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MoonLander Truck Campers

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This is the MoonLander Truck Camper by RADICA. It’s an affordable and game-changing truck shell built for camping that starts at just $5,500.

If you’ve been exploring a lifestyle centered around camping, road trips, or nomadic living, this truck shell camper might just be what you need to kickstart your adventure.

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Meet the MoonLander Truck Camper

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 001

Images via Radica Products

In an innovative leap, the MoonLander merges the best of both worlds, acting as a hybrid between a traditional truck topper and a camper, giving many the option for an affordable expedition rig. This unique camper is extended on both sides, offering the freedom to sleep sideways over the truck bed. What does this mean for you? You can enjoy approximately 80″ of sleeping length in a mid-size truck, and up to an astonishing 87″ in a full-size truck!

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 002

Images via Radica Products

One of the biggest highlights of the MoonLander is its effortless setup. Unlike many other campers and rooftop tents, the MoonLander sports a hard shell with no canvas or zippers to fiddle with. This simple yet highly effective design keeps you safer and cozier, protecting you from nature’s elements while ensuring a quieter and warmer interior.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 003

Images via Radica Products

Light, Versatile, and Built for the Outdoors

The MoonLander is one of the lightest truck bed campers on the market. It’s designed to feel and drive like a topper, not a camper, making it an effortless addition to your truck. The lofted bed panels can be easily removed, turning your MoonLander into a massive cargo space, allowing you to use your truck for cargo again. Weighing just 225 lbs. without the windows or bed frame, this camper topper adds minimal impact on your truck’s gas mileage, proving to be as economical as it is practical.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 004

Images via Radica Products

However, the true charm of MoonLander lies in its rugged, expedition-ready design. It’s built to withstand the most demanding environments with reinforced aluminum framing, marine-grade sealants, and thick 1/16″ aluminum skins. And if you’re in the mood for a peaceful sunset viewing, the reinforced roof can comfortably hold 2-3 people on top. Plus, the framing allows you to mount gear on both the inside and outside.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 006

Images via Radica Products

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 005

Images via Radica Products

Customize Your Dream Mobile Living Space

One of the standout features of MoonLander is its high customizability, making it an open canvas for your camping setup or a DIY dream platform. You can choose from a range of factory options for customization. Here’s a quick glimpse of the possibilities:

  • A range of windows, including stationary, sliding, porthole, and Arctic Tern
  • An upgradeable queen-size lofted bed frame
  • The option for a single swing out barn door
  • Propane tank mount
  • Brake light bar with sequential turn signals
  • Solar package
  • Tailgate lock
  • Camper jacks
  • THULE roof rack tracks
  • Integrated LED lighting package
  • Slim side pods for those who prefer a slimmer profile

Remember, the MoonLander is all about making it truly yours. The structural aluminum framing lets you mount virtually anything to create your personalized camping setup.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 0010

Images via Radica Products

Ordering a MoonLander

MoonLander’s pricing begins at a competitive $5,500 for mid-size shells, with full-size shells starting from $5,900 and long shells starting from $6,900. The wide array of add-ons and customizations are individually priced, allowing you to control exactly what features you want in your MoonLander.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 007

Images via Radica Products

To secure your MoonLander for the estimated January 2024 completion, a $2,000 deposit is required, this is applied to your final invoice. It’s important to note that the camper’s installation needs to take place at the RADICA shop in Denver, Colorado.

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 0011

Images via Radica Products

Final Thoughts

The MoonLander is more than just a topper or an expedition rig – it’s a lifestyle enabler. It represents a new way of experiencing the world, creating a mobile living space that is as versatile as it is durable. Whether you’re a seasoned road tripper or a tiny house enthusiast eager for a new adventure, the MoonLander offers a new dimension of flexibility and freedom. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace the adventure of a lifetime with the MoonLander.

For more information, visit the RADICA MoonLander page. Here’s to new adventures, tiny house lovers!

VIDEO TOUR: The Fast Lane Truck Gets a Moonlander Truck Camper Top



  • Introducing the MoonLander by RADICA, a game-changing hybrid camper topper for truck beds
  • Offers extra space and easy setup with no canvas or zippers
  • Lightweight and versatile design that feels like a truck bed topper but functions as a camper
  • Built to withstand rugged environments with reinforced aluminum framing and marine-grade sealants
  • Highly customizable with various options for windows, bed frames, doors, and more
  • Pricing starts at $5,500 with add-ons individually priced; a $2,000 deposit required to secure a spot
  • Final installation to be done at RADICA shop in Denver, Colorado
  • The MoonLander enables a new lifestyle of flexibility and freedom for road trippers and tiny house enthusiasts.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Reyne Tallents
    July 19, 2023, 11:15 pm

    Yes, please! While my 4×8 square drop is great for Solo trips, this will make it so much easier, and it will act as his sleeping space when we both travel so I don’t steal the covers, lol.

    • Alex
      July 26, 2023, 12:07 pm

      Good thinking! I’m really loving the MoonLander as an option for anyone who’s got a truck. They’re so cool! And pretty affordable! Wouldn’t mind picking up a used Nissan Frontier 4×4 and pairing it with one of these 🙂

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