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We’ve shared the awesome octagonal house on Shellmate Island with you before, but now it’s officially available to rent on Airbnb!

For a little backstory, Tim & Sam bought a THOW, Tiffany the Tiny Home, more than three years ago. They ended up buying an island in Florida to give Tiffany a full-time home, and then built their octagonal vacation home by Deltec Homes on the property (following all the proper codes!). Now Tiffany lives full-time on the 1.5 acre island along with the vacation home which you can rent on Airbnb!

Tiny House Tours did an interview with Tim about living in Tiffany, and the financials of tiny house living. He has now paid of Tiffany, and the rental income is taking care of his mortgage and other expenses. Wow! Watch the video below.

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Owners of Tiffany the Tiny House Open Up Airbnb

Shellmate Island Airbnb 8

Images via Airbnb/Tim

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Remember the owners of Tiffany the Tiny House and how they had purchased an island and were building a tiny octagonal foundation home to use as a rental? Well, the house is now complete!

Tim & Sam temporarily moved into the vacation spot on Shellmate Island (@shellmateisland on Instagram) so they can work out the kinks and get it ready for guests. Soon enough they’ll be putting it on Airbnb (we’ll keep you posted!) and you can enjoy a piece of their island paradise! You might also like to hear that they got approval to build the home and worked with zoning/building regulators to get it “legal.”

The 320 square foot home structure came from Deltec Homes. According to the couple, “Its unique octagon shape and custom truss system has given this home design a 99.9% success rate in the last 50 years to all major category 5 hurricanes throughout the world, making this the strongest tiny house on a foundation in the world!” Wow!

They are moving Tiffany this week from the campground where they’ve been parked and are bringing her “home” to Shellmate Island!

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Tim & Sam’s Octagon Home on Shellmate Island is Complete!

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After a few years of watching tiny house shows, Jerod and Mia decided they wanted to build one themselves. Since they have a “normal” house already, they designed their THOW to be a vacation tiny house, Airbnb, or to possibly sell it, although they love it too much they don’t want to see it go.

The inside was inspired by the seaside, so you’ll find bright white shiplap walls and ceilings, with some lovely natural wood accents in the wood countertops. Jerod’s favorite part of the build, by far, is the bathroom. It’s a residential-sized bathroom complete with a flush toilet, stacked washer/dryer, and an amazing luxury shower with all the bells and whistles.

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They Built A Seaside-Inspired Tiny House on Wheels

Jerod & Mia’s Airbnb THOW w/ Luxury Bathroom 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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While climbing into the top bunk might have been fun when we were kids, it’s much less appealing as an adult. Loft bedrooms are a great option in tiny houses because they allow for maximization of space, BUT they have their drawbacks — especially if you have any mobility issues.

That’s why we decided to compile a list some of the best tiny houses with downstairs bedroom options we could find! We made a similar list back in 2016, but we wanted to make a part two with 52 more awesome examples of ground-floor sleeping options. From Murphy Beds to slide-out beds to full bedrooms, you’ll find it all in the list below!

Let us know which one is your favorite!

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1. Mustard Seed Tiny House on Wheels Has A Main Floor Bedroom With A Full Closet!

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Remember the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community near Asheville, North Carolina? Besides having lots for long-term rentals, it also has a number of short-term vacation THOWs which you can stay in.

The Magnolia is a 280 square foot tiny house with farmhouse vibes, a downstairs queen bedroom and a king-sized loft. You get stunning views of the Pisgah National Forest just outside the door, along with reliable, a tv, and access to the communal fire pit.

In the kitchen you’ll find a refrigerator, stove and Keurig for all your eating and drinking needs. In the bathroom there’s a vaulted skylight  in the shower so it feels spacious! Check out the photo tour below and then book your stay on Airbnb.

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The Magnolia: Tiny House Getaway in North Carolina

The Magnolia Tiny House Vacation at Acony Bell Tiny Home Community

Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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Here’s another beautiful vacation THOW located in the Acony Bell Tiny Home Village just outside of Asheville in North Carolina. While the community has rental lots for long-term tiny house dwellers, it also offers a number of vacation tiny homes so you can try out your tiny lifestyle before taking the plunge.

Built by ESCAPE Traveler, this 340 foot square foot house is reliably built and features both a queen-sized downstairs bedroom and a queen-sized loft. You’ll also get a spacious bathroom with a full shower/tub so you don’t have to sacrifice on comfort during your stay.

You can book your stay over at Airbnb!

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Stay in the Casa Dorada Tiny Home Getaway, NC

Stay in the Casa Dorada Tiny Home Getaway, NC

Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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Yes, there are still more tiny house rentals at the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina we want to show you! This Airbnb, called the Firefly Hideaway, sleeps 6 (4 adults and 2 kids).

There is a ground floor queen-sized bedroom and a loft with another queen. The sofa folds out into a third sleeping area for two. My favorite feature is the large kitchen with a full-sized oven. Cooking for your family while on vacation is a great way to save some money!

You can book the home on Airbnb.

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Stay in a Tiny House Community: Firefly Hideaway


Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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Here’s another wonderful THOW vacation at the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community. This 340 square foot gooseneck tiny home built by Roughcut Tiny Homes.

The rental is close-by to the Pisgah National Forest filled with hiking & biking trails, waterfalls, breweries and local family-owned shops. You can even bring a dog upon approval for an additional $50 pet fee.

The home features a fully-stocked kitchen, two bedrooms with queen-sized beds (one accessible by ladder, the other by stairs), and a spacious bathroom. You can book your stay at Airbnb.

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Vacation in North Carolina in The Live Edge THOW

The Live Edge Tiny House Getaway in North Carolina Tiny House Village

Images via Stephanie/Airbnb

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We interviewed Tim & Sam, the owners of Tiffany the Tiny Home, just after they moved into their THOW, and now it’s been nearly three years and they’re still living tiny!

In fact, the couple purchased a small island in Florida where they are in the process of building an octagonal tiny home on a foundation (@shellmate_island on Instagram) that they will rent out to others who want to try out the tiny life. They’ll continue to live in Tiffany, just in a more idyllic location they own.

Tiffany (@tiffany_the_tiny_home on Instagram) has such an elegant interior with dark trim, cream walls and stained glass windows. We caught up with Tim & Sam in our Q&A at the end of the post, so be sure to read that!

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Tiffany the Tiny Home Updated Owner Interview

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