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Now, this is a fun tiny house! It’s great to see what you can do when you aren’t constrained to a trailer. This “Cube” tiny house is 10×16 and allows for a unique floor plan.

Built by Molecule Tiny Homes, this model starts at $80,000. It features a loft bedroom accessible via a neat alternating storage ladder. Made for working-from-home, there’s a large corner desk with open shelving.

You’ll also find a bathroom, outdoor shower, and fully-functional kitchen. Enjoy the photo tour, and contact the builder for your own Cube here!

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Groovy Cube Tiny Home: $80,000

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This is to announce that Molecule Tiny Homes is offering van conversions. They start at $25,000 if you supply your own van. To show you what they can do, they’re built out a 2019 Ford Transit 250 that you can see below.

It features a complete solar system, a custom, space-saving, slide-out bed, a full shower in the rear, a slide-out composting toilet, a gas heater, a fireplace, water tanks, a pump system, and more… Offered for $48,000. What do you think?

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Solar-Powered Van Conversion by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is a whimsical 34-ft. tiny house with a custom deck built by Molecule Tiny Homes.

It features two lofts that you can actually stand in with adjoining catwalk, mini split AC, washer dryer combo unit, custom cabinets, full-size bath tub, and more. It sells for about $88,000 depending on options.

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34-ft Tiny House with Custom Deck by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is the Brighton 8′ 6″ x 24′ THOW by Molecule Tiny Homes for sale in Santa Cruz, California.

Built on a gooseneck trailer, this bright yellow beauty includes a shed-style roof, tons of windows and two loft bedrooms, including the one you can stand in. There’s also a living room, bathroom with flush toilet, and well-stocked kitchen.

Builder contact details below!

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24-Foot Brighton Gooseneck THOW by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is the cozy Chalet Tiny House on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes in Santa Cruz, California.

The build includes stunning details like adorable arched doors and windows and an off-the-loft balcony! I love the stonework in the kitchen and bathroom, and it even has excellent safety rails on the stairs and bedroom loft. Plus, those little green shutters are just adorable.

See contact details for the builder below!

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Cozy Chalet Tiny Cottage on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes

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In this post I wanted to show you Molecule Tiny Homes latest tiny house project which is a 9′ x 20′ home built on skids.

It was built for a client so it’s already sold for $45,000 USD. That might sound like a lot of money but it’s a ready made, ready to live in tiny home. A really nice one too. Inside there’s even a full size soaking bath tub and staircase to a 9’x10′ sleeping loft. And much more. You just have to look at it below.

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Molecule Tiny Homes Builds a 9′ x 20′ Tiny House

I encourage you to enjoy the complete tour (inside and out) plus a video tour with full explanation of the home below:

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