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This is the Aurora tiny house by Zero Squared.

You can reserve one of ten now for a fully refundable $1,000 down payment.

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Aurora Tiny House by Zero Squared with Bump Outs


Images © Zero Squared

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This is a 26-ft. tiny house with huge slide-outs that’s for sale out of Mills River, North Carolina for $78,500 or best offer. This is the Aurora model by Zero Squared.

According to the listing, it was built in 2019, offers 341-sq.-ft. plus a 33-sq.-ft. loft for a total of 374-sq.-ft. of living space. It’s RVIA certified with dimensions of 26′ long, 13’4″ tall, 8’6″ wide in travel mode, and 15’6″ when expanded. This tiny house sleeps five people. Take a look and learn more below. If you’re interested you can contact the seller.

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Tiny House With Oversized Slide-Outs, Sleeps 5, For Sale for $78,500 OBO – Mills River, NC

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This is an incredible 26-ft. expanding tiny house with slide-outs by Zerosquared Tiny Homes located on Vancouver Island. It’s a tiny house that you can book and stay at via Island Life Expeditions!

In this post, you’ll get to tour and learn more about this awesome tiny house that expands all the way to more than 340-sq.-ft. of living space (yet it can still be towed legally on the highway once the slide-outs are put back in) thanks to Exploring Alternatives. This home is currently used as a tourism operation and it features a murphy bed, combo washer dryer, large kitchen, lots of storage, a 3-person couch, and more.

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Expanding Zerosquared Tiny House on Vancouver Island

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This is Newt and Brooke’s ‘SerendipTiny’ Tiny House on Wheels. It’s an Aurora model built by Zero Squared.

The house features two massive slide-outs that nearly double the living space so you get 374 sq. ft. of space on a 26ft tiny house on wheels. And now, you can even book it on Airbnb.

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Couple’s SerendipTiny Expanding Tiny House on Wheels

Couple's Expanding Tiny House on Wheels Almost Doubles in Space with Slide Outs!

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This is a 3D virtual tour of the Aurora tiny house on wheels by Zero Squared that expands with its huge slide outs.

The home actually has a split floor plan, which I’ve never really seen before in a tiny home on a trailer.

If you’re interested, you can even book an in-person tour over at Zero Squared, if you are ever in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.

The Expanding Aurora Tiny House on Wheels Virtual Tour

Aurora Tiny House That Expands with Huge Slide Outs the Aurora THOW 001

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This is an expanding tiny house on wheels for sale out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It’s the Aurora by Zero Squared and now you can have it! This one-of-a-kind tiny home expands all the way to 374 sq. ft.

The tiny home is listed right now on Tiny Home Builders for $90,500. What do you think about living in this tiny house?

Tiny House that Expands to 374 Sq. Ft. Using Slide Outs For Sale in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Expanding Tiny House For Sale with Slide Outs 001

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This is to announce that you can now register for tours of the Aurora Tiny House on Wheels by Zero Squared!

30 minute tours are available on Fridays between 9am and 2pm at ZeroSquared’s Head Office in Calgary, Alberta.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Tour the Aurora Tiny House on Wheels by Zero Squared!

Aurora Tiny House with Huge Expanding Slide Outs by ZeroSquared Canadian Tiny House Builder 001

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This is a tiny house on wheels with huge slide outs by Zero Squared in Canada. It’s called the Aurora. I think these are the largest slide outs I’ve seen yet on a tiny home on wheels (and they expand at the touch of a button). What do you think? Is this something that you would want in your THOW?

The Aurora Expanding Tiny House on Wheels by Zero Squared!

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Here at Tiny House Talk, we love hearing what you have to say, and many of you tell us you don’t like loft bedrooms because of the ladders and/or staircases.

So I went through all the tiny houses on wheels we shared in 2016 and found some of the Best No-Loft THOWs to share with you. We like to say “no loft” but some of these tiny homes do have lofts, but they also have a bed on the first floor if you don’t want to deal with ladders or stairs. Best of all, you can use the loft space for storage and/or space for guests to sleep.

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Top 10 Tiny Houses on Wheels with Downstairs Bedrooms for 2016

Top 10 Tiny Houses on Wheels with Downstairs Bedrooms

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