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After living in Colombia, Geoffrey was hesitant to return to “normal” life when he moved back to France. But a tiny house? That he built himself with reclaimed materials for under $20,000? Now that sounded like a project right up his alley.

And he did an amazing job making his home on wheels! It’s an ingenious design with a super cool living room area that’s modular and fits all his dining, gaming, and working needs. Just wait until you tour the space!

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He Put a Faucet in His Bedroom!

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This is an incredible round floating tower cottage on a lake in Joncherey, France. It’s part of a larger community of eco-friendly habitats that share a lovely “lodge” on the shore with a spa and full bathrooms.

The floating home is reminiscent of “Swiss Family Robinson,” with rustic railings made from limbs and an all-wooden interior. There is a little bathroom on the first floor, and the second floor houses a queen bed. The deck area wraps around the house, providing a comfortable spot to enjoy nature and a mug of coffee.

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Beautiful Tower Cottage on the Lake: Eco-Stay in France

Amazing Two-Story Round Houseboat. 12

Images via Airbnb/Gaspard

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This is a stone cellar below an old stone house in France that’s been converted into an incredibly cozy Airbnb. The studio-style space has everything you need — a double bed, wood-burning stove, compact bathroom, and kitchen space with a mini fridge, oven, and a variety of dishware and utensils.

The space has a blend of exposed stone and rough-hewn wood elements that add to the charm. It feels somewhat “hobbity” inside, and the stone table is a fun addition to the space. You can even dine outdoors at a custom table. What do you like most about this tiny house?

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A Stone Cellar Turned Tiny Cottage in France

Stone Cellar in France Converted into a Gorgeous Airbnb 4

Images via Airbnb/Florent

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Mégane and Cédric purchased their tiny home about two years ago and have it situated on one of the most idyllic pieces of property in France! Whether the land is snow-covered or dappled with wildflowers, it looks absolutely magical. They are growing fruit trees and bushes and have a lovely garden and chickens as well.

Inside, they have a professionally-outfitted kitchen, loft bedroom, and a living room with a huge picture window that looks out on their property. They have wood heating and solar power, and a beautiful covered front porch. Read their story below and enjoy the photos!

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Off-Grid Tiny Home with Lush Land!

Their Dream Tiny & Homestead, Barbare, in France 16

Images via @tinybarbare

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Through this incredible program, people experiencing homelessness in France have a chance to build tiny homes and learn valuable construction skills in the process.

The video below shows Pascal, age 52, getting the keys to his own beautiful, clean home built by himself and others in the program alongside experienced carpenters. What a great idea!

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Homeless Community Learns Tiny House Construction

People Experiencing Homelessness in France Can Build Their Own Tiny Homes!

Images via euronews

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This beautiful Baluchon tiny home was built for Sarah, who loves cooking! That’s why she wanted a spacious kitchen — complete with a four-burner oven/stove — as the focal point of her tiny home. She called it “Pètillante” which means “Sparkling” or “Bubbly.”

The whole build is bright and open, with a huge picture window in the living room, lightly-colored walls and ceiling, and the bedroom tucked away in the loft. She also has a glass shower and composting toilet. Would you live here?

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Lofted Tiny House with Full Kitchen

Tiny House Petillante 11

Images by Baluchon

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Treehouses are always a fun test of engineering skills, but this uniquely-shaped pod in the trees of France is particularly remarkable.

At the very bottom is a living space with a small kitchenette and toilet. as you go up the winding steps, you’ll reach the bedroom loft. What do you think?

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‘The Shack Tree’ French Treehouse

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David and his wife have been building a small home in Kenya, but just before the pandemic hit they were in the process of selling their country home in France and renting out their townhome, leaving them with nowhere to stay! So they took the space above their garage and created a 300 square foot tiny house. They were able to move in just 2 days before France locked down.

While they are no longer living tiny in France, they spent about a year (during all that quarantining!) living in their gîte. David shares all the details in a little story after the photo tour, so be sure to read that!

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Wait Until You See This Before & After Garage Transformation!

Lockdown Living in Gite Over Garage in France 11

Images via David

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I’m always on the lookout for unique vacation stays, and this one lets you sleep in a plane and a tiny house!

The Cessna Aircraft sleeps one comfortably, or a couple quite snugly, and would be a great spot for kids or aviation fanatics. It’s in a campground with other unique stays and there are common areas and a pool for you to enjoy. What do you think? Check it out below!

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Airplane Camping With A Tiny House

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