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The Borealis Writer’s Cabin: 12’x12′ Tiny House Plans

The Borealis Writer’s Cabin is a 12’x12′ tiny house designed for all seasons.

Inside there’s a bathroom, kitchen, sleeping loft and fireplace. And there’s room for a writer’s desk, books and sofa.

If you’re interested, the plans to build this cabin are available at no cost to download over at The Small House Catalog.

This 144 sq. ft. tiny home would make a great tiny living space, backyard office, or peaceful retreat away from home. What would you use it for?

The Borealis Writer’s Cabin: 12’x12′ Tiny House Plans (free)


Images © The Small House Catalog


=> Download the plans for free and learn more: http://www.thesmallhousecatalog.com/borealis

Our big thanks to the Small House Catalog for providing these free plans to the tiny house community!

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  • Avatar c

    free plans? a bit of a scam. They aren’t there and you are directed to buy some software from another site. How poor.

    • Avatar Alex

      Sorry about that! They used to be free but looks like they are free no more!

      • Avatar Alex

        Not sure what software you are talking about, but when I clicked over, the plans are there – they are just not free anymore.

  • My goal is 12 by 30 tiny house

  • Avatar Kelsey

    I am looking for a couch that folds out into a bed with drawers underneath. I own a tiny home and want a comfortable tiny home couch. They are hard to find. The closest I’ve found is a day bed that is at least twin size all the time and folds out larger. Would love something that as a couch is only 2-3 feet wide, but can fold out into either a twin or full or both.

    Any ideas on where to look. I’m not handy enough to build my own and as winter is approaching don’t really have the time to hire someone to build it. Had someone and they bailed. Let me know.

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