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Here’s your chance to get LAND for your tiny house (and you can buy a tiny house with it if you want!) in Corsicana, Texas. This lake peninsula tiny house community in Texas has a lot for sale, and you can either purchase it with an IndigoGo! Towable Tiny Home or purchase just the lot ($110K or $188K, respectively).

The community has some great perks including a gate/security, boat ramp, pool, and more. Plus, you can rent out the space on Airbnb if you’re not living there all the time. Corsicana, Texas, is a charming city located just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Known for its rich history, the city was founded in 1848 and played a significant role in the development of the Texas oil industry. Today, Corsicana is home to a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Get all the details below.

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Tiny House Lot for Sale in Corsicana, Texas

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There are a lot of modern farmhouse-style tiny homes out there, but it’s so exciting to see something unique like this “Forest Night” tiny house on wheels by TailorMade Tiny Homes in California. The 18 ft. tiny home is packed full of character, from the arched bathroom doorway to the custom-painted fabric-and-epoxy floors.

There are bold stripes, retro-inspired appliances, and decent storage for full-time living. The home is even set up to go off-grid if you want to! It’s for sale for $84,o00.

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Quirky and Stylish 18 ft. Tiny House on Wheels in California

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Here’s a luxury tiny home built by Newhouse Micro Homes and used for a few years as an Airbnb in East Kootenay, British Columbia. It’s now for sale after a good run as a vacation property and could be one for you (or your full-time home).

This design includes a beautiful U-shaped kitchen, a bathroom with a washer/dryer unit and tub, and a loft bedroom. There’s also a couch that becomes a bed and a fun electric fireplace. It’s for sale for $80K (land not included).

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Cozy Tiny House with Stunning Design and Tub for Sale in British Columbia

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Here’s a gorgeous luxury version of the eOne by ESCAPE that’s available now for a $14K discount. The eOne XL Wide & Tall has an amazing second floor that’s *almost* tall enough to stand up in. There’s no way you’d feel claustrophobic with the huge windows and extra headroom.

On the first floor, there’s a large galley kitchen and gorgeous built-in entertainment center on the living room wall. The bathroom includes a stunning tiled shower stall, flush toilet, and vanity. What’s your favorite feature?

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Tile Shower & Huge Second Floor Loft: Available Now

eOne XL Wide & Tall 2

Images via ESCAPE

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One of the easiest ways to keep costs down in a tiny house is to build it tinier! A 16-foot THOW is about as small as we usually see them, and this one features an elevator bed, which is an awesome way to increase your floor space without a loft or even a futon/dinette that requires making it and unmaking it daily.

There’s also a fold-down porch off the front which allows for more outdoor living space when the weather is good. The compact galley kitchen has a fridge and sink and small toaster oven and microwave. The bathroom in the back has a toilet and shower. It’s for sale for $35K in Colorado Springs.

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Compact THOW w/ Front Porch & No Loft

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Wanting to live off the grid? This new 308 sq. ft. THOW by Jobson Tiny Homes has everything you need, from a rainwater catchment and purification system to 2,550 watts of solar power!

The tiny home can sleep up to six adults between one queen-sized loft, one king-sized primary loft, and a futon that can comfortably sleep two more people. The kitchen area is spacious and includes an oven, so you can bake all your favorites. It’s for sale in Michigan for $115K.

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308 Sq. Ft. THOW w/ Double Lofts Built For Off-Grid Life

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Do you remember this 350 sq. ft. Serenity Tiny House a couple built in 2017? It was an excellent DIY build, and they only spent $15K at the time on materials (missing the days when that was possible!). Well, they’ve outgrown the home and are ready to sell it — it’s in Texas now.

It features a loft bedroom with storage stairs as well as a loft living room where a comfy bed faces the TV set-up. The bathroom has a washing machine and a smaller stock tank tub, and there’s a spacious kitchen for lots of home cooking. Take a look below!

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Their DIY Tiny House on Wheels is Now For Sale

350 Sq. Ft. Serenity Tiny House For Sale 11

Images via Josh

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Meet the Birch House, a lovingly-designed 28′ tiny home on wheels inspired by Scandinavia and built with Norwegian birch.

It’s a DIY build with lots of character and a great loft bedroom accessible via storage stairs. There’s also a living room space, sliding glass doors, and an all-white galley kitchen. It’s for sale $60,000 in Arlington, Washington.

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DIY Tiny House Made with Norwegian Birch

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Here’s the latest beautiful built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Oklahoma. The Guthrie is a 24-foot, traditional-style tiny home with a loft bedroom and galley kitchen. It has a fun exterior design with faux stucco!

The interior features corner bench seating with lots of storage and a back bathroom with a shower stall and residential toilet. There’s also space for a washer/dryer. It’s for sale right now for $89,500.

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24′ Tiny House on Wheels for $89.5K in Oklahoma

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