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While Build Tiny typically only creates custom homes for their clients, COVID-19 threw a wrench in their plans and they spent their “free” time creating the Dark Horse THOW. This gorgeous little home features the downstairs bedroom we all want, where you can fully walk around the bed AND lift it up for additional storage.

The home is for sale in New Zealand (sorry, they don’t offer international shipping) and it makes me want to move overseas! There’s plenty of space in the living room for a large, comfy couch, and the kitchen has everything including a mini dishwasher. In the bathroom you’ll find a standing glass shower stall, and a super-stylish bamboo composting toilet.

All the building specs and a video tour are posted below, and they’re asking $155,000 NZD (~$103,000) for the build. Contact them here.

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No Stairs in This Stunning Dark Horse THOW in NZ

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This is a spacious Beachview Tiny House w/ first floor bedroom by Pratt Homes. It’s an Athens Park Model with 399 sq. ft. of space inside.

This model is 11ft 2in wide, 34ft 10in long with an optional 6ft porch you can add on. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments. Is this a design that would work for you?

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Beachview Park Model Tiny House by Pratt Homes

Beachview Park Model Tiny House Athens Park Model 399sf via lpratthomes-com 001

Images via Pratt Homes

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This is a 20ft Everest Tiny House with a first-floor bedroom built by Bantam Built Homes.

This Tiny Home is not only the first 20 foot model we have ever produced here at Titan Tiny Homes that has no lofts but it is also the lightest and easiest to tow around with you weighing only 8,200 lbs. It also features a booth seating and table that breaks down into a second bed. The bathroom is also very spacious and has a large 3ft X 3ft shower.

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20ft Everest Tiny House on Wheels by Titan Tiny Homes with a First Floor Bedroom

20ft Everest Tiny House with First Floor Bedroom

Images © Bantam Built Homes

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This is a 493 sq. ft. studio style cottage with a first-floor bedroom designed by Our Town Plans.

When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan (no sleeping loft) with a bedroom, reading nook, bathroom, and kitchenette. Wouldn’t it be great to have communities with tiny homes similar to this?

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493 Sq. Ft. Studio Style Cottage with First Floor Bedroom

493 Sq. Ft. Studio Style Cottage with First Floor Bedroom

Images © Our Town Plans

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After loosing her home to the bush fires in Australia, this woman opted to go tiny and asked Rolling Homes to build it for her!

Because she has an elderly dog, she chose to keep her bed on the first floor, and put her living area above the bedroom. This created a lovely three-tiered home interior since the staircase to the living room turns and takes you to the higher “lounge loft” that can double as a guest room or storage area.

She also has a full kitchen and bathroom, with some amazing green dot tiles in the shower! This model starts at $89,000 AUD (~$64,000).

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Rolling Homes’ First Tiny House on Wheels!

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This the Beach Bohemian tiny house on wheels by Tiny Heirloom and it has a first-floor bedroom with bunk beds! It also features a rear-entry way which happens to be slightly covered thanks to the cantilevered loft area directly over the entrance. I really like the yellow french doors too, inside, they are contrasted with red which is pretty cool.

Stepping inside, you run right into the living area and the kitchen. You’ll also find bunk beds on the main level, a full bathroom with a composting toilet, and a very livable tiny home on wheels overall, don’t you think? Bravo, Tiny Heirloom! 🙏🎉

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Beach Bohemian THOW by Tiny Heirloom… It Has A Real Bedroom With Bunk Beds!

Beach Bohemian THOW from Tiny Heirloom

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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