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If you’re looking for a picturesque and serene tiny house escape, look no further than this shipping container tiny house in Asheville, North Carolina called Tiny Blue House at the Hidden Flower Tiny Farm.

You’ll find a comfortable queen bed, kitchenette, and bathroom inside. There’s even room for a small dining table and chairs. The double glass doors open up to the incredible view of the mountains.

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Shipping Container Tiny House in Asheville

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The Shiship is a really cool tiny cabin that was designed and built by Repère Boréal in Quebec, Canada.

It’s a simple structure made with a single high-cube shipping container and it measures 31′ long x 8′ wide, and 9’6″ tall.  On the exterior, you can still see most of the original shipping container with lots of exposed corrugated steel and massive cargo doors at one end.  It’s an interesting visual reminder that the shell of this cabin had another life before it was repurposed.

The cedar accents balance out the more industrial look of the container and make it feel more welcoming, and the massive wooden window frame at the other end is a dramatic feature that defines the outside of the structure and makes it pretty unique.

Shiship Repere Boreal - Outside - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Here’s a beautiful, recently-completed shipping container home for sale in Farmington, New Mexico. It has a clean industrial exterior, while the inside is bright and modern with white walls and gray cabinets.

The walk-through full bathroom and closet take you into the back primary bedroom, meaning no loft with this layout. Sliding glass doors on the opposite side of the home let you open the living room up to the outdoors. What’s your favorite feature in this one?

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Ground Floor Bedroom Tiny Home in New Mexico

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After suffering sexual assault, Sally found herself feeling unsafe in her three-bedroom home. She would need to check closets and bedrooms to make sure they were clear. But now that she’s downsized into a tiny container home, she feels at peace in her surroundings filled with artwork.

Her home has all she needs and with rent at just $500/month, Sally doesn’t have to worry about her finances anymore. She has a little pool on her rooftop deck, a comfy front porch, and there’s a Murphy Bed indoors so no ladders for her. Enjoy the tour below.

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Assault Survivor is Thriving in Her Container Home w/ Murphy Bed

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Emily was inspired by what she read in magazines about living off-grid on her own raw land and reducing her carbon footprint. She ended up buying a shipping container before she even purchased land in Maine to put it on. Thankfully it all worked out and she found her perfect spot.

For the past decade, it’s been her mission to transform that container (and the 3 additional ones she has purchased since) into a fully off-grid and sustainable home for herself. The last couple of years have enabled her to take what was a weekend project and turn it into her full-time focus, and now she has such a tremendous spot. Be sure to read her interview with us after the photo tour!

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Look What She Did With These 4 Shipping Containers!

Her Off-Grid Container Condo in Maine 6

Images by Emily/Instagram

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Meet the “Trekkershus,” an awesome shippping container turned vacation property. It sits in the PlatzProjekt, an experimental village in Hannover, Germany. During your stay you’ll be surrounded by other unique, alternative buildings and architectural concepts.

This container home houses the bedroom and office space (with speedy internet) indoors, while the eating and kitchen space are on the terrace. The bathroom with full plumbing is affixed to the container and accesible via the deck. What do you think of the design?

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German Container Home Made from Recycled Materials

Sustainable Trekkershus Container Home in PlatzProjekt Community 7

Images by Airbnb/Florian

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This is the Blue Beetle shipping container tiny house in Marble Falls, Texas.

It’s located right next to this tiny, modern A-frame cabin. This little cabin was built out of a repurposed shipping container, and it even has a rooftop deck. What do you think?

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Shipping Container Tiny House in Marble Falls

Shipping Container Tiny House in Marble Falls Texas 001

Images via Aaron/Airbnb

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Martha had been wanting to go tiny for a long time and one day she came across Randy and Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube. She stayed up all night watching his videos, found out about his community, got in touch with them, and put down a deposit — all in a couple of days!

She loves her one-floor tiny home, dubbed the “Death Star” by her neighbors. As an avid Star Wars fan, she also loves the name. Most of all, though, she loves the community! Every day she has coffee or lunch or dinner or walks with neighbors who are all living tiny just like she is.

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Her Slice of Heaven in the Incredible Forest Community

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When Lea was diagnosed with endometriosis, she needed to find a more flexible source of income that would allow her to manage her condition and take time off as needed. The city of Albuquerque allows for ADUs, so she and her husband chose to purchase a shipping container and transform it into an Airbnb.

They also have an older adobe home, so their plan is that once the container home has paid for itself, they will move in and renovate their small home. The income stream is just what Lea needed, and she used her amazing design skills to make it quite the home!

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Route 66 Container Home w/ Unique Kitchen

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