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If this tiny house on wheels was on your favorites list, now you can stay and play in Lilypad at WeeCasa the world’s largest tiny house resort in Lyons, Colorado (near Boulder)!

This tiny house has a flair for the exotic! Lilypad features a romantic aesthetic that any bohemian-at-heart will fancy. At 24 feet long, this home features abundant natural light, a skylight, two sleeping lofts plus a private bedroom downstairs with a pull-out sofa and pocket door to sleep up to 6.

The two sleeping lofts are accessible by dual box-style staircases.

Now You Can Stay in the Lilypad Tiny House in Lyons, Colorado (Near Boulder)!

Anita's Lilypad Tiny House Now at Wee Casa Tiny House Resort

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These are 31 tiny houses to get you in the mood for Halloween!🎃

Whether you like to be scary, spooky, goofy, or classical, I bet one of these tiny homes has your name on it this season.👻

Which one is your favorite?👹

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1. Spooky Little Church Cottage in Italy

Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy 001

Learn more about this spooky little church cottage here.

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This is the Cheyenne Tiny House on Wheels in Lyons, Colorado. It’s a 170 sq. ft. THOW built in 2017 that’s currently for sale.

This beautiful tiny house was built as a demo model for the Colorado Front Range area and is designed and built to handle the winters and summers of the Rocky Mountain foothills. It has been at WeeCasa tiny house resort in Lyons, CO since May 1 and is available for possession on November 1.

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170 Sq. Ft. Cheyenne Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Lyons, Colorado

Cheyenne THOW in Lyons CO For Sale 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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Sparty Vintage Park Model Trailer Renovation by Backyard Bunkies

Sparty Vintage Trailer Tiny House by Backyard Bunkies 001

Images © Backyard Bunkies

28-foot Lightweight Gooseneck Tiny House: The Tucson by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses


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This is the beautiful Hobbit Tiny House on Wheels at the WeeCasa Tiny House Resort in Lyons, Colorado which is home to a total of 22 tiny homes that are available for nightly rentals!

One of my favorites being this one-of-a-kind Hobbit-style Tiny Home! If you want to book it, you can go to the reservations page at WeeCasas and scroll down until you see it.

Take the full tour below then let us know what you think about it in the comments. Thanks!

The Hobbit Tiny House Vacation in Lyons, Colorado at WeeCasa Resort

The Hobbit Tiny House Vacation at WeeCasa in Lyons Colorado 001

Images © WeeCasa

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Have you had a chance to spend a few nights in a tiny house yet? Lots of us LOVE tiny homes, but still, haven’t had a chance to try one out yet! And that’s why I’m showing you these 34 tiny house vacations that you can book right now if you want to!

Imagine what it would be like to know what it feels like to sleep and spend time in a tiny home… It could be as serious as figuring out whether you can live tiny or not, or it could just be a fun experience to add to your life, right? So let me take you through the list and then you can tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

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1. Off-Grid Tiny Cabin on Wheels with Roll Up Garage Window in Central Frontenac, Ontario

© Cabinscape

Just click or tap on any of the photos where you want to see the rest of the tiny home!

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This is the Hobbit House at the Wee Casa Tiny House Resort in Lyons, Colorado.

The home was built in Tennessee by Incredible Tiny Homes and now lives at the resort where you can stay for a few nights (or more). Enter through the traditional round hobbit door where you’ll find a cozy living room, compact kitchenette, spacious bathroom and loft bedroom with a stunning hand-crafted hand rail. You can even enjoy second breakfast with a felt Frodo!

More details at the end of the post. Book your stay at Wee Casa and enjoy your time in Middle Earth!

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The Hobbit House at Wee Casa Tiny House Resort, CO

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Want to tour tiny homes? Come to the Wee Winter Fest on Dec. 3.

There will be 10 tiny houses to tour at Riverbend, 501 West Main in Lyons, Colorado.

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Tour Tiny Homes: Wee Winter Fest in Lyons, CO on Dec. 3


Images via Wee Casa

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This is the Man Cave Tiny House Vacation at Wee Casa.

It’s built by Sprout Tiny Homes in La Junta, Colorado.

This tiny home features a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft.

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Man Cave Tiny House Vacation

Man Cave Tiny House 001

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