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Admittedly, the ePro Cooler from Maxwell Vehicles doesn’t quite fit into our regular spectrum of tiny homes and van life explorations. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention due to its significant advancements in sustainable and efficient transport. As dedicated enthusiasts of compact living and efficient utilization of space, we believe in sharing all things innovative, especially those that could significantly impact our environmental footprint. While the ePro Cooler might not be your next tiny house or mobile home, it’s an exceptional vehicle with a range of impressive features worth reporting. So, let’s dive into the details of this remarkable electric reefer van!

While the focus of our post is the ePro Cooler reefer van, it’s worth noting that Maxwell Vehicles also uses this same ePro platform to craft cutting-edge electric camper vans, offering an eco-conscious and efficient solution for those embracing the van life. In the realm of refrigerated transportation, the demand for efficiency, reliability, and sustainable practices is on a constant rise. Meeting this demand head-on, Maxwell Vehicles introduces its pioneering innovation – the ePro Electric Reefer Van, equipped with an integrated refrigeration system, the Cooler. This groundbreaking van, powered by a 75kWh battery, is set to transform the refrigerated transport industry, offering remarkable benefits in terms of long-term cost efficiency, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

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Introducing Maxwell’s ePro Cooler Electric Reefer Van: A Leap in Refrigerated Transport

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

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We’ve featured plenty of tiny homes over the years that use tons of recycled and reclaimed materials. But what if someone built a tiny house entirely out of reused, repurposed, and dumpster-dived items? Well, that’s what certified “reuser” Alex Eaves and tiny house builder and personality Derek “Deek” Diedricksen have done with the REUSE! Box Truck.

The best part? They teamed up with videographer Jason Kimball and made a documentary following the entire process from conception to the three years Eaves lived and traveled the country in the box truck. The film isn’t just about tiny houses, it’s about living with what you already have. And it’s showing across the Northeast down to New York over the next couple of months (or you can watch it at home). You’ll want to check out the schedule here.

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NOW SHOWING: The REUSE! Box Truck Film

Documentary On Building a Tiny House Entirely from Recycled Materials

Images by Dylan Jon Wade Cox

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Kelsey and Shane are one awesome couple! On a whim, they decided to build a truck bed camper for their truck and go travel the country. Originally they wanted to hit all 50 states in a year and then go back to “normal life,” but now they’ve been on the road in their DIY rig for 2.5 years!

They built their camper with almost zero planning and very little money! All in all, they only spent $4k and used all kinds of reclaimed materials to make it home sweet home. While they don’t necessarily recommend their design or approach to others, they do think everyone should be living a life they love! What do you think?

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It Took Them Just 43 Days of Hard Work To Build Their $4,000 Truck Bed Tiny House

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Almost a decade ago, Danielle lived in Austin and was tired of the creeping rent prices. In her heart, she wanted to get all her friends to build tiny homes with her, so they could live in a little commune. While that didn’t all happen, about 6 years ago, *she* finished building her own DIY tiny house and has it parked on her uncle’s property in Oregon.

Danielle splurged where it mattered to her — on her brand-new trailer and cedar siding — and otherwise scoured Craigslist and the Re-Store for reclaimed materials to create her budget build. In the end, she spent about $25k on her home. It has so much character inside, with awesome pieces like her grandmother’s stained-glass windows and the fallen-wood railings. What do you think of what she did?

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Her $25K Build with Amazing Outdoor Oasis

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It’s Natalie here! I do a lot of the writing about tiny homes here, but today I want to show you what my husband and I have been working on — an 8×6 pallet shed using tons of reclaimed materials and rough cut lumber from a local sawmill.

We have three little kids and live in a *small* 1,100 square foot home on about an acre of land where we have goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, quail and a peacock. Homesteading is important to us, but we really wanted to get the animal feed and lawn/garden supplies out of our basement so they were easier to access and didn’t attract mice into our house.

It took us about a month with *many* interruptions from children, sickness, vacation and other projects, but we finally finished it — and for under $400 in materials (which with current lumber prices is a steal). While we are using it for storage, the basic idea could easily be transformed into a tiny living space for one.

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Simple Shed Project for Under $400

Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed 18

Images via Natalie C. McKee

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Tena lives and works out of her BleakHausTruk, an art & recording studio constructed with hand tools & 99% recycled/repurposed materials found mostly for free on the street or in the trash in San Francisco!

She has about 100 square feet in her 14-foot-long 1997 Isuzu FRR 14 foot that she’s put more than 8,000 miles on traveling around America. The space is completely off-grid, with solar electricity, gravity fed sink & stainless steel bath tub, propane stove top & wood burning stove and compost toilet.

“. I never knew I could feel such peace in a roommateless creative space to call my own. Sadie, my sweet pit mix, was also found on the streets & was similarly suffering from PTSD, so we have been healing happily together,” Tena wrote us.

She spent $13,000 on the truck purchase,  conversion and engine maintenance since 2015. How amazing! Check out the photo tour of her bus below.

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Tena’s Housetruck and Recording Studio

BleakHausTruk 4

Images via Tena Lethe

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Wow! Check out this pirate ship in the trees!

This fun accommodation at Tanglewood Retreat in Waimauku, New Zealand was created from a 150 year old sailboat that was deemed un-seaworthy. Stace and her team took the boat, hoisted it into the trees, and transformed it with reclaimed materials into an epic getaway.

Up the spiral staircase you’ll find 129 square feet of pirate-themed fun, including a hidden rum compartment with a skull and crossbones. There’s a big seating area in the back, a cozy sleeping spot in the hull, and a skylight that gives you access to the deck.

Enjoy the amazing video tour from Living Big in a Tiny House below!

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Sleep in A Pirate Ship Treehouse in New Zealand

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Looking to stay somewhere magical in England? This Haven on the Hill fits the bill! It’s all handmade from reclaimed materials and is filled with fun vintage decor.

It has a large porch with amazing views and a pizza oven! There’s a separate handmade outhouse, but guests have access to a full bathroom in the main house nearby. It’s available to book on Airbnb, by the way.

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The Haven on the Hill Reclaimed Tiny Cabin with an Outhouse in England!

Haven on the Hill

Images via Airbnb

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It’s so exciting when you run across something completely unique, and this folding tiny house with wings is undoubtedly one of its kind!

While bump-outs in RVs have been around for a long time, this home features swinging “wings” that fold out when the home is parked. Not only that, but the house is created almost entirely out of reclaimed or recycled materials, making it incredibly eco-friendly. It was handcrafted by Nick (@knicknack on Instagram) and his friend Jay, and is for sale in Salt Spring, British Columbia.

The home is currently for sale and you can get in touch with Nick via Instagram with questions on pricing (according to his Instagram post, the price is 24,000). Thank to you Exploring Alternatives for finding this gem of a tiny home and doing the video tour at the end of the post.

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Tiny House with Wings Built with Reclaimed Materials

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