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I bet you’re wondering where the heck tiny house people put their clothes?!

That’s easy. They don’t have a lot.

Before you toss in the towel as you have no idea how you’re going to pick a complete wardrobe from an entire closet and dresser(s) of clothes, relax.

Other people have done it. I’ve done it. You can do it.

I used to have two dressers, a full closet, and several boxes in the attic. And I don’t even like fashion!

Now, with the exception of some boots and coats, all my clothes can be packed into a couple of gym bags.

My goal is to get everything in one bag. Your goal might be similar. Or maybe you just want to get rid of the dresser.

The fun part about clothes is that no one has the exact same wardrobe. We all have different lives that require different types of apparel. For example, I have four pairs of boots: cowboy boots for line dancing (don’t judge), waterproof winter boots, everyday sweater boots, and a classy pair of boots with heels for dress-up occasions. To some people, that’s a lot. To me, it’s just right for where I am in my life.

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Tiny House Living Expectations: Simplifying or Roughing It? Article by Laura LaVoie

This post on the realities of tiny house living over at Trying on Tiny was brought to my attention. In it, Audrey mentions the unexpected things they’ve had to face since moving into their tiny house; and not all of them have been pleasant.

Audrey and Tomas chose to downsize their lives and hired a builder to construct their tiny house. Because of their lifestyle, they weren’t able to be with the builders on a regular basis and it wasn’t until they had their little house delivered to their doorstep that they realized that there were some things they hadn’t considered.

Audrey mentions some of the challenges that have come up including mold issues surrounding a leaky drain and chores they took for granted in their old life.

She calls her expectations something of a “Tiny House Fairy Tale.” Audrey had a perception that downsizing their lives and moving into a cute little house would solve all their problems not create new ones. She writes, “It’s simple to flush a toilet; it’s not as simple to carry a urine bucket outside and ‘fertilize the garden’.”

Photo by Laura M. LaVoie

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Check out this gorgeous, professionally built tiny house on wheels for sale in St. Catherines, Ontario. This double loft tiny house has two sleeping spaces, one accessible via a ladder and the other via a curved staircase.

There’s a cozy living room tucked under one of the lofts, and the bathroom is beneath the other one. You get a stacked washer and dryer, apartment-sized fridge, propane stovetop, and even space beneath the stove for an oven of your choice. Thick, live-edge slabs of wood make the countertop, breakfast bar, and floating shelving. You can purchase it for $101,000 USD or $139,000 CAD.

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Tiny House in St. Catherines, Ontario, for $101K

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Are you fascinated by the idea of tiny homes? Do you dream of downsizing and simplifying your life? If so, mark your calendars for an exciting event happening on Saturday, January 13, 2024 – the Tiny Home Tours at Indigo River Tiny Homes in Dallas, TX!

Indigo River Tiny Homes is inviting you to step inside six incredible tiny homes, showcasing their latest projects and offering a glimpse into the world of minimalist living. Whether you’re a tiny house enthusiast or just curious about the tiny house lifestyle, this event promises a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

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Indigo River Tiny Homes Tour Event this January 13, 2024

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When David got inspired by prepping and off-grid living, he wanted to move out of Hong Kong. He and Lizzie compromised and moved to Australia to build a tiny house on wheels. Eventually, they found an incredible off-grid property to move to, where they are making a self-sufficient haven!

We had the privilege of interviewing Lizzie and David about their experience, so be sure to read their story and enjoy the photo tour of their space. You can follow their journey on Instagram!

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Couple Builds DIY Tiny House to Become More Self-Sufficient

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Here at our Tiny House Talk, we love celebrating innovative designs that blend comfort, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Today we’re talking about something truly exciting – a vehicle that might revolutionize the way we approach camping, road trips, and van life.

Introducing the Maxwell Vehicles ePro Vanacea Electric Camper Vans, a fusion of modern technology and classic adventuring spirit, all powered by reclaimed Tesla parts (battery and motor) and a Ram ProMaster chassis. Maxwell’s Vanacea is a 100% electric camper van that combines driving and camping into a single electric ecosystem, simplifying your journey and leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. So, buckle up as we take you on a tour of this incredible vehicle and its awe-inspiring features.

Maxwell’s ePro Vanacea: Combining Camping and Driving in One Electric Ecosystem

the eNook electric camper van collaboration with Maxwell Vehicles ePro chassis

Image via Nook Vans

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Admittedly, the ePro Cooler from Maxwell Vehicles doesn’t quite fit into our regular spectrum of tiny homes and van life explorations. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention due to its significant advancements in sustainable and efficient transport. As dedicated enthusiasts of compact living and efficient utilization of space, we believe in sharing all things innovative, especially those that could significantly impact our environmental footprint. While the ePro Cooler might not be your next tiny house or mobile home, it’s an exceptional vehicle with a range of impressive features worth reporting. So, let’s dive into the details of this remarkable electric reefer van!

While the focus of our post is the ePro Cooler reefer van, it’s worth noting that Maxwell Vehicles also uses this same ePro platform to craft cutting-edge electric camper vans, offering an eco-conscious and efficient solution for those embracing the van life. In the realm of refrigerated transportation, the demand for efficiency, reliability, and sustainable practices is on a constant rise. Meeting this demand head-on, Maxwell Vehicles introduces its pioneering innovation – the ePro Electric Reefer Van, equipped with an integrated refrigeration system, the Cooler. This groundbreaking van, powered by a 75kWh battery, is set to transform the refrigerated transport industry, offering remarkable benefits in terms of long-term cost efficiency, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

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Introducing Maxwell’s ePro Cooler Electric Reefer Van: A Leap in Refrigerated Transport

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

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When we last spoke to the Hanzian family, they had one toddler and a baby on the way and were living in a totally different bus! They are now a gorgeous family of 5 who have lived in their second bus while converting it into an amazing home on wheels that meets all their needs.

The kids have bunks and a crib near the back of the bus, and they have a beautiful little bathroom complete with a mini tub! There’s a spacious kitchen with a big countertop for school and crafts and snacks and lots of couch space, so everyone can hang out together. Enjoy the photo tour and don’t miss our Q&A with the family below!

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They’ve Been Loving Bus Life Since 2016

Family of 5 in Their 2nd Amazing DIY Skoolie 6

Images via @hanzian_bus

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Rebecca and Stuart were stationed together in Cuba while in active Navy service, and then spent three years long-distance when they were stationed in two different places. Once they left the military, they weren’t ready to buy a house and didn’t know where they wanted to settle down, so living in an RV seemed like the perfect solution.

While it was only supposed to be temporary, when the world shut down in 2020 they found their nomadic lifestyle more and more attractive. They ended up getting a different RV that was easier to travel in, and that’s what you’ll see below! Make sure to read our Q&A with them after the pictures.

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Navy Vets & Their Dogs in 1997 Bigfoot Over-Cab Camper

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