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Here’s something different: A tent erected atop a large covered porch, complete with a twisty slide to the fire pit and picnic table below!

This is, of course, no normal tent. The canvas structure is held up by beautiful wooden beams, and there’s a queen-sized bed and kids’ cot bunks inside meaning no one has to sleep on the floor. It’s off-grid, with a cooler, water bubbler and solar lights, giving you an excellent glamping experience.

What do you think? We actually saw a family who lived in a tent like this here.

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Canvas Tent with Covered Porch in PA

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide! 15

Images via Matt/Airbnb

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This is Jupe! A tent-based tiny house concept with same-day setup.

I suppose one can say it’s almost like a modernized Mongolian yurt, except it’s not round at all, but it is relatively easy to setup and install on the same day, much like a yurt.

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Jupe Prefab Tents With Same-Day Setup

Jupe Inc Tent-Based Prefab Tiny House 001

Images © Jupe Inc.

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Isela and Tyler never planned on living in an RV for four years, but after their first year of saving for a “bricks and sticks” home by living tiny, they realized they loved the minimalist lifestyle and at the moment, have no intention of “upsizing” any time soon.

In fact, when they found out they were expecting a baby, they transformed their half bath in to a baby nursery with a loft! Now the family of three — and their two fur babies — are all enjoying the tiny life together.

Soon Isela will graduate from nursing school and become a travel nurse. As you can imagine, the RV life is perfect for travel nursing! They can bring home wherever they go. Read our Q&A with Isela at the end of the post, and follow the family on Instagram.

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Long-Term RV Living for This Awesome Family

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Meet “This Little Den” — a family of 7 (mom, dad, 4 boys and a baby girl) that’s living in an RV while renting land on a friend’s property in Florida. Just before finding out about baby #5, they decided not to re-up their apartment lease or look for a new one. Instead, they voluntarily moved into a tent! Now they’ve been tiny living for two years.

Soon they added Vinney the Van, and then they came across this awesome RV and decided to upgrade for a bit more space. By downsizing they’ve learned what they really need, and get way more time together as a family — which is what it’s all about, right?

The biggest trial of having 5 littles in an RV is laundry, but they’re managing via the laundromat and generous friends/family nearby. We got to interview mom, Chelsea, so be sure to read the Q&A at the end of the post. Follow the family on Instagram here.

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Florida RV Living with 5 Kids!

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Natalie and Lucas have lived in tents as wilderness guides, rented small spaces and cabins, and even lived in a 29-foot sailboat while building their tiny house! Now they’re proud owners of their off-grid THOW, which they’ve lived in for 4 years.

First they parked in Northern Wisconsin on a friend’s land, and now they rent from a couple in Oregon they met via Facebook. Their home doesn’t have running water, but they do have a great solar system set up for electricity.

Many of the materials in their home were reclaimed from places that have significance to the couple, and all in all they spent about $30,000 on their tiny home. We got to do an interview with Natalie (@nataliejacksonwellness on Instagram) which you can read after the photo tour of their beautiful home.

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Their $30K DIY Tiny Home in Oregon

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While this family isn’t living anywhere close to “tiny” in their 1,500 square foot home, they intentionally purchased a small home (did you know the average size of new homes in the US is 2,687 square feet?) after looking at many large opulent homes and being inspired to live more simply by Marie Kondo.

I love this story because it shows that even if you aren’t ready to squeeze your family into under-400 square feet, you can still choose to live more simply and reap the benefits of minimalism. Bigger isn’t always better! Mom, Elena, said she was stressed out thinking about keeping up with the housework in the larger homes they were touring, so when she came across a small gem, it clicked!

We got to interview Elena (@elena_winn) about their choice to live small and downsize, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post!

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From 2,200 to 1,500 Square Feet: Intentional Downsizing!

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