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This is the Hawk Creek ADU Tiny Cabin by Nanostead near Asheville, North Carolina.

It’s a 12′ x 24′ cabin built on a pier foundation.

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Hawk CreekAno ADU: Tiny Nanosted Cabin on a Pier Foundation

Hawk Creek ADU Tiny Cabin by Nanostead in North Carolina

Photos: Nanostead

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If you’re looking to downsize, but under-400 sq. ft. is just too little, consider the Shilling 768 sq. ft. ADU (accessory dwelling unit) by Wishbone Tiny Homes.

This was built for a client on land that already had a larger home on it, and includes two bedrooms (one upstairs, one downstairs — also a loft!) and two baths. Wishbone Tiny Homes is located in Asheville, North Carolina, and they offer a number of ADUs in varying sizes. If you have friends or family that could allow it, you might be able to build an ADU on their property as one option for going tinier. Enjoy!

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The Shilling 768 Sq. Ft. ADU Cottage by Wishbone Tiny Homes

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Susan Moray enlisted the help of Jack Barnes Architects to help her convert her garage into a 550 sq. ft. ADU cottage that she now uses as a vacation rental in Portland, Oregon’s Ladd neighborhood. ADU, by the way, stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit in case you’re not familiar.

Together with Design Build Portland contractors they were able to get the job done for a total cost of $90,000, according to Accessory Dwellings. Now you can stay in the cottage if you’re ever in Portland.

Jack Barnes (architect) designed an amazing little cottage based on the already existing garage structure that’s so energy efficient it received a Platinum Award from Earth Advantage. And they had absolutely no trouble getting the plans approved by the city thanks to his expertise.

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Woman Converts Garage into Small Yellow ADU Cottage


Images © Sky Rocket Photography/Portland Vacation Cottage

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I love a yurt, and these steel-framed yurts from WeatherPort are a cool modern twist on the traditional structure. Their unique design is wind-and-snow resistant and sets up more quickly than most wooden yurts on the market today.

These yurts come with a number of color options and range in size from 12 to 30 feet in diameter. They make great ADUs and the bigger ones would easily house a small family in “tiny” style. Check them out below!

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Customize Your Own Yurt Today!

Weather Port Yurts 4

Images © WeatherPort

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While I love a DIY van conversion as much as the next person, it’s always fun to see the best that money can buy, and the German-built ALPHAVAN is about as fancy as it gets! It’s high-tech in just about every way and looks sleek and modern inside and out.

There are two swivel seats as well as a bench that can seat two more people safely. A compact wet bath and kitchen take up the middle of the van, and there’s a double bed in the back over a huge garage space that can hold all kinds of outdoor gear.

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These Van Conversions Have All The Bells and Whistles

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 12

Images © AlphaVan

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Author Cate Beauman grew up poor, so when her writing career took off, she thought the logical next step was to buy all the bigger and better things. She and her husband got the 3,000 square foot house and were waiting to be happy. But when the happiness didn’t come (because they were so stressed working hard to upkeep and afford their home), they wanted a change!

So they hired a tiny house company to build their home and then moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina, where they have a spot at Acony Bell Tiny House Community. Their home features two lofts, a spacious galley kitchen and a comfortable living area. Enjoy the tour!

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Empty Nesters Get Extra Freedom in a Tiny House

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This awesome couple enjoys the nomadic lifestyle and has started flipping and custom-converting different campers, ADUs, and other vehicles. One of their most recent projects is this 1966 Kit Companion which they renovated with a nod to the 60s.

The little camper has a fixed bed, a U-shaped dinette that becomes a second bed, and a little kitchenette. There’s also a little mudroom space with a bench and hooks for hanging coats and bags. Enjoy the video tour below.

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Adorable Camper with 60s Flair

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Renovated vintage campers have so much charm and make great options for travelling around the country. This 1957 Vintage Aljo has been totally overhauled, and the result is a comfortable and bright camper.

It has a dinette, a couch that becomes a bed and a little kitchen area in the middle. It’s for sale right now in Denver for $20,000 or best offer.

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$20K Renovated Camper with Sage Green Cabinets

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This small cottage in the Tasmanian bush has a rich 100-year-old history. A timber-and-stone creation, it was added onto in the 1970s and has been lovingly renovated in 2011 by the current owners. It’s a lovely blend of old and new that comfortably welcomes guests.

Fresh white paint covers most of the interior and contrasts with the warm wood tones from vintage furniture. Outside, the most remarkable feature is a gazebo area containing a deep soaking tub. This quiet getaway is a lovely spot to reconnect with friends and family.

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Beautiful Tasmanian Cottage Sleeps 6

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