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Downsizing – Tips on How to Downsize Your Stuff to Tidy Up Your Life

I’ve created this downsizing 101 page to use as a resource for those of you who are in the process of or are at least interested in downsizing.

If that’s you… You’re in the right place! In fact, I wish I had this resource when I first started to downsize as it would have saved me a lot of headache, time and mistakes.

Enjoy the following tips, tricks, and ‘hacks’ that will save you time, money and frustration when simplifying all areas of your life including:

  • How to simplify your clothing.
  • How to get rid of your stuff fast.
  • How to know what to keep.
  • How to sell your stuff fast.
  • How to know if you should downsize your home.

And so much more. Start below with whatever topic interests you the most right now:

Downsizing 101 Resources

Wardrobe, Clothing & Stuff

Staying Organized in Small Spaces

Discussions and More Tips for Living Tiny/Downsizing

More coming soon! We’re just getting started. Bookmark this page for further reference (and updates) later. Better yet…

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