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This awesome couple enjoys extreme sports and wanted a way to get closer to the activities they loved. They spent four months converting this van into a gorgeous adventure rig to take them around Italy.

Their van includes a nifty hidden kitchen and a corner wet bath at the front of the van. At the back, they have a convertible bed that’s set up as a dinette during the day. On top, they have a cool roof deck and solar set-up. Be sure to read our Q&A with the couple below!

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Van Life Allows This Couple To Enjoy Extreme Sports

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Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen a trullo house and I had to share it! These have been around since the 14th century, so there’s a good chance you are already familiar with trulli (the pural), but their design and construction is so fascinating and relatively tiny.

Popular in the Italian countryside, these buildings have no mortar! They are simply made by brilliantly stacking limestone and topping it with a special capstone. There are a number of myths surrounding why Italians chose this design, but ultimately it looks like it a was a decent way to use the local materials to create a strong structure.

While they keep wonderfully cool in hot weather, they are notoriously challenging to heat, and don’t have many windows. Still, there are many you can vacation in if you ever make it to Italy. Check this one out here.

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Beautiful Stone Cottage in Italy

Trullo Home in Itally with amazing stone cone! 19

Images via Nadia/Airbnb

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Now, this is a fun family project! Roberto and Silvia, along with their daughters Martina and Mayla, transformed a beat-up double-decker London bus (for sale in Italy) into their gorgeous summer home complete with a large porch for eating and relaxing.

The bus is just over 26 feet long and is about 15.5 feet tall. The bottom floor houses their kitchen and living room, while upstairs there’s a full bathroom and two bedrooms: One with bunks for the girls, and another with a queen bed for the couple. All-in-all they spent about $20,000 USD ($18,000 EUR) on the renovation. It’s such a great example of reusing, and creates a super unique home!

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Family of Four Summers in this Double Decker London Bus Transformation!

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This is a whimsical little church cottage in Campiglia, Cinqueterre, Italy. The 301 sq. ft. structure was originally built in 1808 as a village chapel and was renovated two hundred years later in 2008.

It’s located in a small village setting in northwest Italy with a terrace deck in the back about 10 meters away from the home itself. Since the cottage is 400 meters above sea level, you can enjoy majestic sea views from here. And yes, it is available to book on Airbnb.

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Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy

Whimsical Little Church Cottage Vacation in Italy 001

Images © Davide Carrari

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This is the MADI model by Renato Vidal. It’s a design for a folding prefab A-frame cabin. You can watch the video below to see how it works. You can even add multiple units together to create your own customized A-frame home! Pretty cool, right?

If you like this concept, be sure to read Lloyd Alter’s article about it on Tree Hugger. Over at MADI you can even download a printable paper kit to build your own miniature model of the folding M.A.DI. A-frame Cabin.

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Affordable Prefab Cabins – MADI


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This historic modern apartment renovation in Turin, Italy that originally dates all the way back to ‘800.

It’s just steps away from the Piazza Castello city square. When you go inside, you’ll find a floating staircase, loft with a desk that overlooks the living area, a modern kitchen, and bathroom.

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Historic Modern Apartment Renovation in Turin, Italy

Historic Modern Apartment Renovation in Turin, Italy

Images © Beppe Garden via Studioata

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This is a 40′ sailboat cabin in Italy where you can rent a stay at using Airbnb.

Inside you’ll find a kitchen, living area, dining area, three bedroom cabins, and two bathrooms.

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40′ Sailboat Cabin in Italy

40' Sailboat Cabin in Italy

Images © Airbnb/Mauro

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This is a 592 sq. ft. little cottage in Italy by Bettini Architetto.

When you go inside you’ll find a living area, sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, full bedroom, and plenty of outdoor space.

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592 Sq. Ft. Little Cottage in Italy

592 Sq. Ft. Little Cottage in Italy

Images © Bettini Architetto

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This is a modern micro cabin in Italy called the Larch Hut. It’s designed by Arboreal Architecture and reminds me of a modern version of the tiny cabin that Thoreau stayed in at Walden.

Inside you’ll find it’s very minimalist because it consists of a bed, a desk, and some overhead storage.

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Modern Thoreau-like Micro Cabin in Italy

Modern Thoreau-like Micro Cabin in Italy

Images © Arboreal Architecture

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