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This tiny house by Koru Cabins in New Zealand is the perfect option for those wanting to downsize or live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Measuring just 9×2.7m (29.5 x 8.85ft), this tiny home is packed with features and can be customized to your own needs and preferences. Some of the key features include fully insulated walls, ceilings, and floors, a spacious kitchen with a pantry and plenty of storage space, and a cozy bathroom with a towel rail and toilet roll holder. The design itself offers about 250 square feet of interior space and is slightly customizable using three different floor plans shown below.

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30-ft. Tiny House by Koru Cabins in New Zealand

30ft Tiny House by Koru Cabins in New Zealand 001

Images via Koru Cabins

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A New Zealand family recently commissioned Build Tiny to create a vacation tiny home for them, inspired by the bachs in their area (“A bach is a small, often modest holiday home or beach house in New Zealand” – Wikipedia). As such, the tiny house prioritizes family space and an indoor-outdoor concept over having oodles of storage.

The two lofts on either side have beds for the parents and the kids, and the kitchen has plenty of space for making holiday meals. The entire living room wall opens up in good weather to the outdoor deck. Gorgeous!

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Their Vacation Tiny House for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Family Bach-Inspired Tiny Home 2

Images via Build Tiny

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One of the biggest complaints with tiny homes is that people don’t want to crawl into a loft to go to bed. But, getting a bedroom on the ground floor usually means sacrificing space for the kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Not in this tiny house!

Angus tows tiny homes for a living and got inspired to get his own. He and his partner have created an amazing off-grid homestead with a tiny house that has a full kitchen and bathroom, along with a cozy living room loft and a bedroom loft with standing room. If you’re going to go with a loft, THIS is the one to have. What do you think of this build?

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Their Off-Grid Tiny Home in New Zealand

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John and Elsa decided to build this tiny house “because we wanted to” — which is about the best reason I can think of! They contracted out different aspects of the build, like the steel framing and roofing, and now rent the home to a South African woman who was stuck due to the pandemic. Later, they may sell the tiny house and find a new project to work on.

It sits in a private spot at the end of the couple’s garden, and inside it has all the luxuries you’d want from a tiny house, including a large lounge area, fully-equipped kitchen, and bathroom with shower and flush toilet. There’s heating and air-conditioning inside, and two lofts.

The couple shared all the tiny house specs below, so be sure to read more and watch the video tour as well.

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Stunning New Zealand THOW Built “Just Because”

John & Elsa’s Tiny House Project 4

Images via John & Elsa

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Meet Jude! This wonderful woman is living in her truck home and using her golden years to travel the gorgeous country of New Zealand (we’re all jealous!). She has a YouTube channel where she shares all the cool places she goes and what it’s like to live tiny.

Her home features a giant picture window where she can sit and read, but that transforms into a single guest bed with a pulley bed! She also has a double bed which she sleeps on that pulls out from the couch. She takes a couple of steps up to her kitchen area complete with an awesome pull-out pantry, and her 3/4 bathroom is at the back of the home.

Enjoy her video tour at the end of the post!

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Jude’s Amazing New Zealand Truck Home Life

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This is a list of New Zealand-based Tiny House Builders. From tiny homes on wheels to other small structures, you’ll find a list of builders right here on this page.

So if you’re a New Zealander, and are interested in going tiny without necessarily building the tiny house yourself, well, you’re in luck because here is a list of builders that can do it for you!

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New Zealand Tiny Home Builders

THT NZ Tiny Home Builders

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This is the story of Olivia and Ryan and how they built their dream floating home using inspiration from floating house communities in British Columbia.

In this episode of Living Big In A Tiny House (YouTube) with Bryce Langston, he shows you an amazing house boat cottage in Auckland, New Zealand. Have you ever considered building a cottage on a floating platform, kind of like this?

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New Zealand Couple Living their Dream on a House Boat

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While Build Tiny typically only creates custom homes for their clients, COVID-19 threw a wrench in their plans and they spent their “free” time creating the Dark Horse THOW. This gorgeous little home features the downstairs bedroom we all want, where you can fully walk around the bed AND lift it up for additional storage.

The home is for sale in New Zealand (sorry, they don’t offer international shipping) and it makes me want to move overseas! There’s plenty of space in the living room for a large, comfy couch, and the kitchen has everything including a mini dishwasher. In the bathroom you’ll find a standing glass shower stall, and a super-stylish bamboo composting toilet.

All the building specs and a video tour are posted below, and they’re asking $155,000 NZD (~$103,000) for the build. Contact them here.

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No Stairs in This Stunning Dark Horse THOW in NZ

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This is a stunning and romantic stone cottage in New Zealand where you can vacation. While the outside looks quaint and old-fashioned, the interior has lovely modern touches that somehow blend perfectly with the old-world stone.

There’s a main open-concept living room and kitchen, and one bedroom with a king-sized bed. The bathroom features a spectacular round tower feature! Outside is a lovely garden for sipping coffee and appreciating the breathtaking views. After a long day of exploring, you can relax in the nearby sauna! Book your stay on Glamping Hub!

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New Zealand Stone Cottage with Modern Finishes

Romantic Stone Cottage with Modern Finishes in New Zealand

Images via Glamping Hub

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