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This is the story of Bill Skinner. He’s a single guy out of Long Island, New York who has been converting a bus into his very own rolling tiny home.

Bill used to build floating homes but he wanted something for himself so that he could travel easily – so he went with a bus! It’s an ’02 International School Bus that Bill has turned into his own little rolling beach hut. Pretty awesome, right?

I hope you enjoy his story in our quick interview with him below. Thanks!

Man Retiring into DIY School Bus Conversion to Travel and Go Fishing!

Bills Bus Life 001

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Zola Molotov, a fire dancer, converted this 24 foot school bus into a functional mobile home on wheels that runs on free waste vegetable oil collected from restaurant deep fryers.

Following a freegan philosophy, she attempted to reuse and scavenge many materials for the skoolie conversion, including the sink and propane stove that were given to her in exchange for demolishing an old trailer.

Zola and a diesel mechanic installed a waste vegetable oil system that allows the bus to run on diesel, or on waste vegetable oil.

Woman Converts Bus into Mobile Home that Runs on Free Vegetable Oil

Zola Molotov's Waste Vegetable Oil Skoolie

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This teen converts this old school bus into a $5,600 off-grid motorhome that serves as the young man’s dorm. Yes, a rolling dorm!

Inside, you’ll find an open floor plan with a desk, bench seat, table area, refrigerator and a sofa bed. The home runs on solar power.

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Teen Converts Old School Bus into $5600 Off-Grid Motorhome


Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

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This is a man’s tiny home he created out of a 1987 military cargo truck.

Outside, you’ll see the general shape of a military truck that you’d expect. The front fascia has been painted blue, but the backside of the vehicle has been transformed into his living area. He can drive it at a max of 45 mph right now, but said he’ll try to get it to 55 mph in time.

When you go inside, you’ll find a stove, sink, cabinets, and a microwave in the kitchen area. He has a table that folds up for more room and folds down for eating. His bed sits on top of the cabin and includes a television so he can watch TV in bed. It also includes a bathroom. Watch the video below to meet his pet goat and cat.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Man Converts ’87 Military Cargo Truck into his DIY Tiny Home

Military Cargo Truck Conversion to DIY Tiny Home 001

Images © Talk And Travel TV via YouTube

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This is one man’s fantastic school bus-turned-DIY-motorhome.

From the outside, you can see vestiges of the house’s former life as a vehicle for transporting students, but the exterior of the bus has been painted burgundy. The body of the van has been enveloped in wood-siding to give a more “house-like” look and feel. The coolest part of this bus transformation? It runs off of vegetable oil!

When you go inside, you’ll find beautiful fir floors and an entirely wooded home. The roof has been cut off of the bus, allowing for a 2×4 construction house with a taller ceiling to be built in its place. The bus includes a wood stove and right next to the home’s heating source is a door that leads below the bus where he can load wood from the outside to fuel the fire. During the winter, he heats his house and water with an antique-looking oven, but during the summer, he has a smaller stove and oven that runs off propane. He has a typical RV water tank system, with grey water going into one tank and black water into the other. His stand-up shower has a beautiful pebble floor and a skylight for brightness. Watch the video below for more details!

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He turned this school bus into a custom motorhome!

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This is the story of how one man converts his sprinter van into a stealthy mini-motorhome.

Buying a new Sprinter motorhome can cost you upwards of $120,000 USD. Crazy, right? But if you can do it yourself, it can be less than a quarter of the cost. And you can build it your way. See how this guy did it.

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Man Converts Sprinter Van into Awesome Mini-Motorhome

Sprinter DIY Conversion 001

Images © chrisstyle420 via imgur

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I’d like to introduce you to Heather and Dana of HD Adventuring. They converted a travel trailer into a tiny home. Here is their story.

HD Adventuring is the story of two New Englanders who made the trek out to the Golden Coast. We met in college, and a few months after graduation, we decided California was calling our names.

To get here, we packed all of our things into a single station wagon and got rid of the rest. We spent a month road tripping all over the country.

After that month of living with only a couple of bags full of stuff, we realized that all we needed fit into that small car.

We decided that we wanted to live tiny, so we purchased a camper, and are converting it into a tiny house.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Images © HD Adventuring

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For Alex Kennedy, this tiny studio in her mother’s backyard garage is perfect for her needs. Plus she is able to have her own home without paying expensive property taxes somewhere else in Melbourne, Australia. Converting this old two-car garage in her childhood home back yard makes this space even more special. And how much better can it get living next to the family?

With the help of designer Sarah Trotter of HEARTH Studio, she was able to turn this garage into what you see below a functional yet cozy cottage for herself to call home. Large glass French doors open up to the garden giving Alex a beautiful view all the time. Almost all materials that went into redesigning and converting this garage into a livable tiny home were salvaged materials.

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Woman Converts Backyard Garage into Studio


Images © Lauren Bamford

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Hi Alex and Tiny House Newsletter readers, I’ve recently completed (and sold) a 20′ shipping container conversion.

I did it all almost on my own with the exception of electric and plumbing, working out of a storage unit and wanted to share it with you.

It’s just under 160 sq. ft. and has a full kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, flat screen TV, and more.

Man Converts Shipping Container to Tiny Home on Wheels


Images © Graham B

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