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New Move in Ready Dakota Tiny House For Sale on Auction through eBay

I thought you’d like to know that there’s a brand new Dakota tiny house for sale on auction on eBay that you can bid on if you want.

It’s an amazing tiny home (that comes with a big price tag) but it’s nearly ready to move in and has lots of features that make it easy to live in full time.

In fact, would you live in this tiny house full time? Please let us know in the comments down at the bottom because we’re all curious.

One of the features that makes it easy to live in full time is a downstairs bedroom in the rear of the house so you don’t have to go up and down a sleeping loft to go to bed every night.

In the past I’ve featured this house here so you might have seen it before. In that post you can find even more photos and details.

Update: SOLD

Dakota Tiny House For Sale on Auction


© cuautosales

See more and learn how you can bid and possibly buy this tiny home on auction below if you want to:

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VIDEO TOUR: Dakota Tiny Home on Wheels (For Sale) SOLD

Bid and learn more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Tiny-House-Dakota-Tiny-House-Professionally-Manufactured-NEW-/161249580097

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  • Avatar Lisa

    I would love to own amd live in this house.

  • This is definitely one of my faves. Too bad it doesn’t have a pic of the bedroom at the end..! A great feature!! Also, it has incredible built ins …such as the pull out pantry by the fridge… Very handy.. Someone will be very fortunate to get this..

  • Avatar sally

    All the amenities, reminds me a bit of a sterile motor home, tho, with too much crammed in. No cozy factor whatsoever, and ditto on that couch with cup holder/ash trays. Yik. Looks the bench seat in my 84 Suburban, and also looks extremely low on the floor. Maybe it’s the camera angle. Feels a bit crowded with the cabinet right behind the front door. Which brings up the question–how do you get the unwanted furniture OUT of there? Looks quality built, but missing something…

  • Avatar jaki

    I appreciate all tiny homes but am more inclined toward the ones that remember that they are for 1 or 2 people, not just mini versions of larger homes. This one has some very nice detailing.

  • Avatar Kat

    I’m sad. I loooooved this house when it was posted a while back and there’s a small note at the end of the auction that says the company is defunct now.

  • Avatar Athena

    This cancels the whole idea of tiny houses; to Simplify.
    A whole bunch of stuff crammed into a small space….and what’s with the huge freakin’ TV?
    I reiterate: Meh. (underwhelming )

    • Avatar Alex

      Yea it could use some alterations to make it better

    • Avatar Paul

      Meh yourself. Think… bed at other end of house. TV on swivel wall holder. Makes. Total. Sense.

      Whole idea of tiny houses is… whatever YOU want it to be. Not somebody elses idea but YOURS. So don’t be so hypercritical. If it worked for them then fine, if not then that is their problem eh?

  • I like this! I would remove the TV and put up shelves for my books. I’d also remove the large leather couch, and replace it with a love seat and desk. Otherwise, I’d easily be able to live in this. I love that it has a washing machine, complete bathroom, and sleeping quarters on the main floor. Sign me up.

  • Avatar Aka

    What a waste. Too much oversized crap. Should have rethought design. Looks like a bachelor pad.

  • Avatar Linda

    One thing I absolutely hate about tinyhouses is the utility shed hanging off the back. And that’s a shame because you don’t have to build it this way. If you bring the structure all the way up and out to encompass the sides (in other words, enclose this space inside the house so that the back of the house is “normal” and just looks like part of the house), and put a couple of cupboard-type doors to open up for access to the propane, wiring, etc., this would be great! On one side you would have the propane, one the other side, you would have the electrical, and in the middle would be shelving for the bathroom (the bathroom is at this end). This way, you gain extra storage for bathroom towels, etc. This shelving would be open to the bathroom and closed from the outside. On either side of this (where the propane and the electrical is) you would have a small door for each in order to access them. This would be so much better than having the tiny house look like a shack… which it does when you see a compartment hanging off of it the way most of them are being built.

    • Avatar Paul

      The utility sheds are separated from the rest of the construction for SAFETY reasons. Doing it this way means any leaking propane would NOT go into the house, which you know, is actually a good thing.

      And this “shack” type construction does in fact use cupboard type doors because the electrics are separated from the propane zone. Again, a safety feature. Go back and have a look at the picture again.

  • I get emails from this and this caught my eye I liked very much and spent mind living fulltime. Also see that it has a washer/dryer combo would like to to what brand is it and how wide is it? I recently moved not some apartments and the washer/dryer connections are in the cl

  • Avatar Diane

    Love it. Is the sofa a bed? I think its very livable!

  • Avatar KAYE Sott

    I know it depends on the bids, but approximately how much are the bids to keep in the running? Are there available places in Fargo to park these in?

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