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How To Stash Your Hash, Silver, Gold or Cash in a Tiny House

What you’ll need to set up your secret junction/electrical box stash:

  • Power drill/screw driver
  • Drill bit
  • Junction box
  • Drywall screws
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Plastic cable connectors

Cost: about $10

He says it should take you just 12-15 minutes to set up and it’s an awesome idea for secret storage (that doesn’t take up much room) in your tiny house or cabin.

Or, your regular-sized house if that’s what you’re still living in now.

How to stash your hash, silver, gold or cash

Derek goes through and shows you how to even set up the wiring so that it looks like it’s a real electrical box. This way would-be robbers would have no chance of stealing your hash. (kidding)

This video is thanks to Derek “Deek” Diedricksen and Make Magazine.

Disclaimer: Don’t hide any of your stuff in a working electrical box.

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  • Avatar Jim

    Trouble is now a days they break in to steal the steel and copper like the plumbing, wiring and the junction boxes for scrap metal. maybe those fake smoke alarms hiding places would be a better investment.

    • Avatar Ellen

      I had no intention of making one of these, but Deek’s videos are so dang hilarious I just had to watch.

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