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With stories of people creating their very own all-electric motorhomes and van conversions, it can’t be long before we actually see something like a ‘Tesla Motorhome’ become available, right? In fact, there’s already news of an all-electric VW bus coming back to the United States.

That’s why I’m glad Motor1.com created this now viral rendering. Why wouldn’t Tesla possibly create an all-electric motorhome? And if not Tesla, then why not any other RV manufacturer that can simply use a Tesla Semi or maybe the upcoming Tesla Pick Up Truck as a base?

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All-Electric Tesla Semi-Based Motorhome/RV Coming Soon? Probably…

Tesla Semi RV Render by Motor1-com

Screenshot via Motor1.com

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This is the Tvan Camper Trailer by Track Trailer in Australia. It’s a micro travel trailer that you can tow with just about any vehicle, including off-road vehicles.

Once you’re at your camping site, the rear folds out into a tent with a platform at the bottom. On one side of the camper, there’s a nice outdoor kitchen compartment that you can pull out. It also features an awning that sets up in less than two minutes right above your kitchen area. It’s very, very cool!

Take a look at it below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Amazing Tvan Camper Trailer Concept

Off Road Ready TVAN Camper Trailer with Expanding Tent Kitchen and Awning 001

Images © Track Trailer

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This is the 180 Sq. Ft. Create Contentment Tiny Home on Wheels. The couple and their dog have been living in it for the last two years and they designed and built it with the help of Tiny Home Builders, Tiny House Build and Minim Homes. Enjoy!

Couple Living in a 180 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels

Couple Create Contentment with 180 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

Photo Credit: Austin Thompson

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These are two romantic luxury camping sites in St. Louis located on a private pond at River Island Marina.

You can book your stay on their website for around $140/night.

Please enjoy, read more, and re-share below!

Luxury Camping Tents in St. Louis

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Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives trekked 4 km into the woods to stay in a 270 sq. ft. prospector-style tent that is completely off-grid. The tents are rented out as 4-season accommodation for outdoor enthusiasts in Québec’s Gatineau Park but that’s not the only reason the couple was interested in checking it out. They thought it might also be an interesting option as a permanent or semi-permanent tiny home.

The tent is built with two layers of weather-proof canvas stretched over a wooden frame and is equipped with a double combustion wood stove for heat, a solar panel to power 1 LED light, and a propane fridge to keep food cool. There’s also an outhouse, barbecue, and picnic table outside. To maximize indoor space, the tent has a cascade-style bunkbed that sleeps 4.

After spending 2 nights in the tent, they agreed that it would make a very comfortable tiny house with a handful of modifications, including a more robust solar setup, an indoor composting toilet, larger windows for more daylight, a rainwater collection system (for 3 seasons), and a small couch for relaxing by the fire.

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270 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Prospector-Style Tent/Cabin

270 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Prospector-Style Tent
Images © Exploring Alternatives
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This is the inspiring story of how a man, Reverend Jeff Obafemi Carr, is leading a small group of people who are building a community of micro homes called Infinity Village for homeless people in their neighborhood who were formerly living in tents.

For days, the group worked in a remote green space just off of Rosa Parks Boulevard, erecting tiny houses. On Friday morning they traveled by trailer down Broadway and by lunchtime a village of small, stand-alone structures assumed permanent residence at Green Street Church of Christ ready to shelter Nashville’s homeless.

Man Builds Micro Homes for Homeless People Living in Tents

Tennessee Man Builds Micro Homes for Homeless 02

Images © Shelley Mays/The Tennessean

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