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Sofia lives in her professionally built tiny house on wheels. But it turns out it wasn’t the first tiny house she tried to get—she had one started by a now-bankrupt business. Still, she didn’t let that get her down, and she found a new builder and has been in her home for just over a year.

She pays $600/month to rent the land she is on and has a solar system to keep her power going. Sofia has several seating options inside the house, including her couch, bar-height eating area, and cozy loft bedroom. Just wait until you see the gorgeous tiles she chose!

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Sofia’s Solar Tiny House Life

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She’s selling her 210-sq.-ft. modern tiny house on wheels in Los Angeles. It’s Arielle’s modern tiny house on wheels that she’s lived in for the last 6 years since she bought it from Tiny Heirloom in 2015.

Currently, it is located in a mobile home park in Los Angeles, California. To keep it there, you would have to negotiate with the park. The tiny house itself is for sale for $95,000 so you can either move it to your own location or negotiate to keep it where it’s at. Take a look and learn more below!

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Luxurious, Modern Tiny House For Sale in LA

Her Modern Tiny House in LA For Sale 001

Images via Arielle/Zillow

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Oftentimes not only is building a tiny house illegal but so is building a small one. One way to get around it, is by building what’s called an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or an ADU for short, if eligible.

Then this ADU can be operated as a guest house, in-law suite, vacation home, Airbnb, or what-have-you. That’s what Bunch Design did in Los Angeles, California with this Highland Park 850-sq.-ft. small home. Check it out! What do you think of small homes around this size?

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From Garage To 850-sq.-ft. Accessory Dwelling Unit Home in LA

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This is the story and tour of a reader’s 220-sq.-ft. tiny apartment in Los Angeles.

It’s a small space with an open-layout, 12-ft. high ceilings, and a lovely balcony. It didn’t come with a kitchen, but Paul put a kitchenette together that’s simple, affordable, and functional (see below). What do you think about living tiny and simply in an apartment or studio kind of like this?

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220-sq.-ft. Studio Apartment w/ Balcony in Los Angeles (TOUR)

220-sq-ft Tiny Apartment in Los Angeles with Balcony Farm 001

© Paul Moulds

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This is the story of how Los Angeles is in the process of possibly legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes, according to LATCH Collective/YouTube, the city is working on an ordinance to allow it in some backyards. That’s good news! Watch the clip below to learn and see more.

As seen on CBS news, LATCH Collective offers workshops, webinars and hands on build experience. Los Angeles is in the process of legalizing movable tiny houses as backyard homes.1

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LA Legalizing Backyard THOWs?

LA In The Process of Possibly Legalizing Backyard THOWs To Create Affordable Housing via LATCH Collective 001

Images via LATCH Collective

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This is a story in the LA Times on how temporary trailers are being planned for homeless people in a downtown city lot.

The city plans to build temporary shelter for the homeless on a city-owned lot at the corner of Arcadia and Alameda streets in downtown Los Angeles.1

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This is a renovated 1972 Vintage Airstream tiny home on wheels in Los Angeles, California that’s listed for sale here.

It’s a beautifully remodeled 25ft travel trailer (including the hitch) and is priced at $78,000.

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Remodeled 1972 Vintage Airstream For Sale in LA!

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This is a micro cabin in urban Los Angeles, California that you can vacation in. This would make a great space for a writing retreat.

When you go inside, you’ll find a full bed downstairs, an upstairs sleeping loft with two twin beds, a desk for writing, and a bistro table. Ten steps away from the cabin is the main house with a bathroom, shared kitchen, and more living area space.

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Micro Cabin in Urban Los Angeles

Micro Cabin in Urban Los Angeles

Images © Airbnb

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This is a car-free eco-village in Los Angeles, California. This post is thanks to Johnny Sanphillippo and Faircompanies.

The community is unique because it’s about 3 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and all residents are car-free (their main source of transportation are bicycles). Even better, the Los Angeles Ecovillage residents have created a bicycle shop, vegetable gardens, composting areas, clotheslines, fruit trees, micro-businesses, chickens, a food co-op, and more. We need more places like this, don’t we?

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Los Angeles Eco-Village Sustainable Community


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