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What do you think is the perfect kitchen layout? In tiny spaces, I’m partial to the U-shaped kitchen that allows for an easy workflow, like you’ll see in the Lancaster model from Liberation Tiny Homes. The huge picture window over the sink lets you dream of being outdoors while washing dishes, and there’s enough room for a good-sized oven and refrigerator.

This model features two lofts — one over the kitchen accessible via storage stairs, and the other over the bathroom, which you get to using metal piping handholds. If you’re someone who prefers the kitchen and bathroom on opposite sides of the house, you’ll like this layout!

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Navy & Wood Farmhouse Tiny Home

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Stephanie made sure to include everything that was important to her in her van, including an oven and three-burner stove so she could cook anything she dreamed up. She also made space for a shower and a toilet, making this truly a micro home on wheels.

Before van life, Stephanie was a chef and owned a food truck, but in her first month of van life said she saw more of the US than she had in her whole life! Needless to say, the travel bug is strong with her and she will keep going until she’d ready for something new.

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From Food Truck to Sprinter Van

Stephanie & Pebbles Her Van w Oven, Toilet & Shower. 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kayla has always tried to live in small spaces — purposefully choosing the smallest room in her co-op and figuring out how to live with less. When she got a remote internship for the summer, she decided to hop into vanlife and travelling!

For such a tiny, quickly-built rig, Kayla’s van is so impressive! It has a bed/couch/dinette with three configurations, and a kitchen that she can use indoors and out — pretty cool.

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Kayla’s Weekend Vanlife Rig

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w Pull Out Kitchen 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Indigo River Tiny Homes just finished a new Airbnb for a client — a Rambler 20-foot model with a stand-up loft area. The most unique feature in this THOW has to be the awesome cabinets and appliances which are all a lovely Robin’s Egg Blue color.

There’s a little living room and a kitchen with all the necessary appliances you’ll need to make a nice breakfast on vacation. The bathroom has a tiled shower and flush toilet. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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The Tiny Home Has Robin’s Egg Blue Cabinets And Retro Appliances

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Tonya & Dustin love fitness and nutrition — they love it so much, they lead an online fitness community and are taking their short skoolie on tour around the country sharing about their health and wellness journey.

Since cooking is a huge part of nutrition, the couple made sure to have lots of prep/counter space in their skoolie build, and they didn’t skimp on a oven! They also fit in an indoor shower and composting toilet and splurged on a super-comfy Tempurpedic mattress so they get the best rest possible to fuel their bodies. Enjoy the video tour below!

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Mint Green Short Skoolie w/ Rustic Interior

Tonya & Dustin’s Fitness Bus Shower Toilet Big Kitchen 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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The Lancaster is Liberation Tiny Home’s newest tiny house model, and it doesn’t disappoint.

In the stunning u-shaped kitchen you’ll find bench seating, a flip-up counter top, and a blend of open and closed shelving. The living room sits in the middle of the tiny house, with a bench storage couch facing not one, but TWO TVs! A curved staircase takes you to the main sleeping loft, while an iron bar ladder accesses the other one. Across the home you’ll find the full bathroom.

This model starts at $89,000, and you can go to Liberation’s website to add upgrades and schedule your build! Enjoy the photo tour below.

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28′ Custom THOW w/ Nautical Feel

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Meet this awesome couple who took inspiration from marine set-ups to create a functional Sprinter van home. Unlike many vans we’ve seen, they put the kitchen along the cab of the van, creating a solid divider between the driving and living space.

That design choice gave them room to include a full banquette, a breezeway and a permanent bed setup. They chose a simple garage without much shelving so they could maximize all their space, and they have a huge battery bank for their solar power.

Watch the full tour with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Boat-Inspired Sprinter Van for this Great Couple

Two-Slider Sprinter Conversion W/ Kitchen Divider

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This hand-built cabin lives on a farm with the perfect name: ItzaWayzBack. Clever and inviting, the name gives you a preview to this vacation cabin which comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

There’s a full-sized daybed on the first floor, and a queen in the bedroom loft. The indoor/outdoor bathroom has the amenities you need, and there’s a nearby covered pavilion with an amazing outdoor kitchen, as well as a small kitchenette indoors.

Your stay comes with farm fresh eggs, and hot coffee delivered right to your door every morning. Sign me up! You can book your stay over at HipCamp.

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You’ve Never Seen an Outdoor Kitchen Like This!

itzawayzback-farm-itzawayzback-farm-dogwood-cabin (22)

Images via HipCamp/Marie

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Lindsey jumped on the #vanlife bandwagon after spending some time as a nanny in Italy, and it’s been just over a year since she started living and traveling in her van.

This lifestyle means she can work different gigs here and there and then jump back on the road and travel with what she’s saved up. Her dad (who has been flipping homes for 40 years) helped her created her first van, which has a sunny yellow kitchen and the most gorgeous Frida-inspired quilt created by her mother.

While she ended up living with her boyfriend and his parents during quarantine, she spent the time outfitting a second van build to sell (check it out here!). We got to do a Q&A with her which you’ll definitely want to read at the end of the post.

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Life on the Road with Wander Woman Go

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