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It all started with weekend trips in their tiny travel trailer. That soon escalated into traveling Europe full-time in a motorhome they call their hippie bus.

While they were traveling, they discovered tiny houses. After moving back home to their apartment, they got to work on their tiny house dreams. Today, they also build tiny homes for other dreamers.

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From Trailer To Motorhome To Off-Grid And Mortgage-Free In A Tiny House

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At 41, Ingrid was working her life away to pay for a mortgage she could hardly afford, and ended up moving in with her mom. But she kept seeing tiny houses and one day decided she’d build her very own — with absolutely no construction experience!

Determined and awesome, she succeeded! Even when suppliers would question her ability to install or build things herself, she did the entire thing in two years by herself, with just a bit of help from friends with some serious heavy lifting. She learned from YouTube and good ole trial-and-error. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t let others put limits on you.

She shared pictures with us of her DIY build, named “Tiny Tootz” (pronounced like “tootsie”), and talked more about her experience building and going tiny below. Be sure to read her story! Follow her on Facebook here.

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Ingrid Didn’t Let Negativity Stop Her From Building Her Tiny

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Darcy, age 24, was about to buy her own home and jump into the world of mortgages, when her dad asked, “What about a boat?”

At first she thought he had to be kidding, but when he showed her the inside of this 60×12.5 widebeam, she saw a blank slate for her interior design skills (she designs kitchens for a living!). So she bought it, and has been living in it since February 2020 (although it’s only been in the water for a week).

She’s located outside of Nottinghamshire in England (follow her @boathousemidlands), and moors with a residential license which is cheaper than renting a place on her own. The size of the boat makes her wary of steering it on her own, but she gets to live on the water in the peace of nature instead of the hustle and bustle of city center!

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Darcy’s Sleek and Modern Boat Renovation

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April & Chad were once homeowners in the Portland area, working 6 days a week to stay afloat. But when they started seeing Tiny Living shows on HGTV, they ended up selling their home and business and moving into a studio apartment while they planned their tiny journey!

In 2017, they bought their 24′ Chinook Peak tiny house from Tiny Mountain Houses in Oregon, and parked it on April’s parent’s property. But when Chad’s aging parents needed help, they took their home with them all the way across the country to Maine, where they’ve been living on his parent’s land ever since. April said being able to take their home with them made the transition so much easier than it would have been otherwise!

The couple is now debt-free and have no regrets about going tiny three years ago. We got to do a Q&A with the couple, which you can read at the end of the post! Enjoy the photo tour.

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Interview & Tour: April & Chad’s 24′ Chinook Peak

April & Chad’s 24′ Chinook Peak in Maine 013

Images via April & Chad

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Tiffany and Derek have two little girls. They bought a home like they “should,” but money was tight leaving them without any extra money to travel or even finish the home the way they wanted to. So they did something totally crazy: They sold the house and bought an RV which they remodeled into a gorgeous space with all the features they would have loved to have in their big house.

In total they spent around $25,000 on their new home and pay around $530/month to park in a nearby RV resort. Now Derek (@_tinyhouse_bigdreams_) can work as a Youth Pastor without the financial stress, and their girls can grow up in a gorgeous home handcrafted by their parents.

We were privileged to do a Q&A with Tiffany,  so be sure to read it below after checking out the photo tour of their home.

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Family Sells Big Home for Renovated RV for Financial Freedom

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This couple had a dream to be debt-free AND mortgage-free in their thirties, so they left the suburbs of Houston, bought 7 acres of undeveloped land in central Texas, and built their home out of a shed!

While the 16 x 48 structure definitely isn’t tiny for two people, they also have 4 children. So this family of 6 lives in 768 square feet!

The home features a grand open kitchen area and living room, with two bedroom lofts for the kids, and a ground-floor master bedroom. They also have two bathrooms — one full bath that’s finished and a second en-suite bathroom that currently just has the toilet working.

Outdoors they have a small working homestead complete with chickens, pigs, rabbits and a garden. The home and homestead is still a work-in-progress, but what Beau and Kelly show us is that you don’t need an Instagram-perfect tiny house right off the get-go! They add and fix and improve as they have the resources to do so.

The Shed to House conversion itself cost just under $60,000. They spent an additional $35,000 on clearing land, adding their decks, and getting water and electricity to the property. Download their full expense report here.

Their YouTube channel has tons of videos I’m sure you’ll love, but I posted their Shed to House Tour down below to get you started.

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Mortgage-Free Homestead in Central Texas

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