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Audrey and Sam are scuba diving instructors who decided to convert a school bus into their home on wheels, called the “Octobus” because of their love of the sea.

They don’t have any specific plans or timelines — they are just savoring every moment and every day as they go! You’re sure to love the video tour by Tiny Home Tours below, and the interview with this great couple.


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From Quebec to the US in Search of Diving Adventures

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In October 2020, Kaitlyn and Eugene hit the road in their self-converted Promaster 3500 Extended. These high school sweethearts have been married for 10 years and spent about 10 months converting their empty cargo van into a loving home.

This van has everything you could want — a refrigerator/freezer, a shower, and even a toilet! They definitely didn’t spare any expense to make this place a comfortable home.

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Couple’s 2018 RAM ProMaster 3500 Extended Van Conversion With A Shower!

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I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Baluchon-built tiny homes. I only wish they were available state-side, but Baluchon only makes homes in France. This is a house they designed for a couple, which they named the “Ala Köl.”

It features an off-center ridgeline and a “glass wall” in the entry that lets in much-needed natural light. The living room has a couch and dining for four, and the kitchen has a sleek black sink, compact four-burner oven/stove and a mini-fridge. There’s a bathroom at the very end of the THOW, and a loft bedroom accessible via storage steps.

The coolest feature in this THOW is a wooden world map that reminds the couple of their many travels. Scroll down to take a tour of this beauty.

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Nina and Guillaume’s Stunning Baluchon Tiny Home in France

Ala Köl: Full-Time Tiny Living for Nina and Guillaume

Images via Baluchon

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Cody and Christina love living in their 2018 Sprinter, which they named the Desert Cruiser. Their interview with Tiny Home Tours is extra special because they spend a few minutes discussing how perfect vanlife fits with their relationship: They haven’t spent a night apart in four years, and that’s the way they like it!

But in terms of the vehicle nuts and bolts, they have some great features including a 4-foot-wide sliding bike rack that makes storing and using their mountain bikes incredibly easy! And yes, there’s a toilet hidden in this build.

Follow their adventures on Instagram after checking out the video tour below.

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Their Awesome Van with A Special Mountain Bike “Drawer”

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This is a post just to show that tiny living really isn’t anything new! This Canadian couple who helps set up a Viking Village attraction most summers decided to build their very own historically accurate Viking hut in their backyard when the festival was canceled due to the pandemic.

The tiny structure has mud walls and a thatch roof, and while they used modern nails, Pedro (who built the structure) is actually a blacksmith who could have forged authentic ones had he wanted to take the time to do so.

Pedro and his wife have spent a few nights in the hut, although they (understandably), don’t live in it full-time. Read more of their story here.

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Check Out This Medieval-Era Viking Hut They Built!

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This beautiful tiny house on wheels was built by Blaine of Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Oklahoma for he and his wife to live in. They enjoyed their tiny life, but now that they are adding to the family they are building a 765 square foot carriage house and selling their tiny home.

Blaine and his dad did residential remodel construction before setting out building tiny homes. They are now moving into SIP building with fiberglass sheathing that is extremely lightweight, durable, and efficient. His tiny house build allowed the couple to start their marriage with zero debt, which is quite the accomplishment!

They’re asking $79,000 for the house, which includes a loft bedroom and an additional Murphy bed that opens over the dinette for guests or downstairs sleeping. You can contact the company with questions/offers here.

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Modern Farmhouse THOW by Cornerstone Tiny Homes, OK

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