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Modern Tiny Living built this beautiful custom 24 ft tiny home, called the Coastal Modern, for a client looking for an ADU to act as a guest cottage for friends and family.

It features a loft bedroom and a spacious social area where guests can relax and chat well into the evening. There’s a compact kitchen space since it’s not meant to be a full-time home. In the bathroom, guests will find a luxurious shower and a composting toilet. What do you think?

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Amazing Tiny Home Built As an ADU Guest Cottage

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Named after an Irish island that Julie (the owner) loves, “Bofin” is designed as a full-time residence meant to travel the country! It prioritizes the living space and kitchen, with a spacious U-shaped couch that has tons of storage underneath.

The galley kitchen has an oven, fridge, and inlaid sink, and there’s a compact bathroom at the end of the THOW. Up some storage stairs, you’ll find the bright, airy loft bedroom. What do you think of Julie’s house?

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Her Full-Time Residence Tiny House

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Modern Tiny Living’s latest client didn’t want anything “normal” about her home design. She asked for bold colors and she got it! The exterior is a bright blue with lime green trim, and inside a blend of rocket red with black accents gives it a little rock ‘n’ roll feel.

But it’s not just snazzy, it’s super practical! There’s a ground-floor bedroom, closets, lots of overhead storage, two lofts (one micro, one for guests), and a compact bathroom. The galley kitchen has lots of counter space and a convection oven and cook top. Nothing boring over here! What do you like the most?

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Lime Green, Bright Blue & Rocket Red Tiny Home

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Modern Tiny Living dubbed this home the “Trinity” and it is an absolutely stunning tiny house! The color scheme in this home is dreamy, with dark wood against white walls and gorgeous deep green cabinets for a pop of color.

The house has a “typical” tiny home layout, with a loft over a galley kitchen and bathroom. You’ll notice a full railing encasing the steps up to the loft bedroom.

Like many MTL designs, this one has their signature lounge area with under-couch storage that turns into a guest bed when needed. You can contact the builder for a quote here.

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Would You Like Green Cabinets in Your Tiny House?

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This tiny house, “The Grand,” was custom-built for Jen, who wanted a wine-country-themed getaway! Modern Tiny Living delivered this stunning spot, complete with rustic barnwood accents and bright red cabinets.

You can watch the whole Tiny House, Big Living episode (#11) on Amazon here for $2.99. Check out the photo tour below and see the house specs. Jen chose a loft bedroom, kitchen with a large undermount sink, and a bathroom with a fiberglass shower and composting toilet.

If you’d like your own Modern Tiny Living home, you can contact them here.

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Her Wine-Country-Themed Getaway Tiny House in Ohio

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The Braxton tiny house by Modern Tiny Living is an upgraded version of their Koko2 model. This sleek tiny home features the signature “social area” in the front, where you’ll find a multi-purpose living room (with oodles of storage) that turns into a second bed to sleep two.

The main bedroom is in the loft, accessible via a storage staircase with an appropriate handrail. In the kitchen you’ll find a cooktop, convection oven, washer/dryer combo, fridge and lovely farmhouse sink.

There’s simply not much to dislike about this THOW! The gorgeous black and white finishes give it such an upscale look — pricing depends on final finishes, so you can contact Modern Tiny Living for a quote here.

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24 Ft. THOW with Epic Storage Living Area

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You have to see this gorgeous custom build by Modern Tiny Living, named “Rivendell” by the new owner! (For those of you who aren’t Lord of the Rings fans, Rivendell is home to some of the elves in the books/movies).

It features the innovative MTL Social Area, which has three purposes: A couch, a table, and a queen-sized guest bed! Even better? There’s oodles of storage underneath and in the flanking bookshelves.

Enjoy the photo tour below, and stick around for the video tour at the end!

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Take a Look at MTL’s Latest: The Rivendell THOW

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Want to win a *custom* tiny house from Modern Tiny Living? Who doesn’t, right?

Modern Tiny Living is currently running a sweepstake in which you’ll win a tiny house, built to your specifications, up to a $100,000 value (with taxes covered)!

You can enter the sweepstakes for free, but if you’re wanting to support a good cause you can also donate to PATH, a charity that is fighting homelessness in California (especially during this COVID-19 crisis when the homeless don’t have anywhere to #stayhome). Making a donation buys you extra entries and more chances to win the tiny home of your dreams!

Learn more and enter the sweepstakes here!

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Enter This Sweepstakes to Win a Custom Tiny House!

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This is a tiny house w/ a full kitchen. It’s the 24-ft. Braxton THOW by Modern Tiny Living.

The 256-square-foot, 24-foot THOW features a contemporary style. What do you think?

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Tiny House Kitchen Packs a Mean Punch In The 24-Ft. Braxton THOW by Modern Tiny Living

Braxton Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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