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How to Build Your Own Internet Business for Freedom

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business while making a positive difference in the world…

Then keep reading because this might just be what you’ve been looking for.

But it might not

So pay attention and keep reading because I can help you figure that out.

The reason I’m talking to you about ‘business’ is because some of you have been asking me about it.

And it’s an important question because building your own ‘information’ business using the Internet can be fun, rewarding, and it can even provide you with financial freedom. 

Blogging is also a great way to let out your creative side and maybe share something you’re already doing with others.

So when people ask me, “how do you make a living ‘blogging’?”

Or, “how do I take my business online?”

This is where I point them to learn. That is, if they’re interested and if it’s a good fit for them. So I wanted to extend this offer to you, too.

Because it’s only fair for me to share something that has dramatically positively impacted my life, right?

In fact, I’d feel guilty not sharing this with you.

So if you are somebody who’s interested in learning how to become what I call a ‘purposeful’ online entrepreneur…

If that’s something that interests you…

Then take a closer look at what I’m sharing with you here because it can be something that can help you get more out of life as long as you have the ‘ambition’ and ‘passion’ to go for it.

In other words, what if it’s NOT too late to go for something you’ve been passionate about?

Maybe right now is the right time to start if you’re willing to start putting in the effort (personally I think it’s fun because I’m passionate about what I do and share with others).

It’s funny because I started ‘blogging’ back in the late 1990s when it wasn’t even called ‘blogging’ yet. It was just called ‘making websites’.

Since that time I have built dozens of websites based on my own personal interests. I’ve also built websites for others over the years. And I learned a lot by doing that.

But I never really experienced any significant results in terms of turning this passion of mine into a business so that I could take it ‘full time’.

In the past, I’d ‘blogged’ about…

  • Funny pictures and videos (to make people laugh)
  • E-cards (so people can send each other greetings online)
  • Personal finance (to teach people how to better manage their money)

But none of those ‘topics’ or ‘niches’ matched very well with me. I would quit and move on to something else before I knew it. That’s part of the process I think. Your first site might not be ‘it’. But it gets you to ‘learn’ how to do it, you know?

It wasn’t until 2007 when I started experimenting with simplifying my life that my path started becoming clearer for me. I wanted to simplify to gain more freedom and control in my life. I wanted to be the creator of my own destiny. And I know you can have that too.

Two years later, after drastically simplifying my life, I chose to start building a website and starting an email newsletter about ‘tiny houses’ and ‘simple living’ because I’ve always had a passion for freedom and helping other people achieve self-reliance.

Now, about 7 years later, after being focused on promoting tiny housing and simplifying I’ve experienced what I consider to be quite a bit of success with my ‘blogging’. Tiny House Talk has grown to become one of the top 6000 websites in the United States (and it’s growing, even more, every day). And I’m just getting started!

This ‘hobby’ turned ‘business’ has provided me with the freedom that I’ve always dreamed of because now I can:

  • Be my own boss.
  • Run my own life.
  • Create my own schedule.
  • Build my own ‘brand’ instead of my employer’s.
  • Take as little or as much time off as I want.
  • Choose my own projects.
  • Earn money promoting products and services I’m passionate about and already use.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits of residual income when I’m on vacation or taking a day off.
  • Experience ‘financial freedom’ as an active entrepreneur.
  • Help others achieve more freedom too thanks to my own success.

I want you to know that you can have this too if it’s something that you desire and are willing to start building because I can show you how I did it and how you can too… Step by step.

If you’re in the process of simplifying your life, and maybe even going tiny, but also want to take it to another level by building a purposeful internet-based business based on your passion then try this on me…

A Free Course on How to Build Your Own Online Business (Coming Soon!)

Thank you so much,

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Alex Pino
Founder and Editor

alex pino of tiny house talk How You Can Build an Internet Business for Freedom