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Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Hobbit Holes! Each one has unique features, but they all call back to the source material with round doors, wooden accents, and a warm and cozy vibe.

This one in Tennessee is no exception. The 360-square-foot space is a great spot to unwind and unplug, as there’s no TV or internet access, but “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” trilogy are available indoors. There’s a queen bed, kitchen, and bathroom with a stone shower stall, which provides all you need for a weekend getaway. What do you think?

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360 Sq. Ft. Underground Vacation Home

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While we’ve seen many Hobbiton-inspired tiny houses before, this is a “real” one, recently completely on the same farm as the Hobbiton movie set for the “The Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” trilogies. The original set designers helped create the home to make sure it was as true to Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the books as possible.

And wow! The home feels so genuine, cozy, and almost like coming “home.” Designed to be the abode of the Proudfoot family, who has three small children, there’s a child’s room with bunk beds and toys, and even a fort built in the corner of the living room. And the kitchen! It looks ready to make first and second breakfast and then hop onto elevenses. Enjoy the tour!

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“Proudfoot” Home Opens in Hobbiton, New Zealand

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While many “Hobbit Holes” on Airbnb feature tons of natural wood and dark stains, this little cottage in McKinney, Texas pairs the natural wood with bright white walls and a stunning pebbled bathroom that feels inviting and uplifting! The outdoor patio and picket fence really complete the cheerful Hobbiton vibe.

Inside you’ll find a custom hand-made round bed that stands as the grand feature of the interior. The headboard is also round, matching the front door. While there aren’t any kitchen appliances inside, there is a spacious bathroom complete with a copper basin sink and a barrel-inspired soaking tub, so you can feel like a dwarf on his way to Laketown (but less squashed).

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Round Door & Round Bed: Cozy Hobbit Cottage in Texas

Incredible Stone Shower inside this Hobbit Hole 7

Images via Maria/Airbnb

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Do you love quaint Hobbit architecture? This little Hobbit house in Pawling, NY is brimming with character and even has the signature round door and living roof that Tolkien wrote about. Inside the house is quite spacious, with two separate queen-sized bedrooms along with a dining room and living room.

There’s a big kitchen space with full-sized appliances and two bathrooms. When you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can either sit by the fire pit or take a winding path down to the private hot tub. What do you think of this space?

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Cozy Hobbit Home in the New York Forest

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Here’s a fun Hobbit-themed cottage in Alabama on a little compound called Nomad’s Land. There are a couple of other little stays on the property, and it has plenty of surrounding nature for you to enjoy.

The cottage itself has a living roof that blends it into the surroundings. A bottle wall lets in beautiful-colored light and there’s a kitchenette and grand bed with Elvin curtains surrounding it. What a cute little spot!

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Alabama Cottage w/ Bottle Wall in Nomad’s Land

Living Roof Hobbit-Themed Cottage 4

Images via Airbnb/Shallyn

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Welcome to Middle Earth — or at least the Mountain Shire! This awesome Tolkien-loving uncle-and-nephew duo spent the past few years creating a magical village of Hobbit-themed tiny homes in Sevierville, Tennessee where you can book a weekend stay to get away from all the trials of modern life.

There are six different tiny homes on the property, each with a slightly different whimsical theme and custom decor. There’s also an epic cedar-slice wall that blocks off the shire from the outside world! Enjoy the tour of this wonderful spot below.

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Stay in a Hobbit Hole Tiny Home on a Mountainside

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Sure you could stay in a hobbit hole, but about a vacation in the Shire? This little Hobbit Village in Tennessee sits at Forest Gully Farms and includes three hobbit holes which you can rent all at once! Two of the holes contain beds, and the third is a dry kitchen and dining area to gather.

The homes are part of a permaculture farm, where you can collect berries and chicken eggs and roam 15 acres of beautiful land! There’s even a kid-sized hobbit playhouse on the grounds. Close to the huts you’ll find a bath house with two bathrooms and a laundry room.

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Gully Huts on 15 Acre Permaculture Farm

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If you’d like a peaceful getaway, this Hobbit Hole in Virginia looks like a stellar spot. Inside the round green door is a one-bedroom cabin with a queen bed, kitchenette and a bathroom complete with a rainfall shower.

The owners added all kinds of special touches that are handmade, including the counters and furniture! The welding was also done by the family, and the wife upkeeps the beautiful nearby garden.

A picket fence, Adirondack chairs and fire pit complete the mood. You can book your stay on Airbnb.

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Vacation in Bag End in a Handcrafted Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Style Underground Cabin 9

Images via Airbnb/Marlan

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The older I get, the more convinced I am that a simple life in a Hobbit-style home is just what I’m looking for — and this vacation spot in France ticks all the boxes!

Starting with the gorgeous signature round front door, and ending with the cozy alcove bedroom, this little Hobbit-inspired house feels like the perfect romantic getaway. There’s a wood-fired hot tub on the terrace outdoors that overlooks the French countryside, and a small rustic kitchen indoors for simple meal prep.

You can book your stay over at Airbnb.

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Hobbit-Style Home Overlooking French Countryside w/ Hot Tub

Hobbit Home in a Wild French Garden: Vacation Bliss! 14

Images via Rodolphe/Airbnb

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