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This is a tiny floating chapel cottage near Sarasota, Florida. It’s right on the Manatee River out of Palmetto, Florida which is just north of Sarasota and is available to book via Glamping Hub.

Seems like it would be a really fun and one-of-a-kind place to stay. Not exactly tiny, but can still fit snuggly right into the small category. I sure wouldn’t mind getting to go see it in person someday! How about you?

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Floating Chapel Vacation Cottage near Sarasota on the Manatee River

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This is the Eleanor Tiny House in Sarasota, Florida. It’s one of the vacation rental tiny houses at Tiny House Siesta featuring a main-floor bedroom and a sleeping loft bedroom.

It’s a Tumbleweed Tiny House and if you’re looking for a cool way to try a tiny house out in southwest Florida, this could be a good option. If not, there are others to explore too!

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Eleanor Tiny House Vacation by Tiny House Siesta

Unique Layout Tiny House In Florida

Images via Tiny House Siesta

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This is the 220 sq. ft. Dragonfly Tiny House Vacation in Sarasota, Florida! Built by Utopian Villas. Update: This tiny house has now moved to Colorado!

It is a 220-square-foot luxury tiny home, and it offers all of the facilities and conveniences you need for living comfortably The Dragonfly tiny home features a standard-sized bed in the spacious, loft bedroom, as well as a convertible Ikea bed that turns into a couch in the living quarters. You’ll fall in love with the custom, hand-crafted cabinetry and modern decor throughout. The Dragonfly tiny home is designed to help you take advantage of natural light, which is why there’s a plethora of windows to let the sun into every part of the interior. There even a great little bistro set on the rear deck for morning coffee outside.1

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Luxury Tiny House Vacation in Sarasota, Florida Near Siesta Key Beach in a Dragonfly Tiny House!

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Here’s an adorable 16 ft. studio tiny house built by Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia. The one-floor tiny house has a ground-floor bedroom, a little kitchenette, and a compact bathroom.

This would make an awesome Airbnb, but it could be modified for a full-time living! It’s for sale now for $39,750.

  • Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia presents a 16 ft. studio tiny house on wheels.
  • Featuring a ground-floor bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom.
  • Available for $39,750, offering versatility for Airbnb or full-time living.

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Adorable 16 Ft. Studio THOW from Dragon Tiny Homes for $39,750

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Here’s a really neat floating home that’s moored in Sarasota Bay in Florida, where you can stay for a couple of nights. It’s an off-grid adventure, but they have some solar power and plumbing to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The one-room houseboat has a couch that turns into a bed, a little kitchenette, and a bathroom that allows for a 5-minute shower. The coolest feature of this vacation home, however, is the rooftop patio where two lounge chairs sit basking in the sun!

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Sarasota Bay House Boat For Epic Vacation

Floating Oasis w Rooftop Lounge Deck

Images via Airbnb/Diona

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Get ready for a wild ride with this awesome family! Jake, Gianna and their daughter first set out with van life in 2018. When Gianna found out she was expecting again, they upgraded to a bus. But after three years on the road, the family ultimately decided to “settle down” again and purchased a home, build out buses and vans for work, and run a glamping business opening this fall!

I love their story because it shows how nomadic/tiny living can be for a season, and totally change the trajectory of your life for the better. They reached out to us and shared some Q&A answers about their time on the road, and you can enjoy the read after checking out pictures of their van and bus builds.

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This Family of 4 Spent Three Years on the Road

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This steel-frame tiny house located in Palmetto, Florida was built in 2017, and features all kinds of luxuries you’re sure to enjoy, including a rock-climbing wall on the back of the THOW!

The home is 28.5 feet long, and has two lofts: One of which (the Master) has a lower platform so you can stand upright and get dressed — a very nice feature.

The kitchen has a nice deep sink and a large refrigerator, and the bathroom features a full-sized walk-in shower. It’s for sale for $79,900 (or best offer) over at Tiny House Marketplace here.

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Florida 28.5 Ft THOW For Sale: $80K

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Wow! Check out this pirate ship in the trees!

This fun accommodation at Tanglewood Retreat in Waimauku, New Zealand was created from a 150 year old sailboat that was deemed un-seaworthy. Stace and her team took the boat, hoisted it into the trees, and transformed it with reclaimed materials into an epic getaway.

Up the spiral staircase you’ll find 129 square feet of pirate-themed fun, including a hidden rum compartment with a skull and crossbones. There’s a big seating area in the back, a cozy sleeping spot in the hull, and a skylight that gives you access to the deck.

Enjoy the amazing video tour from Living Big in a Tiny House below!

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Sleep in A Pirate Ship Treehouse in New Zealand

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Meet Jay Blackmore (@floatinthekoots) and his incredible DIY Off-Grid Floating Home that he spent four years building in his “spare” time.

Not only did he build it, but he also designed the entire thing and did all the work except the electrical and gas hookups (probably wise!). The home is about 700 square feet and includes an open concept living room and kitchen, and a second floor with two bedrooms. The home is heated in the freezing Canada winters by his pellet stove (or a back-up propane heater) and even some gas lamps!

Make sure to watch the video from Exploring Alternatives to hear Jay explain his incredible closed-loop system for his gray water!

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Kootenay Lake DIY Off-Grid Floating Home

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