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Did you like the Flagship from Spring Mountain Tiny Homes? Well, here’s the latest tiny home they’re wrapping up, which is for sale. It’s their “Caboose” model, and its claim to fame is a private first-floor bedroom with built-in side tables and a dazzling tongue and groove accent wall.

In addition to the bedroom downstairs, there is also a carpeted loft bedroom accessible via a set of storage stairs. A galley kitchen houses a large stainless steel sink, an oven, and beautiful shaker-style cabinets. The 3/4 bathroom in the middle of the tiny house has a standard-size shower stall and a residential toilet. You can purchase the home for $101,684 in Layton, Utah.

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NOAH-Certified Tiny House with Private Bedroom from Spring Mountain Tiny Homes

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The Noyer XL takes an already fantastic tiny home and makes it nearly perfect. The original Noyer model had tons of selling points, and this one has added a main floor bedroom so no one *has* to sleep in a loft. Awesome!

The slightly elevated living room allows for more storage underneath for seasonal items or things you don’t need every day. There’s a galley kitchen with a hidden dishwasher and fridge, as well as a dining area with a large table for mealtimes.

The bathroom and loft look lovely, and the first-floor bedroom easily fits a queen and has built-in closets for clothing. Get your Noyer XL by contacting the builder here.

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An Added Bedroom Makes the Noyer So Much Better!

Noyer XL by Minimaliste 9

Images via Minimaliste

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Handcrafted Movement has three of their gorgeous “Cambria” tiny house models coming up for sale over the next three months. Their April build has sold already, but their May, June and July completions are still available!

This stunning house features the craftsmanship that Handcrafted Movement is known for, and this particular model has a “flex room” which can easily become a ground-floor bedroom for folks avoiding lofts and ladders. Additionally, the space has a dedicated living area with a TV/fireplace, a spacious kitchen with nearly full-sized appliances, and a luxury bathroom.

The home is for sale for $96,000, and you can put down your deposit here.

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Stunning Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Lake tiny house has it all: a main-floor bedroom, two full-size lofts, a spacious living room with a 3-seater sofa, a kitchen with a pantry, a bathroom with a heated floor, and a washer/dryer.

This tiny house is built by Mint Tiny House Company, and it’s parked on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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34-ft. Itsy Bitsy Tiny House with a Main-floor Bedroom Built by Mint Tiny House Company

Itsy Bitsy Tiny House - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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The Yewnicorn Tiny House was built by Rudy Triller.

It was built on a secondhand* gooseneck trailer which allowed him to put a bedroom only a couple of steps up from the main floor to eliminate the need for a ladder and a loft.

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The Yewnicorn Tiny House with Unique Capsule Bedroom

Yewnicorn Photo 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the Eleanor Tiny House in Sarasota, Florida. It’s one of the vacation rental tiny houses at Tiny House Siesta featuring a main-floor bedroom and a sleeping loft bedroom.

It’s a Tumbleweed Tiny House and if you’re looking for a cool way to try a tiny house out in southwest Florida, this could be a good option. If not, there are others to explore too!

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Eleanor Tiny House Vacation by Tiny House Siesta

Unique Layout Tiny House In Florida

Images via Tiny House Siesta

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This is the Blue Lifeguard Stand Tiny House with two bedrooms on the main floor at Tiny House Siesta. Built by Core Housing Solutions.

It’s a vacation rental in Sarasota, Florida that sleeps up to 4 people comfortably. What do you think?

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2-Bedroom Tiny House in Florida

2 Bedroom Tiny House in Florida

Images via Tiny House Siesta

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This is the story (and tour) of Bruce and Shari’s tiny house with a main floor bedroom. It’s the Dragonfly model from Core Housing Solutions which starts at $39,500 – it’s probably the most affordable 34.5-foot tiny house on wheels you can find and it’s built with SIP panels.

This video tour is really great because you can see what a tiny house like this looks like after it’s moved into. Granted, this couple moved into their tiny house from an even smaller space so it was actually an upsize for them, believe it or not.

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Couple’s Dragonfly Tiny House w/ Main-Floor Bedroom

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This is the 20ft Ozark Tiny House on Wheels with a dinette slide out. It’s built by Tiny Idahomes and is available for $39,900. What do you think?

The Ozark – 20′ long, one level, non lofted Tiny House Travel Trailer. Small, practical, easy to tow and park and equipped for off grid.

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Easy to Tow 20ft Ozark Tiny House with Dinette Slide Out, Full Kitchen, Main Floor Bedroom, And More!

20ft Ozark Tiny House with a Dinette Slide Out 001

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