Ramblr. Now they’re in their second RV — a fifth wheel named The Ramblr 2.0 (@the_ramblr_rv), which they plan to take on their travels next year. They only spent $6.5k on their second RV conversion, and really made the place a home. Instead of choosing the trendy decor, they decorated with their own eclectic sense of style and it makes the place all-the-better!

Thanks to Allison over at Tiny Home Tours, we can take a tour of their tiny home and get to know more about the awesome couple!

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Tiny Florida Life in the Ramblr 2.0 5th Wheel

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Tiny House Talk has been around since 2010, and during that time we’ve interviewed a lot of tiny house dwellers who have many reasons for going tiny.

While most people immediately assume tiny living is about reducing costs, that’s not the case for everyone who chooses this lifestyle. Some people go tiny because they’re stressed out by belongings; others want to travel more; some want to live more sustainable lifestyles; and some just want to be different, just to be different!

We thought it would be fun to make a compilation post of many of the answers we’ve gotten to “Why did you choose to go tiny?” Below you’ll find 27 quotes, along with links to our full interviews with these tiny home dwellers. Enjoy, and let us know why you’ve gone tiny in the comments!

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We Asked 27 Tiny Home Dwellers *WHY* They Went Tiny

Why Go Tin

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Talk about the ideal tiny living arrangement: This couple and their toddler in Ontario purchased a DIY tiny house from its previous owners and live in it on 6 acres of beautiful land that they “steward” for the landowners who need help with the upkeep!

Because they paid for the tiny home by selling their condo they have no mortgage or utility bills while living in The Giving Tree Tiny House. The coolest part? Owner Bianca is working with local authorities to try and make “land stewarding” a legal way to create affordable housing for others, and her trailblazing could open doors for the rest of us down the line.

Now they have their little home, way fewer bills, and tons more time together as a family, working the land and connecting with nature. How awesome is that? We got to interview Bianca so make sure to read our Q&A with her at the end of the post!

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Family in Ontario’s Land Steward Tiny Arrangement!

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Meet Mollie and her adorable tiny house on wheels. She lives with her two adopted dogs in her THOW in Teton Valley, Idaho.

She just moved in at the end of February, and has lots of time to enjoy decorating and making it home due to the shelter-in-place order! She plans to add metal skirting and a deck to the home once the weather warms up.

Enjoy the photo tour of her great home and be sure to check out the Q&A we had with her at the end of the post!

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She’s Living Tiny With Two Dogs in Teton Valley, Idaho

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