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Here’s a fantastic new build from Lil Bear Tiny Homes in South Branch, Michigan. It’s a 30-foot home that features a flex room and two lofts. The downstairs room can easily be used as a first-floor bedroom and has a great faux stone electric fireplace.

Most of the first floor is taken up by a lovely galley kitchen with a small dinette, but there’s a bathroom in the back of the tiny house with a classy tiled shower stall. Two lofts upstairs provide more room for storage, sleeping, or even an office. It’s for sale for $94.9K.

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Brand New Rustic-Style Tiny Home For Sale

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This 34′ Tiny House Mansion has just about everything you could need for family tiny house living, including a downstairs queen-sized bedroom!

With 400 square feet, this home is just about “park model” sized, and there are two additional lofts for children or guests to sleep in, with closet space built in.

There’s also a lovely galley kitchen with an induction cooktop, a washer/dryer combo unit that’s brand new, and a bathroom with a flush toilet and a standing shower. The seller is asking $78,500 on Tiny House Marketplace. Contact them here.

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Sleep 5 Comfortably in This 34-ft. Tiny House on Wheels, For Sale (Sold)

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This is “The Executive” Model Tiny House on Wheels by Big Dog Tiny Homes out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

It’s a 32ft tiny house on wheels with a downstairs bedroom plus two lofts upstairs!

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The Executive Tiny House on Wheels by Big Dog Tiny Homes

Big Dog Tiny Homes 001

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This is a 20ft tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a 144 sq. ft. tiny on wheels with two lofts. Priced at $58,000.

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20ft Tiny House on Wheels Built with Reclaimed Barn Wood (For Sale) in Portland!

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This is a 24′ tiny house on wheels with two lofts, a rooftop deck, skylight, full kitchen, and more.

It has outdoor lighting, a doggy door, ladder to get on the rooftop, exterior storage, and more.

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24-Ft Tiny House on Wheels w/ Two Lofts, Rooftop, Etc.

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This is a modern tiny house on wheels with two lofts in Nashville, Tennessee that was built by Tennessee Tiny Homes.

From the outside, you’ll notice light grey crisp siding and large letters spelling out “Music City.”

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, living room, bathroom and two loft bedrooms.

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Modern Tiny House on Wheels with Two Lofts


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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This is a tiny house on wheels with a large outdoor deck built by SignaTour Campers.

When you go inside you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two upstairs lofts that you can use for sleeping and/or storage.

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Tiny Beach Cottage with Two Lofts

Images © SignaTour Campers

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I’m excited to share this 8′ x 20′ tiny house for sale with you because it’s designed and built by one of my favorite tiny house builders… Molecule Tiny Homes.

Inside you’ll find two lofts… One is made for storage and the other as your bedroom which you can access through a custom built staircase. The bedroom sleeping loft also has dormers so it feels extra spacious up there. Nice, right? And it even has a little bathtub which many tiny homes don’t always get. You can see it all below.

Molecule did a great job with the kitchen which you’ll be able to see and judge for yourself below. So please enjoy the tour, re-share it with your tiny house friends, and if you’re interested this tiny house on wheels is for sale with an asking price of $58,000. That’s no chump change, but it’s a high quality tiny house and it’s ready to tow and move into! Absolutely no work needed (so please don’t comment about the price being unaffordable because we all already know it’s a whole lot of money. Instead, take some of the design ideas and inspiration you see since that’s always free here).

Cape Cod Molecule Tiny House For Sale: Two Lofts w/ Stairs


Images © Molecule Tiny Homes
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This is ‘The Barn’ Tiny House on Wheels. It’s designed by Brian Crabb of Viva Collectiv and built by Providence Construction. It’s a 192 sq. ft. home with two sleeping lofts. Enjoy!

The Barn Tiny House on Wheels with Two Sleeping Lofts

192 Sq. Ft. Tiny House called 'The Barn'

Photo credit: Viva Collectiv

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