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If you’re looking for some extra storage space in a bedroom for your home, these beds with flip up storage might be a good option to consider.

You could also get the hardware you would need to build your own DIY-version with your own extra features and customizations.

I’ll show you the options below then would you please let me know what you think in the comments? Thanks!

1. The Space Up Bed And Storage by Parisot

Top Beds with Flip Up Storage 001

Room Smart

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This is the Boxcar Tiny House on Wheels by Timbercraft Tiny Homes out of Guntersville, Alabama.

It’s a beautiful tiny home with a slanted, shed-style roof. Step inside to the living area, your kitchen and bathroom are straight ahead, keep going to the other end of the home and you’ll discover you’ve got a bedroom with plenty of wall storage downstairs too! You can also use the upstairs sleeping loft as an additional bedroom, a reading nook, storage, or whatever else you like. What do you think, can you see yourself in a tiny home like this?

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The Boxcar Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Boxcar Tiny House by Timbercraft Tiny Homes_001

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This is a beautiful tiny home on wheels with a large kitchen, bathroom (with large tub), and plenty of storage throughout.

It’s built by KJE Tiny Homes out of Fresno, California. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Tiny Home on Wheels with Large Bathtub and Full Kitchen!

Beautiful Tiny Home by KJE Tiny Homes 001

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This is the Depot Alpine Tiny House with tons of storage.

This is a 30 ft bumper pull that features engineered hardwood floors, custom cabinets, quartz counters, storage under the stairs, toe kick pull out drawers under the cabinets and a skylight that opens for roof access. The skylight also has screen door on it. The exterior is a tongue and groove siding with a board batten metal as well. This was a custom build sold for $75,000.

See pictures below and get in touch with builder Alpine Tiny Homes here if you want a similar THOW for yourself or have more questions!

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Depot Alpine Tiny House with Tons of Storage!

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This is Robert & Samantha’s tiny house on wheels with lots of storage!

In fact, it probably has more storage than I’ve seen in any other tiny home on wheels.

What do you think about their solution for storing all of their outdoor gear? Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Please enjoy, learn more about it, and re-share it below. Thank you!

Tiny House on Wheels with Lots of Storage

Tiny House on Wheels with Lots of Storage 01

Images © Shedsistence.com

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This is an 8’x30′ double-loft tiny cottage on wheels with floor storage built by Brevard Tiny House Company. It’s called the 36° North.

When you go inside you’ll find a gorgeous full-size kitchen, combo washer/dryer with adjacent pull-out storage, a downstairs office, bathroom, closet, open living area, and an upstairs sleeping loft accessible by a staircase with built-in drawer storage.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Double-Loft Tiny Cottage on Wheels with Floor Storage

36 North 8x30 THOW by Brevard 001

Images © BrevardTinyHouse.com

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