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This hand-built cabin lives on a farm with the perfect name: ItzaWayzBack. Clever and inviting, the name gives you a preview to this vacation cabin which comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

There’s a full-sized daybed on the first floor, and a queen in the bedroom loft. The indoor/outdoor bathroom has the amenities you need, and there’s a nearby covered pavilion with an amazing outdoor kitchen, as well as a small kitchenette indoors.

Your stay comes with farm fresh eggs, and hot coffee delivered right to your door every morning. Sign me up! You can book your stay over at HipCamp.

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You’ve Never Seen an Outdoor Kitchen Like This!

itzawayzback-farm-itzawayzback-farm-dogwood-cabin (22)

Images via HipCamp/Marie

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Lindsey jumped on the #vanlife bandwagon after spending some time as a nanny in Italy, and it’s been just over a year since she started living and traveling in her van.

This lifestyle means she can work different gigs here and there and then jump back on the road and travel with what she’s saved up. Her dad (who has been flipping homes for 40 years) helped her created her first van, which has a sunny yellow kitchen and the most gorgeous Frida-inspired quilt created by her mother.

While she ended up living with her boyfriend and his parents during quarantine, she spent the time outfitting a second van build to sell (check it out here!). We got to do a Q&A with her which you’ll definitely want to read at the end of the post.

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Life on the Road with Wander Woman Go

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This is Meg and Aaron’s incredible Promaster Van conversion that seems to fit everything into its tiny space! Not only do they have a bathroom (shower & composting toilet); they also included a chef’s kitchen (Meg is Superyacht Chef) and a rooftop deck for yoga, relaxing and sunset cuddles.

The two spent 2.5 months stripping their van and making it into their travelling house. It runs on solar power and propane, and has a huge garage space to fit all their toys. Tiny House Giant Journey did a fantastic video tour with the couple which you can watch below.

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Promaster Van Conversion with Bathroom & Chef’s Kitchen!

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This is Dan and Rachel’s van conversion tiny house with a multi-functional design to expand their space and adjust their interior layout to best suit their needs. It’s also known as the Swiss Army Knife Van shown to us here thanks to Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube.

Since they travel frequently and they work from home, this van was the perfect solution for them.

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Couple’s Live/Work Van Conversion w/ Multi-functional Design, Solar Panels, Rooftop Kitchen!

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This is a tiny house w/ a full kitchen. It’s the 24-ft. Braxton THOW by Modern Tiny Living.

The 256-square-foot, 24-foot THOW features a contemporary style. What do you think?

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Tiny House Kitchen Packs a Mean Punch In The 24-Ft. Braxton THOW by Modern Tiny Living

Braxton Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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These are new images of a 16ft EscapeSpace MA that’s finished with a front porch, 8ft sliding glass door, kitchenette, couch, coffee table, desk, and bathroom. It’s really, really nice. Please watch the video tour to really get a full grasp of it.

The EscapeSpace MA is part of ESCAPE’s new line of affordable structures you can customize and put anywhere and use for almost anything. How would you finish yours?

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EscapeSpace MA 16ft Unit from ESCAPE


Images © EscapeSpace

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