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Ever dream of a recording studio in a tiny house? Well, dream no more because here’s one you can see.

This is the “Rhapsodie” tiny house by Tiny House Baluchon. They built it for one of their customers, who just moved in a few months ago, and now look at it!

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The Rhapsodie Tiny House On Wheels With A Recording Studio!

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Here’s The Cathouse, built by Movable Roots as a custom creation for a couple and their four cats. This house has one of the most unusual layouts I’ve seen, complete with a sneaky back bathroom well-separated from the living and kitchen area for privacy.

The home features a wind-sensitive awning that retracts when gusts get bad, and a shed-style roof. You’ll walk into the living area where there’s room for comfortable chairs or a sofa, and then turn right into the stunning kitchen. Just wait until you see the color of the cabinets!

There’s a lofted bedroom with room at the top step to stand and change, and a catwalk between lofts for those four-legged friends. Enjoy the video tour below, and get in touch with Movable Roots for your own custom build here.

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Are These the Prettiest THOW Cabinets Ever?


Images via Movable Roots

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This is a modern tiny house with a big bathroom that’s for sale out of Laredo, Texas via Chelsea over at Tiny House Listings.

It’s a tiny house designed for full-time living and built right onto a 24-ft. trailer. For sale with an asking price of $59,500. What do you think?

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24-ft. Tiny House with Spacious Bathroom

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This is to let you know about this Minnesota Tiny House vacation experience hosted by Kim on Airbnb. The tiny house is located right on Minnesota Lakeshore out of Faribault, Minnesota.

It’s a 267-sq.-ft. home on wheels, parked with an oversized deck, all overlooking the lake which you can kayak on if you want to. Did you know, this THOW was featured on Tiny House Nation back in 2015, it’s on Season 1, Episode 8, according to the Airbnb listing? You can probably watch the episode on Amazon.

The family that owns it lived in it for 4-and-a-half-years, but once their kids grew up, they decided to have more space. So now they share their tiny house with the community as a vacation rental experience. How cool is that?

267-sq.-ft. Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota (Lakefront!)

Family-friendly Tiny House Vacation in Minnesota Lakefront via Kim on Airbnb 001

Images via Kim/Airbnb

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Check out this NOAH-certified THOW that’s for sale in Texas! The Lovey home features a loft bedroom with standing room for changing for anyone under 6 ft. 4 and not one, but 1.5 baths, which is definitely a rare feature in any tiny house.

Plus since this tiny home already has a month-to-month parking spot you can rent (unless you’d like to move it) at the Sandy Lake RV Resort in Carrollton, Texas. If you keep it here, you can also enjoy the awesome deck that’s included in the sale. Asking price for the 32’x.8.5’ home is $74,000, and you can contact the seller, Denise, using the form at the bottom of this page.

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This THOW Already Has a Parking Spot!

Lovey Tiny House

Images via Denise

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This is to announce and show you the XL ONE XL Tiny House from Escape. It’s the biggest ONE XL they’ve ever built and you can see it here (it’s wider, taller, and longer than the standard ONE XL).

There are some photos of it straight out of the factory that you can see below, and also a video tour of it. By the way, if you’re reading this before June 5, 2020, you can save $5,900 on it. More info on that and more below.

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XL ONE XL Tiny House From ESCAPE


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