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This is the Snails Away Tiny House Rental in Bloomington, Indiana.

It’s a custom-built tiny house on wheels built by Carpenter Owl available to book on Airbnb.

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Snails Away Tiny House Vacation in Indiana

Snails Away Tiny House Rental in Bloomington Indiana via Annie on Airbnb 001

Images © Annie/via Airbnb

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This is the Petite Cabin by Collins Tiny Homes. It’s a 150 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels that’s for sale out of Huntington, Indiana.

It also features a 58 sq. ft. detachable porch. This tiny house was built in 2017 and is priced at $35,500 according to the listing on Tiny Home Builders.

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150 Sq. Ft. Rustic Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Huntington, Indiana

The Petite Cabin 150 Sq Ft THOW For Sale in Huntington Indiana 001

Photos via Tiny Home Builders

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This is to let you know about the Tiny House Estates Community in Northern Indiana, specifically, San Pierre, Indiana.

It’s a 34-acre retreat by carpenter/artist Michael Anthony. The property includes common areas like hiking trails, fields with views, a river, woods, wild horses, and more!

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Tiny House Estates Community in San Pierre, Indiana

Photos via Tiny House Estates

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This is the Two Deck Indianapolis Tiny House on Wheels. You can book a stay in it in Zionsville, Indiana using TryItTiny or Airbnb. Enjoy the tour and let me know what you think of this tiny house in the comments!

Dual Deck Tiny House in Zionsville, Indiana on Airbnb!

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The first thing I’ll show you is their gypsy wagon which they call a woolywagon.

One of them is up for sale which is made out of an overgrown sheepherder wagon.

Gypsy Wagon Dubbed Woolywagon for Sale

It’s got an insulated metal roof and is 14′ long by 8′ wide. Sometimes he’ll build them 10′ wide.

They’re located in Central Indiana at the Lazy AA Bed & Breakfast Ranch.

Steve, the owner, is selling it for $7,500. It’s 4 years old and can be delivered. (Update: SOLD)

Woolywagon Gypsy Wagon
Photos Courtesy of Lazy AA

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Cool Cottages by DMR is one of the newest tiny house builders out there, now debuting its flagship model: The Dragonfly Cottage! This gorgeous single-level tiny house includes a ground-floor bedroom with a twin bunk over a queen-sized main bed. There is plenty of storage both in the bedroom and everywhere else in the home.

With 10 feet of width, Cool Cottages was able to fit a comfortable living area in the main part of the 28-foot home. A love seat faces a framed-in TV and a huge kitchen (with a dishwasher!) takes up the back wall. There’s an open-concept mudroom hanging area, and a lovely bathroom on the other end of the house with a walk-in tiled shower stall. It’s for sale for $159K in Indiana.

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10-Foot-Wide Tiny Home with Cozy Living Space

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It’s so awesome to see young people learning such valuable skills in high school! This tiny house was built by the Carmel High School Construction Trades last year, and now it can be yours.

The home includes two-bedroom lofts, both with staircase access. One of them has a great landing next to it so you can stand up and get dressed. The home also includes a 3/4 bathroom and a galley kitchen. You can buy it now for $79K.

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$79K Tiny House with Stand-Up Loft Built by High School Students in Trade School

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AJ & John owned a farm in Indiana and lived there with their four children for 10 years before deciding it was time to pull up their roots and travel. They had considered bus life when AJ was pregnant with their 3rd child, but ultimately chose to wait until their kids were older before becoming nomads.

John is a carpenter and managed to convert their bus in just 3.5 months, making sure to complete the whole thing before they hit the road since they had been renovating their farmhouse for a decade! The family has plans to stay on the road for about 6 months and then convert another bus to make money and then hit the road again. Enjoy the tour!

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They Converted The Bus in Just 3.5 Months!

Family Goes From Farm Life to Bus Life

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is an excellent skid foundation tiny home that takes advantage of not being tied to the size of a trailer. At 14×24, it feels extra spacious inside, especially in the great room where the living room, dining space, and kitchen all combine.

The additional width also allows for a first-floor bedroom or office space. And the bathroom has plenty of elbow room! There is a large loft for storage, sleeping, or guests. All that, for $57.5K, is for sale now in Indiana.

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14×24 Tiny House: 431sqft and $57.5K

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