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Thinking about going tiny? Wondering what benefits you can expect after simplifying your life and moving into a smaller space?

Whether you end up downsizing into a tiny house on wheels, an apartment, school bus conversion, a little cabin on a foundation, or any other sort of small space, you’ll likely experience most of these benefits.

Which one benefit do you think would have the biggest positive impact on your life?

Top 5 Benefits You’ll Probably Experience by Moving into a Tiny House

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Here’s the very last unit going into The Oaks tiny house village in Tampa Bay! Parked at Lot 14, this is a one-of-a-kind e-Boho XLS which is 30 feet long and a foot wider than most models. It feels incredibly spacious and has a separate first-floor bedroom.

The house is available now for $105,932 with a $575/month lot rent. The home has a gorgeous galley kitchen, comfortable living space, and a bathroom with a 5-foot full-sized shower and bathtub. It could be yours!

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30-ft. e-Boho XLS Tiny House Available at The Oaks Tiny House Community in Florida

30 Ft Boho Going to the Oaks Tiny House Community ESCAPE. 2

Images via ESCAPE

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This beautiful tiny house on wheels was built by Blaine of Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Oklahoma for he and his wife to live in. They enjoyed their tiny life, but now that they are adding to the family they are building a 765 square foot carriage house and selling their tiny home.

Blaine and his dad did residential remodel construction before setting out building tiny homes. They are now moving into SIP building with fiberglass sheathing that is extremely lightweight, durable, and efficient. His tiny house build allowed the couple to start their marriage with zero debt, which is quite the accomplishment!

They’re asking $79,000 for the house, which includes a loft bedroom and an additional Murphy bed that opens over the dinette for guests or downstairs sleeping. You can contact the company with questions/offers here.

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Modern Farmhouse THOW by Cornerstone Tiny Homes, OK

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This is the story of Michele’s Pawsitively Tiny House. Recently, she reached five years living in her tiny house, and has recently made some pretty big changes, which I’ll allow her to fill you in on… Enjoy! 🙂

This is year 5 living in my tiny, and I have had many changes in the last 6 months. After living in the country for 3 years, I decided to move back to the city, (Cleveland, Ohio) to be closer to family.

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Michele’s Pawsitively Tiny House Life in 2019 – Big Move And Interior Redecoration

Micheles Pawsitively Tiny House Update 2019 001 – On the Road

Images © Michele Wilson

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I thought I’d start a new series of posts called tiny house concerns.

In it we’ll go over questions and concerns that readers from Tiny House Talk have sent in.

Then in the comments, we’ll all discuss possible solutions and swap ideas. So here’s this week’s question from Pamela.

Hi Alex,

A couple of things I’ve never seen anyone address regarding the tiny houses on trailers is, what about the long term decomposing of the tires? Do folks jack the house up a bit to alleviate pressure on the tires, remove them, or do they pick the house up and take it to the local gas station now and then to fill them up? Also what happens if they leave the trailer to rest on the tires and one gets a flat or loses air? And finally, have you heard of anyone building a small house on a trailer with the intent of being able to remove it from the trailer once they get to a more permanent spot?


Pamela D.

Tiny house on trailer foundation

Photo Credit Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders

If you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions on protecting trailer tires from decomposing, please share them in the comments below. Thank you!


Mati and Luli moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and lived for a time with a woman in her treehouse. During that time, they discovered they needed far less than they originally thought and got the idea to build a tiny house! They built the entire thing from the trailer-up, and did it using reclaimed materials for around $18,000 USD.

We had the privilege of interviewing the couple, and you can read more of their story below and take a tour of their home first, and then their bus conversion. Enjoy!

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Their Tiny Home From Reclaimed Materials & Bus Conversion!

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Tiffany fell in love with tiny homes when she was in high school, and when she was 18, she decided to start building her very own while taking online college classes. It took her about 3 years to complete it because she was also working on two other house flips while building her THOW. That said, she finished the project and moved in with her now husband.

Her house has a loft bedroom and two large pull-out closets, one for clothes and one for her 36 pairs of high heels. Tiffany is living proof that you can keep your favorite things and still go tiny! We had the privilege of interviewing her, so be sure to read her story and check out her amazing house below.

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It Has a Closet That Fits 36 Pairs of Heels!

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Kaiser Tiny Homes is run by Benedict Kaiser, who built his own tiny house at the age of 19 after graduating from Washburn Institute of Technology with a degree in HVAC. Since then, he’s been building and selling tiny homes for others! His latest model, St. Augustine, is 20-feet. long, and offers a first-floor daybed nook.

The home has a galley kitchen with a two-burner cooktop and a refrigerator, and a back bathroom with a washer/dryer unit, residential toilet, and a shower stall. It’s for sale now in Kansas for $43,000. What do you like most about this home?

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$43K Kaiser Tiny Home with a Daybed: The St. Augustine Tiny House on Wheels

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Veerle was at University when her mental and physical health needed a break. While she could move back home, she needed her own space and the housing market was pricing her out of an apartment. That’s when she got the idea to build a tiny home in her parents’ backyard!

Her 75-square-foot cottage was once a construction shed with an adorable curved roof and big double doors to welcome you inside. They painted, built in a bed and a kitchen, and added electricity — and in 55 days she had a home sweet home. Enjoy the tour of her space and be sure to read her story below!

  • Veerle, a university student, faced mental and physical health challenges and decided to take a break from studying and move back home.
  • She built a 75-square-foot tiny home in her parents’ backyard, transforming a construction shed into a cozy cottage with a bed, kitchen, and electricity in just 55 days.
  • Living in this tiny house provided Veerle with a safe space for healing, a connection to nature, and personal development, positively impacting her mental health and well-being.

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Her Shed to Cottage Tiny Home! Just 75 Square Feet!

Supporting Her Mental Health in DIY Tiny Home 22

Images via @_tinyfieldhouse

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