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Everyone has different reasons for choosing nomadic living, but for this family, #buslife is giving them the opportunity to scout out the country in search of land to put a home and homestead! They don’t have any particular ties to one place, so they are trying out all the places.

This is actually their second bus conversion, this one is much larger and comes with tons of undermount storage, including what will be a secret playroom for their daughter! They have oodles of solar power (enough to run an ice machine in their full-size fridge), tons of windows, and a gorgeous design.

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Family’s Bus Life Adventure to Find Home

Coach Bus Turned Storage-Packed Tiny Home

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Laurén might just have the best of both worlds — she owns her own little farmhouse in South Carolina where she stays during the nice weather, and when winter hits, she hops in her converted Ram Promaster to chase the sun. Her variety of remote work both for her family’s business and Tiny Home Tours allows her the flexibility to go where she pleases, and her professionally-built van has all kinds of amazing storage you’ll be amazed by!

The van uses a Murphy bed to give her tons of seating for guests, and an easy way to set up and take down her sleeping area. She has a two-burner cooktop, a convection oven, and an awning which all make her space super functional. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Her Part-time Van Life in Professional Rig

Murphy Bed & Amazing Storage in Freelancer’s Awesome Van 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When dealing with a compact space, finding ways to hide your stuff is of utmost importance. While open-concept shelving has really taken off lately, Mark Langen shows how creative hidden storage can allow for clean lines while still keeping the space visually open.

This apartment hides a shower behind a wall, spices and jars in the backsplash, and a mini bar in the most unpredictable spot. Oh, and there’s even office space in the super-neat table! Let us know what you think.

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Spices Hidden in the Backsplash & Other Seamless Storage

The Rosie House 3

Images by Mark Langen

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Nan got in touch with us to show off her awesome 20×24 storage building that she was able to transform into a tiny house rental with the help of a family friend “jack of all trades.”

She said the majority of the $50K spent on the conversion went to installing a new water system and retaining wall, but regardless, the results are stunning! The interior has one bedroom and it all has a beautiful modern farmhouse feel. Check it out below.

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She Made this Storage Unit into a Tiny House Rental

20 x 24 sq ft storage building turned tiny home for $50K 13

Images via Nan Woodson

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If you’ve watched any of the Tiny Home Tours videos we post here, you are probably familiar with Brad’s work. He is a regular videographer for their YouTube Channel, but that’s not all! He’s an amazing photographer and sells his prints and works some commercial gigs as well.

This isn’t his first rodeo with tiny living, but this latest rig has been his for a couple months. He formerly traveled the whole country looking for work and getting discovered. He made his rig super functional, with a spacious kitchen, hidden Nature’s Head toilet, and tons of amazing garage space for his RAD bike.

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Brad’s Life Traveling the United States in his Short Bus Rolling Home

Average Brad’s Short Bus 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Indigo River Tiny Homes just finished up this 28 ft. “Pioneer” model tiny house for someone in Oklahoma. The new owners chose a bold red cabinet color that really brightens their THOW interior!

It features an open-concept floor plan, with a Murphy bed and oodles of built-ins on one side of the tiny house, and a galley kitchen and full bathroom with a stacked washer/dryer on the other. Pretty awesome!

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Bold Color Choice in this Custom THOW!

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Rebekah worked closely with the designers at Mini Mansions Tiny Homes to create the THOW of her dreams. It’s the first place she’s lived on her own, and includes such an incredible amount of storage, including a regular-sized closet.

She has plenty of space for entertaining, and even a separate guest loft (although she confesses it’s really her cat’s loft 99% of the time, ha!). The best part? She’s decorated the home with a plethora of plants that give it such life.

Enjoy the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below.

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On Her Own in This Plant-Tastic THOW

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This is the TransMoto Van Conversion by Wilderness Vans. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind custom van, but I’m pretty sure you can order one from them if you wanted to.

A used one recently sold for $99,000 USD earlier this year. It was a 2018 T350, 2wd, with 4700 miles. You can look at it below and if you like it enough, you can even have one ordered. See below for more info. It’s a nice adventure van with a garage that fits three dirt bikes! Plus inside, there’s seating for four (with seatbelts).

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Wilderness Vans TransMoto Van Conversion with Motorcycle Garage

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This is a weekender-style van conversion that’s available for $50,000 via this listing over at the Van Life Trader.

The Van: 2019 Ford Transit 350 Passenger Wagon XLT with the 3.5 Ecoboost. 25,000 miles.1

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Ford Transit 350 Passenger Wagon XLT with 3.5 EcoBoost Turned Weekend Adventure Camper! FOR SALE!

Ford Transit EcoBoost Weekender Adventure Van Conversion via Van Life Trader 001

Images via Van Life Trader

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