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This is a Steampunk Tiny House on Wheels built by Titan Tiny Homes. It’s one of their Everest Models.

From the outside, you’ll notice the built-in porch that flips up and down plus the beautiful french doors to invite you in.

Once you step inside, you’ll see the industrial design that may or may not be “Steampunk” to you, but it’s very nice nonetheless. This tiny house has a large kitchen, two lofts, a living area, and a large bathroom with stacking washer and dryer and a full size bathtub. Take the complete tour below and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Steampunk Tiny House on Wheels with Flip Down Porch by Titan Tiny Homes

Steampunk Tiny House by Titan Tiny Homes 001

Images © Titan Tiny Homes

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As featured on Tiny House Nation, this 340 sq. ft. Steampunk Adventure House is ready for full time living. It’s designed with a rustic and industrial feel.

The builder and designer of this tiny house is Maximus Extreme. They are your go-to tiny house builders in Ogden, Utah.

Inside this tiny house on wheels you will find a spacious kitchen, cozy living area, two sleeping lofts and bathroom.

There’s even a kid’s loft above the living area! The parent loft is above the bathroom where they added some cool wooden shutters for extra privacy. Great idea, right?

In the Tiny House Nation episode you can watch a great video tour of the 340 sq. ft. Steampunk Adventure House. Please enjoy and share below.

340 Sq. Ft. Steampunk Adventure House

340 Sq Ft Steampunk Adventure House

Images © Maximus Extreme

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This is one family’s adventure in a tiny house on wheels. From the outside, you’ll notice contrasting horizontal and vertical wood siding as well as multi-colored roof shingles.

When you go inside, you’ll find a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, as well as a child’s bedroom and the parent’s bedroom in the loft. To read our interview with this family, scroll down below.

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Family of Three’s Tiny Home on Wheels (Interview & Tour)

Family of Three's Adventure Tiny House on Wheels 001

Images © TinyHouse43

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This is the “Tiny SMART House” that was featured on Tiny House Hunters on HGTV.

What makes it “SMART”? Sustainable construction, modern efficiency, affordable luxury, residential or commercial, and tow-able anywhere. Designed with a “Steam Punk” vibe, the outside looks clean and classic with vertical and horizontal cream siding and grey trim. It’s tall and angular, providing plenty of space in a compact shell.

Inside you’ll notice floor to ceiling redwood siding with copper exposed plumbing, as well as an antique chandelier. An oven, stove-top and deep stainless steel kitchen sink provide the luxury of a regular kitchen and the corner seating area includes under-bench storage. There’s a breakfast nook, storage loft, and a completely closed off loft for sleeping. The bathroom has a remarkably unique corrugated metal shower, complete with more of the exposed copper plumbing.

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The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House

The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House 001

Images © Tiny Smart House via YouTube

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This couple works on movie sets, where Chloe serves as a stylist and Brandon as a carpenter. Typically the couple moves around a lot to take new jobs. So designing and building a portable tiny house on wheels made perfect sense for them.

Brandon said, “We could expand our job search to anywhere in North America, and we would never leave home again.”

Once they knew they would be building a tiny house they began collecting unwanted scraps from movie sets. And nine months and $10,000 later they built their amazing tiny home. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Couple Build $10k Tiny Home with Movie Set Scraps


Images © Chloe Barcelou

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In a recent comment, someone asked the question:

“As a skier, kayaker, biker rider, backpacker, organic vegetable gardener and food preserver, I would love to see more small homes that have folks who are living very active lives with the accoutrements that go with these lifestyles.”

I thought I might take a stab at addressing tiny house hobbies. Of course, as usual, I can only speak to my own experience. I hope that maybe other tiny house dwellers that have different and perhaps more complex hobbies can also chime into the conversation.

When I was thinking about our hobbies I realized that many of them, with the exception of two that I will get to later, are designed to use very few accessories.

guitar on the wall

I encourage you to read below to learn about our 5 tiny house friendly hobbies that you might want to do too:

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