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Emilie is one of the lucky ones! He got a beautiful tiny home from Baluchon that looks wonderfully well-crafted. His biggest want was a reading nook with bookshelves, and he has one right in front of a huge picture window that will offer lovely views of his Normandy property.

The name “Piccola Casa” means “little house.” He has a functional kitchen for cooking meals for guests, a large bathroom, and a storage staircase to hold his things. Upstairs in the loft, he fit a double bed. What’s your favorite part?

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Emilie’s Tiny Home in Normandy

Piccola Casa with Cozy Reading Nook 18

Images via Baluchon

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Here’s a beautiful, secluded tiny house vacation tucked into the Tasmanian Bush. It’s everything warm and cozy, with a perfect reading nook with green velvet cushions and a modern wood-burning stove.

There are warm wood tones everywhere, from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom vanity. The little kitchenette has all you need to make simple meals, and a huge soaking clawfoot tub gives you a perfect spot to relax. Want to stay outside? You can soak in the wood-fired hot tub instead!

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Wood-Fired Hot Tub, Clawfoot Bathtub & Vintage Vibes!

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You don’t have to be a tiny person to live in a tiny home! Francis just got his custom-built THOW from Baluchon, specially-designed to accommodate his 6’3″ height. Even as tall as he is, Francis chose a loft bedroom set-up for his new full-time house.

He has a fun kitchen design that’s separated from the living space with a half-wall and window divider. In the living room, you’ll find a multipurpose couch that not only includes lots of storage but becomes a bed for two when needed. He named it “The World Tree” after Norse mythology. What do you like about this build?

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Tiny Home with Loft & Multifunctional Living Room

The World Tree Baluchon 2000

Images: Baluchon

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As always, MitchCraft Tiny Homes delivers a gorgeous custom tiny home! This 28’x10′ THOW was built for Meredith, and it features a light and bright interior with beautiful blue accents.

The kitchen is tucked underneath the primary loft bedroom, while the bathroom and mudroom sit under the kids’ loft. The middle of the home is dedicated to a long entertainment/storage center, and there’s a breakfast nook for four. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Beautiful Family Tiny House Has A Luxurious Bathroom

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Tru Form tiny just released a tour of one of their gorgeous custom homes which they built for a couple in Washington who just got a spot in a local tiny house community. This home totally bucks the “white shiplap” tide with its bold colorful interior of deep navy blue contrasted with warm acacia wood.

There’s a really cozy reading nook over a bump out built on the tongue of the trailer, a loft bedroom with a little built-in office, and a lovely galley kitchen with a drawer dishwasher. Enjoy it below!

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Deep Navy 28-foot Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Custom and Colorful 28-ft. Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

Images: TruForm Tiny

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This tiny house at Tranquility Park on lot #30 is for sale with the option to keep it there! It’s a 30-ft. tiny house built in 2018 with 255 square feet of space inside located in Waldport, Oregon. The asking price is $125,000 for the tiny house and the lot rental is $700 per month. What do you think?

The current wait list for Tiny Tranquility Park is approximately 5 years out. However, since this tiny house is already located in the park, the Buyer has the option to keep the home in its current site and move in immediately, subject to successful completion of an application and background check.

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#30 Tiny House at Tiny Tranquility on the Oregon Coast! (Sold)

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If there’s one thing my little house is missing, it’s a mudroom! In a tiny space, it’s so easy for coats and shoes to rapidly take over the living area, but the Marietta model from Liberation Tiny Homes solves the problem. As soon as you walk in, there are hooks, closets, and even a bench nook where you can put everything away.

Right above the mini mudroom is a compact loft that feels like it belongs in a treehouse. While you’ll use a ladder to get to that loft, the bedroom loft has a staircase. Underneath the bedroom is a full bathroom, and the kitchen with oak butcher block countertops contains a farmhouse sink, oven, and fridge. What do you think?

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Cozy, Cottage-y, Quaint 28-Foot Tiny House on Wheels with Double Lofts

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This is the Texan tiny house in Austin, Texas with a space-saving corner toilet in the bathroom.

It’s a Texas farmhouse-style tiny house vacation rental that’s part of the Community Inn of tiny homes at Community First Village (a community where they house and help heal the formerly homeless) that you can actually stay at. What do you think?

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Texan Tiny House with a Corner Toilet Bathroom

Texas Tiny House Vacation Rental in Austin Texas Village with Corner Toilet in the Bathroom 001

Images via mlf.org

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When this couple moved to the family farm 19 years ago, they built a 1200-square-foot home for the two of them. But three growing kids later, they were ready for some more space. The costs and permitting for an addition were prohibitive, and that’s when they decided on getting a tiny house instead.

They parked it as close to their home as possible and built a breezeway to connect it to the rest of the house. In the tiny house, there’s a bathroom, loft bedroom, reading loft, and ground floor bedroom for the couple’s two older daughters. What do you think of this idea?

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These Parents Ordered a Tiny House for their Teen Girls Instead of Doing an Addition

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