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This is the Catalina Micro Studio Tiny House on Wheels by California Tiny House. It’s designed to have a minimal footprint with many of the comforts of a larger tiny home and it’s priced just under $40,000.

It’s designed to function as a backyard suite with all of its own amenities, so it’s perfect for a cottage/guest house and has a multitude of other possibilities like a backyard dorm room, tiny hotel suite, disaster relief housing, additional living space for family, etc.

The loft is set at mid-height so you can have more headroom in the loft. The area underneath the loft is a deep closet and storage area where the electrical panel and water heater are housed.

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18-Foot Catalina Micro Studio THOW For Sale – $39,895 – Built by California Tiny House

18-Foot Catalina Micro Studio THOW For Sale - $39,895 - Built by California Tiny House

Images © California Tiny House

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This is the Catalina Model Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Innovations.

We use only the finest materials, appliances and hardware on this model, and pay attention to every detail of design, aesthetics and functionality.

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28ft Catalina Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Innovations

Catalina Tiny House by Tiny Innovations

© Tiny Innovations

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Living aboard a 36′ Catalina sailboat in the Caribbean… Ah, the good life. Sailboats provide you with a small space so you have little to take care of and clean. Plus, like an RV or motorhome, they give you the ability to travel inexpensively.

I’m Alex Pino and I had the chance to meet up with Derek Diedricksen, author of Humble Homes, Simple Shacks to shoot this video in Cape Coral, Florida. I hope you enjoy watching it, and that it gives you some ideas you can use for your own tiny house, cabin, apartment, or other small space. If you like this post, you’ll also like this post I did on a custom built houseboat in California. Must see!

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36-ft. Catalina Sailboat Cabin

Living Aboard a 36' Catalina Sailboat - Small Spaces and Tiny Houses

Watch the Video Tour of this 36′ Catalina Sailboat Below

Length: 6:48

I encourage you to watch the video below and if you like it, pass it along. Enjoy..

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This gorgeous tiny house on wheels is named The Archway after the beautiful arch that tops the downstairs bedroom in this little house that’s just perfect for one person!

There is a loft in this tiny, but it’s for storage. It sits over the 3/4 bath that has a shower, toilet and gorgeous ornate vanity. It’s the stunning distressed turquoise cabinets that really make the place, though! The pop of color contrasts well with the creamy white shiplap walls.

Have questions? The builder, Tiny Heirloom, has this great FAQ sheet to help answer them for you!

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170 Square Foot Tiny Home by Tiny Heirloom


Images via Tiny Heirloom

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If you’re looking for a tiny house that’s not on wheels, one of the tiny home kits from Summerwood Products might be the perfect option! They have an abundance of style options with window & door upgrades, options for decks and dormers, and even choices between pre-cut kits and pre-assembled kits for some models.

These are essentially tiny home shells that you can then finish out however you’d like them in terms of floor plan and finishes. I went through their site and found six awesome choices (although there are many more) and listed them below from cheapest to most expensive.

You’ll be on the hook for electrical and plumbing options, but you can truly make these your very own! If you buy now the homes are all 30% off due to their 30 Year Anniversary sale. Prices listed below include the discount.

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Build Your Own House from these Tiny Home Kits! First, The 11-ft. Catalina

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This is the story of Tony and Margo. They are retired grandparents who ditched the traditional life of a house with a mortgage and switched to a more mobile and adventurous lifestyle.

They now enjoy living in their 1987 Catalina 36 sailboat along with a 1982 VW Westfalia van that they call their Baja Buggy. The couple has been living on their sailboat for over 20 years now.

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Retired Couple Living Aboard Catalina 36 Sailboat for 20+ Years

Grandparents Ditch Traditional Life for Sailboat and VW Van Life 001

Images via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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