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This is a 180 sq. ft. pop up shop tiny house in Atlanta, GA.

It was designed by Brian Crabb of Viva Collectiv.

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Pop Up Shop Tiny House on Wheels

180 Sq Ft Tiny House in Atlanta GA

Photos via Viva Collectiv

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This Tiny House Cabin was $18,00.00, now on sale for $16,000.00
This cabin is built like you would build a stick built house and is very well insulated. It is 8.5′ by 16′ long and comes with everything you need to live in. LP Smartlap siding in Cedar tone with 3/4″ cypress tongue and groove interior walls. It comes with a 32″ fiberglass shower, commode and small bathroom sink. Appliances are included and it comes with a flat screen tv, and a 12,000BTU Air Conditioning unit and a 10,000BTU Heating Garrison through the wall unit. We can also custom build your tiny cabin.

Source: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/rvd/4833607140.html

$16k Tiny House Near Atlanta, Georgia


Images © Stone Canyon Cabins

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This is an announcement for the hands-on tiny house workshop in Nashville, Tennessee by Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders.

The workshop is happening on October 16-17, 2021 in Nashville’s Honky Tonk Brewing Co. Space is limited and you can register for your spot here using our affiliate link for a discount if you register before September 20.

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Hands-On Tiny House Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee (2021)

Dan Louche Hands On Tiny House Workshop in Atlanta Georgia 2021 2

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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“Hey, whose bus is in the driveway?” – Chris

“That’s our tiny home.” – Chris’ wife, Carol

And that’s how it all started! After Chris and Carol saw skoolies at an Atlanta tiny house show, Carol caught the bug, and two weeks later Chris came home to the bus Carol purchased.

Then he and some friends got to work on building out their vacation skoolie, which they use as empty-nesters to travel wherever their hearts take them. Chris is a true gem, so be sure to watch the Tiny Home Tours interview below!

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Husband & Wife’s Vacation Skoolie

He Came Home to a Bus in His Driveway This is Our Tiny Home2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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So this is totally on my project list! A greenhouse built from recycled windows is a perfect shabby-chic addition to your backyard AND you can use it to start seeds or grow some year-round produce. This one was built by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes near Atlanta, Georgia.

Right now the company is only building these, on foundation, within an hour radius of their headquarters. So if you happen to live locally, I’d definitely contact them! This could even be used as a warm-weather Airbnb if you had a private spot to tuck it into.

Enjoy the pictures below and contact the builder here.

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Giving Old Windows New Life in this Tiny Greenhouse

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Looking for a way to add an alternative dwelling unity (ADU) to your property? The Golley House is a great choice! This 10×16 home comes flat-packed with SIP panels and you can finish the exterior and interior however you’d like. Use the space as an office, a guest space, or a granny pod!

Depending on the zoning rules in your area, you could even use it as an Airbnb or rental. The one pictured below was set up in Atlanta, Georgia.

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This Tiny House Is Made of 30 SIPs! Modular Option.

Golley House Flat-Pack Modular Home with 8 Ft. Loft Headroom! 4

Images via Golley House

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