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Beautiful French Tiny House For Sale

This is a beautiful French tiny house for sale by Tiny House Lumen out of Bordeaux, France.

It’s got a unique wardrobe and pantry system. Basically, they’re on casters but easily hide away and blend in like cabinets. Never thought of that! I thought you might like it.

The house is built by Tiny House Lumen and is offered at 39,500 euros (approximately $48,532 USD). Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Beautiful French Tiny House For Sale Built by Tiny House Lumen in Bordeaux, France

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 001

The Glass Sliding Doors Really Brighten up the Space

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 002

Here’s a View from the Sleeping Loft

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 003

Lots of Large Windows and a Slanted Shed Style Roof

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 004

Beautiful Kitchen with a View

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 005

Barstool and Dine In Ready Kitchen – Smart!

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 006

Have You Seen This Done in a Tiny House Before? I Don’t Think I Have Until Now!

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0011

These Cabinets Are Under the Bar Stool & Dining Area

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 008

Closer Look at the Cabinetry

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 007

Beautiful Wood Countertops

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 009

Another Angle of the Kitchen

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0010

The Bathroom with Your Shower, Toilet & Vanity

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0012

Nice Bowl Sink and I Think It Passes the Tooth Brush Test😄

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0013

Up in the Sleeping Loft

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0014

Stairs to Get Up There

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0015

A Look at the Rest of the House From the Living Area

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0016

The Ladder Stows Away up by the Loft

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0017

So You Can Have Space to Pull Out Your Pantry and Your Wardrobe! They’re on Casters! Pretty Cool, Right?

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0018

A Look at the Exterior of the Tiny House

French Tiny House JavourezJeremy 0019

VIDEO: At The End of You Can See How the Wardrobe and Pantry Are On Casters and Hide Away Like a Cabinet

Présentation de la Tiny

Posted by Tiny House Lumen on Sunday, March 25, 2018

For construction details:

External dimensions: length 7.2 m (23.6ft), width 2.55 m (8.2ft), height 4.18 m (13.71ft).
Internal dimensions: length 6.42m (21ft), width 2.23m (7.31ft), height 3.3m (10.82ft).
Surface 14,3 m² (154 sq ft) + 4 m² (43 sq ft) (mezzanine).
Weight: 3.4 t empty.
Trailer: 7.2m  (23.6ft) double axle PTAC 3,5 t
Structure: spruce
Insulation: Sheep wool for floor, Cotton, linen and hemp for walls, wood fiber for ceiling
Joinery: aluminum for the main room and wood for the mezzanine and the bathroom.
Cover: steel tray with anti-condensation felt and accessories.
Cladding: Thermo poplar heated with UV stabilizer
Paneling: chestnut
Floor: chestnut for the mezzanine and vinyl floor on the ground floor.
Arrangement: poplar for drawers and oak for the work plan
Appliances: electric water heater 100 liters soapstone, plate 2 gas and fridge.
Ventilation: 2 mouths of entrance, a hygrovariable extractor, a extractor by switch.
LED lighting.


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Our big thanks to Jérémy Javourez for sharing!

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  • Avatar George Guthridge April 20, 2018, 5:22 pm

    Some great features. Biggest problem I see: unless I’m not seeing this correctly, the bed is sideways. That’s fine for a single person (though personally I would never negotiate that ladder). But if you’re married or otherwise attached, to get out of bed you have to climb over your spouse and hope you don’t fall before somehow getting down the ladder. I would have extended the loft, put up a safety railing, and placed the ladder angled straight out, so it’s above the bathroom curtain. You can always duck under the ladder, and of course it would be put away when the loft isn’t used.

  • Avatar Linda April 20, 2018, 10:41 pm

    Ok, this is amazing. I love the windows, the light colored wood, the gray color of the cabinets, the gorgeous bathroom sink, the funky pendant lights! And, I MUST find out what that hardware is that holds up the island “bar top” or table top. That is genius. I have been looking for something like that rather than using corbels for my kitchen counter (not a tiny house.) I love those. What would they be called, does anyone know?
    Thanks, Alex, yet another fabulous find.

    • Avatar James D. April 21, 2018, 12:46 pm

      They’re angled counter top bar supports…

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