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Glenn’s Cross Country Road Trip in a Class B Van

Meet Glenn–he has been living in a Class B van in L.A. and is now on a summer odyssey across the U.S. We both happen to have the same model RV. One day he sent me a message inquiring about the windows on his rig.

Glenn is sharing his experiences traveling on his blog, To Simplify. He has been posting great pictures and I’m excited to continue following his journey. Let’s get the word out to help support his trip and motivate him to continue sharing his adventures with us.


About Glenn

My name is Glenn, and I’m a professional musician based in Los Angeles, California, who one day decided to radically simplify his life. I wanted to pare down my possessions and get back to basics, with the intent of never again having my pursuit of the truth be clouded by the pursuit of stuff, while recapturing more freedom, time, and money to do what makes me happy.

On the night of August 4, 2009, having sold or given away almost everything I own, I left my Burbank apartment for good and moved into The Falcon, a fully-equipped 1993 class B motorhome…

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