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Bicycle Storage for Tiny Houses

I went over to Rowdy Kittens this morning and saw Tammy’s post Bike Storage for Tiny Homes.

Wonderful topic, I’ve wondered about the solution to this myself.

So what would be a practical solution for this?

If it’s just bicycle storage that you need and nothing else then it would be great to find a solution where you can just attach the bicycle to the home. But then you have to figure out ways to protect it from the weather… Or is it an old bike anyway??

Well, my bike’s not old and I care about it. So I’d like to keep it away from the sun and rain.

So if I was going to live in a tiny house I’d definitely build a small matching shed on wheels to keep all of my extra “stuff”. I know, it’s supposed to be all about simplicity but I don’t want to overcrowd my already TINY house so I could use a shed for a few things…

Cyclist Commuting
Photo Credit: Joe Gough

  • Our bicycles
  • Possible scooter
  • Tools (always wanted to do woodworking)
  • Store seasonal clothes
  • Seasonal items and decorations
  • Old books I don’t read but want to keep

I guess what I’m trying to say is that a shed would be worth it. And you can make it look nice by matching it to your tiny house.

Yes it’s another trailer to lug around whenever you decide to move… But hey, it’s still a pretty simple life.

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  • Avatar jamesskaar April 4, 2012, 10:33 pm

    so, mention of a workshop, though tiny, would be possible with a slideout. last week i was working on a slideout teardrop trailer. a steel or aluminum frame stored in clips attached to the bottom of the frame, pull it forward, level it on some jacks. the bed, attached to the front, pull it along the frame as if it’s rails, 4′ i thought was good, a 6×6′ bed, adding a 6×4′ standup/office space would make things a tad more livable.

    could be possible, toilet and kitchen in the middle or end of a tiny home, might take 4′ with an integrated shower. pull the inner sections… could be done with a handcrank winch, so an 8×10′ shell, could add a 6’4×5’8 section(minus wall thickness). with a much longer trailer, there’d be a LOT of bare floor to put woodworking tools down.

  • Avatar Tiana September 1, 2012, 2:07 am

    My design is using the front v of the trailer to bump the dwelling forward, and being efficient with interior space so the structure does not use up the whole trailer deck. Viola! Bikes behind the house, down the road we go…

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