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The Black Box Container Home is a modern 2-bedroom shipping container home in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, built by Honomobo.

Cathi and Trevor downsized from a 2,300 square foot home to this smaller 704 square foot space three years ago after their sons left home.

The couple then built a stick frame studio space with a glass garage door and connected it to the main house with a breezeway.

Couple’s Shipping Container Home with Connecting Breezeway

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Did you know there was a rush on narrowboats in the UK during the pandemic? Whether as a way to escape or to save money in the midst of financial crisis, people have been making the move to living on-the-water — including Suzi and Joe.

They used to pay high rent for an apartment in London, and commute three hours a day to their jobs. Now they both “work-from-boat,” spending far less on utilities and using their “Continuous Cruising” license, which keeps them moving every two weeks to some new beautiful spot.

While their first couple months on the water haven’t been easy, Suzi (@on_the_rhymer) says they’re loving their new home and eco-friendly lifestyle in their off-grid narrowboat. Read the rest of our Q&A with the couple after the photo tour!

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Couple’s Floating Home “On The Rhymer”

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Olivia and her husband, Rob, have been living in a narrowboat in England for 7 years now! That’s an impressive amount of time for anyone to live in one place — let alone a tiny spot.

Originally the boat was only meant to offer them shelter temporarily while they saved up for a “normal” house, but once they got into tiny living, they never looked back. Not only can they move their home whenever they’d like, the simplicity of a minimalist life really suits them.

One great thing about their home: No loft! Olivia (@oliviakatewainwright) says the only real pain is emptying their toilet. Read our Q&A with Olivia after the photo tour of her floating home!

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Narrowboat Living for 7 years (with their dog)…

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Carla and Simon lived busy lives before their paths crossed in 2015. They married in 2017, and by 2018 — a bit on a whim — they sold their home, bought a boat, and decided to spend their days sailing the seven seas! Two years later and they’re still loving their life on the water.

They live full-time on their Lagoon 400, along with an orchid and their adorable cat, Dobby. They even survived a storm off of the Bahamas during COVID-19. Their boat was damaged badly enough that the country generously let them moor there and ride out quarantine, despite the fact the country had already closed their borders to outsiders.

To date, the couple have visited some 40 countries on their journey, and they don’t have plans to stop any time soon. You can follow their travels on Instagram, but make sure to watch the tour of their catamaran below.

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Two+ Years at Sea: Retired Couple’s Catamaran Life

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Monique and Aswan (@living.laarge) wanted to build something together, so they spent months meticulously planning out their own tiny house, called the Tyny, which they now sell plans for online (get them here).

This eco-friendly abode features tons of hidden storage and a multi-purpose couch/bed/dinette they designed themselves. The coolest feature, though, might be the bathtub hidden under their deck! Monique and Aswan both have “normal” jobs in the city which they work at part-time, but tiny living has cut down their living costs drastically.

We got to do an email Q&A with the couple which talks about how much they spent and their build process, which you can read after the photo tour of their stunning tiny house.

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They Hid a Bathtub in Their Deck! The Tyny!

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This is the story of a DIY custom VW camper outfitted with solar-power shown here thanks to Nate Murphy on YouTube! It’s Roman and Ioana’s custom VW van camper.

They planned to buyer a newer motorhome, but when they ran into this beauty, now named Leni, it was like love at first sight. Enjoy and learn more below.

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Couple’s Customized High-Top VW Camper Van with Solar-Power

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