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This is the story of Olivia and Ryan and how they built their dream floating home using inspiration from floating house communities in British Columbia.

In this episode of Living Big In A Tiny House (YouTube) with Bryce Langston, he shows you an amazing house boat cottage in Auckland, New Zealand. Have you ever considered building a cottage on a floating platform, kind of like this?

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New Zealand Couple Living their Dream on a House Boat

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Britney traded three goats and a sheep to get the epic floating staircase made from old barnwood installed in her tiny home. She uses the THOW as a vacation rental on her family’s peach farm, which has been theirs since 1810!

It’s 27 feet long and 9 feet wide, and the frame was built by a secondary trade school. Inside you’ll find a white interior complimented by tons of vintage and thrifted items, including a funky mustard yellow couch! Outside there’s a private deck area with views of the orchard.

Danielle at Exploring Alternatives did a lovely video tour with Britney of the THOW, which you’ll want to check out below!

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Britney’s THOW on Her Family’s 200-Year-Old Peach Farm

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This family of three built a tiny house, but intended to sell it and live in a “big house” like “normal” people. Kathy got a full-time job to afford their new normal home, but like so many others, was furloughed because of coronavirus. Thankfully, Kathy, Tilman, and their four-year-old son were able to move out of that large home, and back into the THOW!

I really think tiny house living will only become more popular during this pandemic and it’s fall-out, which is why it’s awesome that Kathy & Tilman wrote a book about their build: “How I Designed, Planned and Built A Small House on a Trailer.” This book is aimed at the DIYer who wants to tackle a tiny house build but needs some guidance. You can buy the book here.

Check out their beautiful build below!

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They Built a THOW and Wrote a Book About It!

Floating Rooms Minimalist Tiny House Design 001

Images via Floating Rooms

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Meet Jay Blackmore (@floatinthekoots) and his incredible DIY Off-Grid Floating Home that he spent four years building in his “spare” time.

Not only did he build it, but he also designed the entire thing and did all the work except the electrical and gas hookups (probably wise!). The home is about 700 square feet and includes an open concept living room and kitchen, and a second floor with two bedrooms. The home is heated in the freezing Canada winters by his pellet stove (or a back-up propane heater) and even some gas lamps!

Make sure to watch the video from Exploring Alternatives to hear Jay explain his incredible closed-loop system for his gray water!

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Kootenay Lake DIY Off-Grid Floating Home

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This is a tiny floating chapel cottage near Sarasota, Florida. It’s right on the Manatee River out of Palmetto, Florida which is just north of Sarasota and is available to book via Glamping Hub.

Seems like it would be a really fun and one-of-a-kind place to stay. Not exactly tiny, but can still fit snuggly right into the small category. I sure wouldn’t mind getting to go see it in person someday! How about you?

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Floating Chapel Vacation Cottage near Sarasota on the Manatee River

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This is the story of a trash barge turned into a floating tiny home with Derek Diedricksen of the RelaxShacksDOTcom YouTube Channel!

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind tiny home with all of the necessary amenities, including an ultra-tiny bathroom with flush toilet and shower. One of my favorite parts about it, is the way the entryway is setup. It’s so funky, it just makes me smile. See for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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Trash Barge Turned Tiny House

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