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A Small Apartment Design That Gives You Hidden Storage

Here is a 500 square foot small apartment that was designed for the owners not only to live in but also work out of and use as an office.

The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly clean and organized it looks. The designers incorporated seamless design throughout the place making storage look pretty much invisible.

If you like the pine interiors of some of the Tumbleweed tiny houses that you’ve seen on here, then you’ll probably like this studio apartment too. And there are so many cool features…

  • Below the upstairs bedroom loft, you get a walk in closet for storage
  • On the way up to the loft, you can use the stairs as camouflage storage
  • Plants throughout give you that warm “homey” feeling
  • Professional millwork gives you lots of “invisible” storage, which makes the place feel clean and simple yet modern

You can have a look at the photos right here thanks to photographers Frank Ouderman and Sean Karns. And Jordan Pamass Digital Architecture – more on them below.

Upstairs Bedroom Loft in this Small Apartment

Underneath the bedroom lies a walk in closet.

Stairs double as storage

Staircase doubles as storage — no need for a bulky dresser.

Living room in a 500 square foot small apartment studio

Living room still provides enough space for comfortable relaxation.

Kitchen in a small apartment studio

The kitchen is gorgeous. Millwork was done by New York Construction. The General Contracting was by Supreme General Contracting.

Interior of a little kitchen in a small apartment design

The design team involved were Darrick Borowski and Danny Orenstein.

Interior of beautiful bathroom design in a small apartment studio

The fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom are from AF New York.

500 Square Foot Small Apartment Studio Design Modern and Minimalist 500 Square Foot Small Apartment Studio Design

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For more on this small apartment studio design, visit Jordan Pamass Digital Architecture (JPDA) where you’ll find more pictures and information on the project.

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