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How You Can Build an Internet Business for Freedom

If you have ever dreamed about having your own business, becoming an entrepreneur, or building a career around your passion then this might be for you.

Some of you (including my friends and family) have been asking me, “how do you blog full-time?”

Or, “how do you make money blogging about tiny houses and simple living?”

And, “how do I get new visitors to my blog or website for MY business?”

Or, “how did you get so many newsletter subscribers to your site?”

And, “how do you have so many ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page?”

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to help those of you with that in the past. It’s been challenging to answer these questions because it’s all a ‘process’ but I didn’t even know where to send my anyone to learn about building an internet-based business because there’s a lot of scams and all that online.

But here’s how that’s changing right now and how this is a breathe of fresh air in the space of ‘how to blog’ online.

Building an Online Micro Business for Freedom

Some people call it blogging. You can call it a ‘micro business’. Or a location independent business. Affiliate marketing. Internet marketing. It’s all kind of the same thing really.

But in the past I haven’t shared this with you because I felt like I had to teach you. I felt I had to teach you because there are so many scams out there when you look for this sort of information online.

And I personally haven’t had enough time to put together training for this as much as I’ve wanted to because my sole focus has been promoting and sharing information about tiny houses and simple living since 2009 (which is still my focus today).

What’s Really Important (Before We Go On)

Simple living, tiny houses, small houses, downsizing, and simplifying are wonderful tools to help you get more out of life. To help you design and build your own life. Your way. Tiny homes even help you realize what’s really important in life. And for me, what I’ve found, is that it’s all in our relationships. Our relationship to ourselves, God, family, and friends.

Our Most Valuable Asset… Time?

The other thing I believe to be really important is that we gain control of our time in a way that we’re happy with. And if you’re not where you want to be, it’s time to create a simple daily game plan so you can get there over time. So that every single day you know you’re getting one step closer towards your version of freedom.

But It’s Not Just About Tiny Houses and Simple Living

For me, it’s always about being smart. ‘Smart’ ways to build freedom. I want to learn new things every day but I also want to make sure I’m living my life to the fullest in the smartest ways possible.

A Little Secret About Me (And the Internet)

I learned how to code HTML and do everything I needed to do to share information with people using the (cheap) tools of the Internet (today it’s A LOT easier).

But my point is that the very first time I found out about and experienced ‘The Internet’, I knew I had to learn how to become a part of it because I knew it was powerful and that it would change a lot of people’s lives.

And here’s a secret I want to remind you of- about the Internet (and how it’s not that much of a bad thing after all if you learn how to use it)…

The Internet Gives Everyday People Like You And Me Access to Leverage

But here’s the real secret…

You can also learn to turn that ‘leverage’ into freedom.

Thanks to the Internet I get to have a relationship with you and we probably haven’t ever even met! Isn’t that crazy?

I send you emails almost every day and I get to share my passion for simple living, tiny houses, and ways that I believe will help you gain more freedom in your life.

That’s been my dream for years and years and years…

And I get to do it from home… thanks to the Internet.

A Free Course on How to Build Your Own Online Business (Coming Soon!)

Thank you so much,


Alex Pino
Founder and Editor


A Free Course on How to Build Your Own Online Business (Coming Soon!)