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You might remember Kristie Wolf and her unique vacation designs, like the promotional potato she turned into an Airbnb. Her latest, the Cocoon Cottage, has a cozy woodland feel and overlooks North Tenmile Lake in Oregon. The bulk of the cottage came as a prefab from Iglucraft in Estonia, but Wolf personalized every detail!

There’s actually a secondary “iglu” that’s a sauna on another deck close to the water. Oh, and an old tin Cowboy tub near the cottage lets you take a bath while soaking in the nature views! What a fun spot to stay — what’s your favorite part?

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The Cocoon Cottage: Romantic Pod Airbnb

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This is The Solo tiny house by Avframe USA. It’s intended as a tiny home, studio, office, home gym, or hobby space.

There are currently three models of The Solo to choose from: 140-sq.-ft., 180-sq.-ft., and 250-sq.-ft. Pricing ranges from $12,300 to $31,525 (subject to change). Learn more below.

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The Solo Tiny House by Avrame USA

The Solo Tiny House by Avrame USA

Images via Avrame USA

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This is a 746-sq.-ft., 2-bedroom prefab home on stilts by Deltec Homes. I know it’s not very tiny, but we love featuring small homes too!

It’s a one-story, 32-ft. diameter energy-efficient compact home that’s available as a shell or turnkey. The shell starts at $75,000-$118,000 depending on your options while the turnkey begins from $290,000-$450,000. What do you think?  

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32-ft. Diameter Prefab Home by Deltec Homes

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This is the story of Neu Community, an up-and-coming prefabricated housing development in the Austin, Texas area.

With thousands moving to the area and the Tesla giga-factory as an example hiring 20,000 people, communities like this are desperately needed in this area not to mention other areas with housing shortages and affordability issues too. What do you think of this housing concept?

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Neu Community: Prefabricated Home Development near Austin, Texas

Neo Community Prefab Housing Development 001

Images via Neo Community

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We’re super excited to share with you the latest design by Nestron: Their Legend 2 model! You might remember Nestron for their sleek and modern “Cubes.” Now they’ve taken all that amazing functionality and placed it into a 274 square foot tiny home with huge windows, smart features, and minimalist lines.

Their builds come with a 50-year warranty and are now available for creation here in the U.S. — so no more waiting! Prices start at $73,600, and the home includes two ground-floor bedrooms, a wet bathroom, and a functional kitchen space. Enjoy the tour.

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A Fully Furnished Two-Bedroom Tiny Home from Nestron


Images via Nestron

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Prefab homes have had a negative reputation in the past for being mass-produced and poorly made but  Hewing Haus is one of several amazing companies that are challenging this stereotype by building prefab homes with quality materials and attention to detail.

They have a series of small home designs ranging in size from 200 ftto 600 ft2 and we had the chance to tour the smallest model at their warehouse in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

These tiny homes are not built on trailers.  Instead, they can be transported on a regular transport truck and craned into place onto a variety of foundations, including helical piles.  They can be used as cabins, bunkies, retreats, rentals, accessory dwelling units, and laneway houses to name just a few options, and they can be set up almost anywhere (be sure to check out the video below to see a bunkie being installed on top of a cliff with a helicopter!).

Modern Prefab Tiny House by Hewing Haus

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This is a $50k prefab small house with a kitchen and bath that unfolds in as little as an hour.

It’s the Boxabl prefab housing unit that can be customized in several ways. The units can be stacked to build a two-level home, and they can also be used as a larger home by building them side-by-side. Learn more below!

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$50k Prefab 20-Ft. Tiny House That Unfolds To 375-sq.-ft.

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CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk — who is reportedly the second richest man in the world — currently lives in a Boxabl Casita prefab tiny house which costs a measly $50,000 (base price)! The home sits in Starbase, Texas, where Musk and his team are building Starships.

Shockingly, the house is only 375 square feet. Boxabls can include a number of upgrades, and Musk has hinted that he spent an extra $19K on special features. Still, a $69K home for a man worth $156 Billion is fairly remarkable, especially since the only other home he owns he currently rents out for events and is trying to sell to a family. He recently sold a number of mansions he owned to make good on his promise to lower his carbon footprint.

Turns out Boxabl has it’s eyes set on outer space, which might explain their relationship with Musk. They have a video you can watch below all about using their prefab homes on Mars. Below are some pictures of a Boxabl Casita prototype.

Want your own? Preorder here.

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Elon Musk Sold His Mansions to Live in 375 Square Feet!

Elon Musk Lives in a $50K 400 Sq. Ft. PreFab Tiny House 4

Images via Boxabl/YouTube

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Looking for a tiny house that’s fireproof, termite-resistant, has no loft and doesn’t sit on wheels? This PreFabulous Home checks all those boxes!

This expandable tiny house is 350 square feet and can include two bedrooms. There are a number of layout options available, as well as exterior and interior finishes to make the home truly yours. The home can also be moved because it can be folded up and transported on a truck — meaning it’s location isn’t set in stone (pun intended).

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Expanding Tiny House With Two Bedrooms

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